Like A Love Triangle edited by Kathleen Tudor

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A collection of erotic stories for those who love threesomes, whether in real life or in the realm of imagination. Circlet Press’ new release, Like a Love Triangle, edited by Kathleen Tudor, features stories of love, lust, seduction, and expanding horizons in five stories as sexy as they are diverse. When the traditional image of love for many of us stops at one-plus-one, adding a third party to the bedroom entanglements might seem risky. But for those who know that love isn’t limited and that affection shared is only magnified, these stories will be a feast for the senses, an inspiration, and an erotic adventure.

Sometimes it takes more than one lover to keep up with a type A on a mission, which is why assistant Yuan teams up with android Song to make love to, distract, and relax their lover and boss, Rina, who has a hard time slowing down, in or out of the bedroom. It’s all for Her Own Good in this awesomely hot short by Kannan Feng.

In Double by Nobilis Reed, the android theme returns with Susan and her identical double… in every way except the plumbing! Her boyfriend is in for a real shock when he is introduced to her robotic twin’s cock, but he soon discovered the benefits of an extra pair of hands—and more—in bed.

Laylah Hunter takes things from robotic to downright alien when a pair of aliens known as atergan meet up with a human DJ named Static in her sky-high space station story, Scoring with Static.

The Space Inside by Emily Moreton takes things from the future to a fantastically styled past with three teammates on a quest, but their relationship goes beyond merely cooperative as they show the true meaning of working together in and out of bed.

Kathleen Tudor’s Sweet Summoning takes threesomes into the metaphysical realm when lovers Danielle and Molly try to summon an Egyptian Goddess of sensuality to spice up their love life… and get a deific possession and some divinely hot sex for their efforts.

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from Her Own Good by Kannan Feng

At the age of sixteen, Rina Toor completed her doctorate in artificial intelligence at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, and less than four years after that, she took her place as the head of research and development at the Bansal Group, advancing the field by decades, or so the media liked to claim. She was the darling of the news feeds and gossip shows, bright, brilliant, and wild, so of course she was the first choice when it came to installing the AI that would be running Aditi Station.

Of course, Yuan reflected, the news media never seemed to catch on to the fact that Rina was also narcissistic, temperamental, and petulant, not to mention a workaholic.

And gorgeous, Yuan admitted to herself. Too bad she knows it, too.

Song opened the final door that lead to the heart of the space station, and despite her irritation, her heart still fluttered a little when she saw Rina.

Rina was short, and in another world—one where she didn’t spend her time tearing out the guts of droids and space stations—she would have been delicate. Instead, her tank-top revealed shoulders that belonged on a young boxer, and her arms were sleek with muscle. Her hair was getting longer, Yuan noted; there were a few stray curls that wisped over the back of her neck, and Yuan resisted the urge to sneak up and kiss them.

“Song, I said I didn’t want to see anyone,” Rina said without turning around. “You wanna spend the rest of our trip in a litter disposal unit?”

“You could not fit my processes into a litter disposal unit,” Song replied smoothly. “And unfortunately for your request, Miss Shou quite insisted.”

Rina spun around, and before Yuan could utter her first reprimand, she was being kissed hard and fast, Rina’s tongue sliding between her lips and Rina’s hand settling familiarly on the curve of her ass. Yuan made a surprised sound and grabbed on to Rina’s sturdy shoulders to steady herself, something that made the other woman chuckle low in her throat.

“Well, how’s that for sexual harassment?” Rina said with a satisfied look.

“Less impressive than you think it is,” Yuan said cuttingly, stepping back and straightening her clothes. “How long has it been since you slept?”

“About twenty hours,” Rina said brightly. “Don’t worry, I’m on something that will keep me up for another nine before I need to crash.”

Yuan pressed her lips together hard and hooked a finger through the belt-loop of Rina’s jeans, making the smaller woman yelp in surprise. She shoved her hand into Rina’s pocket, drawing out a small, rattling canister, which she tossed to Song.

“We talked about that,” she started, but Rina, who had evidently realized that she wasn’t getting anything more interesting than a kiss, was already making her way back to the data displays she had been working on.

“Sure, sure,” Rina said, reaching for the gel interface again. “And I bet we’ll talk about it again once I’ve gotten these displays calibrated…”

An enormous part of being Rina Toor’s personal assistant was simply knowing when the time for rational conversation was over. After a quick look at Rina’s back, she decided that that time had come.

“Song, please take her feet.”

Rina had barely made it back to the display when she found herself lifted bodily into the air.

“Hey! Stop, damn it, I’m still working!”

“No, you are not,” Yuan said, taking a firmer grip around Rina’s chest. “You are getting a shower, a meal, and then some sleep, and then you’ll stay in that bed if I have to tie you there.”

Rina abruptly stopped struggling and tilted her head up to look at Yuan upside down.

“Well, in that case, carry away,” she said with a smug smile, and at her feet, Song smothered a snicker.

Yuan only rolled her eyes. She loved Song a great deal, but sometimes, it was simply too obvious who had programmed him in the first place.

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Like A Love Triangle: Erotic Tales of Threesomes
edited by Kathleen Tudor

If two is good, is three better? In this book of erotic stories, three friends turn a partnership into something meaningful for all; a woman uses her android double to provide special enhancements to her love life; a pair of aliens spice up their already-exciting sex by indulging their curiosity in humanity. You may need a friend—or two—to share these stories with!

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