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New Print Edition! Like A Mask Removed: Omnibus Edition, Erotic Tales of Superheroes and Villains

Like_a_mask_POD_cover_iconsizeLike A Mask Removed: Omnibus Edition
Erotic Tales of Superheroes & Villains
Edited by Cecilia Tan & Bethany Zaiatz
$11.95 – ISBN: 9781613901120

Buy now directly from Createspace!

You don’t have to be an evil genius to figure that superheroes are hot, and not just because of the perfect bodies clad in spandex (or leather, or stylized body armor). Film adaptations of favorite superheroes continue to rise in popularity and comic book conventions are among the best-attended gatherings in the world. But as comic book creators and artists have been trumpeting for decades, comic books are not for kids. Although the battles of good versus evil and of archetypal iconic figures in struggle tug at our primal, childhood selves, these same primal urges lead us to exploring the erotic side of heroes–and villains. How could the stylized physiques and skin-tight costumes (think of the bodacious bosom of Wonder Woman or the Batman’s codpiece) common in the milieu not lead to erotic thoughts and explorations?

This Like A Mask Removed Omnibus contains both volumes of the ebook series (Volume One: Superheroes, Volume Two: Supervillains) in one sex-charged package!

Continue on for samples and to learn how you could win a free copy of this newly released edition!

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The Erotofluidic Giveaway

Erotofluidic Age giveaway ad
We’re doing another book giveaway this month, this time of Vinnie Tesla’s The Erotofluidic Age, which is freshly out in an (if we do say so) extremely handsome paperback edition.

Sign up now for a chance to win your own copy! Or, if you’re feeling impatient, pessimistic, or magnanimous, you can order one at CreateSpace or Amazon.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Erotofluidic Age by Vinnie Tesla

The Erotofluidic Age

by Vinnie Tesla

Giveaway ends August 20, 2015.

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Advent Calendar Bonus: “The Patience Of A Present”, TammyJo Eckhart

The Patience of a Present

By TammyJo Eckhart

“It is a good thing I like tight spaces,” he thought to himself, “or this damn box would be unbearable. My own choice – I’m the fool who decided he’d be a surprise Yule gift – but still, how much longer until Mistress Lydia gets home?”  He adjusted his kneeling position.

Todd had gotten the box from work, from one of the new server racks that IT had installed this past week.  When he saw the large boxes he knew he had to have one, and frankly the difficulty hadn’t been in getting it; the difficulty had been getting it home, taking a taxi instead of the usual subway. He’d made sure he’d had enough wrapping paper squirreled away, and to set it all up he’d used their storage closet in the complex basement that she never ventured down to.  He’d used tissue paper of the same basic color as the wrapping paper to cover his breathing holes, and then today when Mistress had confirmed that she wouldn’t be back until after 6 pm, he’d decided to go for the surprise. Continue reading Advent Calendar Bonus: “The Patience Of A Present”, TammyJo Eckhart

Advent Calendar: “Fences” by D M Hubbard


by David Hubbard

Everyone expected the world to end with a bang: nuclear war, alien invaders, even zombies would’ve been fun. Instead, it was with a whimper; the smallest of sounds, really, a virus of all things. Dubbed the X1N1 virus, X for short, it was the most virulent strain of swine flu ever seen, and no one knew where it had come from or how it had become so lethal. I like to think it was just Darwinism at its finest. Survival of the fittest, and this time around humanity wasn’t all that fit. Almost the entire population had already become infected before the virus had even been identified and named. But X was a clever little bug; it didn’t always kill its host immediately. Sometimes it would just lay dormant: weeks, months, sometimes even longer. Like years, in my case. Continue reading Advent Calendar: “Fences” by D M Hubbard

Welcome to our temporary digs… (we hope)

Blasting into the future of technology and eroticism is always an adventure, isn’t it? I’m sorry to announce that a severe lightning storm managed to fry our web server (and its backups), knocking everything offline for the moment. Data recovery efforts, if successful, won’t be complete until October 1st at the earliest, and possibly later, so for now, we’re putting up this placeholder sign.

I suppose this is just like a restaurant around the corner from our offices who had a fire recently. No one was hurt, but at the moment the entire interior of the restaurant had to be gutted out (smoke damage, I guess?) and on their front door currently hangs a sign a lot like this one.

We want to serve you the same delicious erotic science fiction and paranormal erotic romance that we have been serving up since 1992. And we will. As soon as we get up and running again!

For the moment to tide you over, here are a couple of important pieces we’re restoring here:

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• links to our social media places

• where to buy our digital books other than here, see below:

We recommend All Romance Ebooks as a third party source for all our digital titles. They sell for all ebook devices, including Kindle, Nook, and others, and have PDF, epub, mobi, and any other format we ever offered on our titles. ARe has all 119 of Circlet’s available titles.

And of course you can also find most of our titles at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Apple’s iBookstore, Kobo, and others.

Get on our email announcement list and you’ll be among the first to find out when we’re back online. (I predict we’ll have some kind of massive sale or giveaway to celebrate…). Click here to sign up!