Like Hearts Enchanted edited by Kathleen Tudor & Cecilia Tan

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About the Book:
Love is a universal ideal transcending time and place and occasionally even dimensions. Anyone who has ever been in love knows that there is something magical about it, but what happens when real magic gets involved in matters of the heart? From love spells, to the ability to open the eyes and the mind, to a special little something that can make you downright irresistible, anything is possible when magic and love mingle.

Prepare to be enchanted and aroused as these five original short stories help you answer the important questions, like “What if love is right in front of you, and all you need to do is let it in?”, “What happens when you mix steampunk, love potions, and a sexy strip tease?”, and of course, “What’s the best course of action if you accidentally summon a demon of lust into your living room?”

Sweet love will take you by surprise in “Violets” by Annabeth Leong. In “Summer’s Breath” by Deb Atwood, love, magic, and need intertwine and show you a hidden world. Heart’s desire is not always what it seems in “Knight of Her Dreams” by Kathleen Tudor. “By the Book” by Elizabeth Thorne takes us on a laugh-out-loud journey through lust, and delivers us to Ann Foster’s “The Captain,” a steampunk romance with a twist.

True love, red-hot sex, enlightenment, salvation, or anything in between; when matters of the heart and matters of magic collide, watch out! Love is in the air, and these five tales of love, sex, and enchantment will capture your senses and whisk you away to a world (or worlds) where anything is possible.

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EXCERPT FROM “Summer’s Breath” by Deb Atwood

It wasn’t fair.

Amaranth looked down at the pale pink stone that hung from her silver bracelet, touching it lightly and feeling a gentle pulse of warmth. She was in the right place. When she lifted her head and let her gaze stray to the man who sat across the room from her, the stone pulsed again more strongly, a quiet statement of yes. Him.

His dark hair was cut neatly, but shaped to fall raggedly across his forehead. A denim jacket had been tossed over the back of the chair, leaving him clad in only a faded t-shirt that had been pushed up to bare his stomach, and faded, paint-stained jeans which were open at the crotch, his cock tugged free as a young man knelt between his legs and swallowed him deeply.

It was possible he was bi, she decided. Or that there was some other reason for this.

Like the way his fingers tangled in the younger man’s hair, twisting and tight, tugging roughly until the younger man moaned loudly. For all that he sprawled there relaxed in the chair, Amaranth saw a light come into him at each moan, as if that was what he sought more than the blow job itself.

“He doesn’t like it when folks stare, darling.”

“Then he shouldn’t do it like he wants them to,” Amaranth snapped, cheeks warming brightly as she turned from the scene to look at the waitress. A small napkin was laid down, and a drink on top of it. Amaranth blinked, touching the small bright pink pick that stabbed through a twist of lemon and had what looked like an erect cock as the handle. “I didn’t order anything.”

The waitress dropped into the other chair, uninvited, rubbing at a spot on the table that didn’t need cleaning. “Nope, you didn’t, but you looked like you needed something anyway. I’m Honey. You’re new here.”

“Am—Amy.” Amaranth stumbled over her own name, deciding at that moment that standing out because of a strange name wasn’t going to help her mission at all. “And yes, I’m new here. I’m not even sure exactly where—or what—here is.”

Honey smiled, all bright eyes and white teeth, her pale hair in a soft frizz around her face that made her look something like the porn star girl next door. “It’s Purgatory, and you’re here on amateur night. But he won’t ever take on someone new, not in public, not like this.”

“Take on?” Amaranth frowned.

“As a submissive. He doesn’t play with strangers.”

Amaranth rolled that around in her mind, toying with unfamiliar words and concepts. She’d find out later—understand it when she had time. This might not be finished in a night—she could see that now—but she didn’t have much longer. A week at the most, and quite possibly less. She wasn’t sure exactly how time flowed just now that she was so far from home. As long as it was done before solstice, then she would be fine.

She worried at her lower lip with her teeth, sighing. “Could you at least tell me his name?”

“Sloan Ashcroft.” Honey spoke it like it was something she should know, and when Amaranth just stared at her, blue eyes widened. “Oh honey, the artist. From New York. Famous in the way that only the rich ever get him to paint for them.”

“So he doesn’t live here.” And he could leave at any time if she wasn’t quick about this. That changed everything. Amaranth stroked the pale pink stone, taking comfort from the quiet throb of warmth under her fingertips. He was the right person. All she had to do was convince him of that fact and everything would be fine. “This is a sex club, isn’t it? So isn’t he here looking for sex? Does he only like boys?”

Honey chuckled, the sound like sweet wine, bubbling under Amaranth’s skin. Lovely and warming, and it made Amaranth look at the other woman again, wondering what magic she wielded, and whether anyone else knew. “Sloan’s never looking for sex,” Honey said, patting Amaranth’s hand. “He’s looking for control.”
There was a leap of power, an answer to that touch, and Honey’s fingers against her skin stilled.

“I’m sorry,” Amaranth whispered, starting to pull away. These humans didn’t usually feel it, didn’t respond to the power simmering under her skin. But it was all too obvious that Honey knew something was happening.

“Don’t be.” Honey trapped her hand there, fingers skimming with light touch, whispering over the skin and drawing out the power. “If you want him, I know a way you might have a chance.”
She was desperate. “Anything,” Amaranth whispered. She couldn’t stop staring at Honey now, her breath growing shorter, nipples pebbling as she felt warmth and wet gathering between her legs. She needed Sloan, and if Honey offered her the way, she would take that willingly.

“It’s amateur night,” Honey said. “Drink your drink, then go up on that stage and strip. Kneel in the center. Wait.” She tilted Amaranth’s head up, catching her gaze. “Will you trust me?”
Amaranth felt the power bubbling between them, felt it rolling over her skin, begging to be let loose. It was a sex club. Honey wanted her to perform. It made her shiver with the idea of being on display in front of people gawking, but he would see her. And more importantly, she could find some release, some sweet brief release from this hunger that bubbled so strongly as Honey called it out of her.

She nodded once. “I trust you. Anything.” Even though she didn’t know what Honey expected, she would give it to her willingly.

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Like Hearts Enchanted: Erotic Tales of Love and Magic
edited by Kathleen Tudor & Cecilia Tan

Anyone who has ever been in love knows that there is something magical about it, but what happens when real magic gets involved in matters of the heart? When magic and love mingle, look out for sexy explosions, love potions, and heightened emotions. These five erotic tales of love and magic will enchant and excite you, and sweep you off to a place where anything is possible.

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