Congratulations! Again!

Applause, please, for Laura Antoniou, whose Marketplace anthology No Safewords has just won the Samois Anthology Award, given out by the National Leather Association! Hot on her heels — pun totally intended — we have Elizabeth Schechter with an honorable mention for House of Sable Locks. Congratulations are in order for two of our own brilliant and kinky Circlet Press authors.

Full press release below:
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Congratulations, “House of Sable Locks” and Elizabeth Schechter!

We are proud to announce that Elizabeth Schecter’s steampunk erotic romance House of Sable Locks, already a winner of a Passionate Plume Award, has made the finalists for the Magnolia Awards, of the Georgia Romance Writers! Congrats now, Elizabeth, and cross your fingers for another round of celebrations on October 10th, when the Maggie winners are announced!

In the meantime, as we attempt to recover our website and store from wherever data goes when it’s struck by lightning, Smashwords is still alive and kicking and carrying our stock. If you haven’t read House of Sable Locks yet, you’re missing out — use coupon code EQ96N at checkout to get your copy at 50% off.

Podcast: Episode 311 – Nightingale by Jason Rubis

Courtesy Nobilis Erotica:

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This week’s episode is sponsored by Circlet Press! The story is “Nightingale” by Jason Rubis, originally published in “Like Clockwork” from Circlet Press. Listen through to the end for a coupon code you can use when you buy Like Clockwork at


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Sponsored Events: Best of Sirlesque & Old School Game Show

Do our stories put you in the mood for a bit of live entertainment? If you’re in the Boston area, you’re in luck! Circlet Press is proud to be a sponsor of not one but TWO shows ths weekend!

Friday night’s offering is the Best of Sirlesque, a burlesque show featuring the bawdy boys of Sirlesque, plus their special guests. Come to Club Café in Boston, MA, at 8pm and see the Sirs put on some of their favorite moves.

Saturday night at 9:30pm at the Davis Square Theater, we have Old School Game Show, a lo-fi lo-brow classic analogue game show, performed live for your enjoyment. Play the game, or just watch others win! Stay for the dance party afterwards for a chance to win some steamy Circlet titles in their raffle!