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It’s National Super Hero Day! Smutty superheroes (and villains) for YOUUUU

Superhero Sale Banner
News flash! It’s apparently National Super Hero Day, so we’ve put our smutty superhero and supervillains erotica ebooks on sale for 99 cents each for the next 24 hours! a few more days by popular demand!

And right now the two books are almost neck and neck with the villains in a slight lead. 58% of sales have been of the supervillains book, 42% the heroes book. Which one will you choose? Or both! (Only one coupon can be applied per order so you have to order them separately.)

Use the following coupon codes:
Vol 1 (Heroes): upupandaway
Vol 2 (Villains): illgetyounexttime

Happy reading!

Like A Mask Removed Volume I: Erotic Tales of SuperHeroes
You don't have to be an evil genius to know superheroes are hot, and not just because of the perfect bodies clad in spandex. Like a Mask Removed, Volume One presents seven stories ranging from vibrant romps reminiscent of the colorful comic book pages they are inspired by to modern experimental literary styles. Includes Lauren P. Burka. Angela Caperton, Tom Cardamone, Michael M. Jones, and more.
Also available in paperback!

Like A Mask Removed Volume II: Erotic Tales of SuperVillains
Although the battles of good versus evil found in comic books tug at our primal, childhood selves, these same primal urges lead us to exploring the erotic side of heroes--and villains. Five new, previously unpublished, original stories of the smoldering dynamics found between noble, honorable, well-meaning superheroes and their provocative nemeses. With Sophie Mouette, Raven Kaldera, and others.
Also available in paperback!