Human Equation, The by D Mark Alderton

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Jelwyn fondled his tentacle, waiting until all eyes were upon him. “Humans are creatures of many different drives. Some are dangerous, like their need to dominate, which is why we must crush them before they destroy us. Some are mere animal behaviors, like the need for food or shelter. But the human drive for sexual pleasure is unique across the galaxy. It is something that we believe we can manipulate to our advantage.”

At this, the room burst out in an explosion of laughter. Even the First Minister seemed momentarily taken aback.

“You mean you’re going to get the human to lay an egg? Will Earth’s invasion plans be on the shell, or will we have to wait until it hatches?” snickered Zelzer, clearly enjoying this moment of humiliating his opponent. He couldn’t resist twisting the knife further. “Perhaps he will go into seeding mode instead and spray your egg with the plans?”

This brought more laughter. The First Minister decided it was time to get to the point. He quieted the room with a look, then, turning to Jelwyn, he asked the logical question, “Are you suggesting that the humans derive physical pleasure from the mundane acts of egg laying and seed spraying?”

“No, I am not. In fact, the humans do not lay eggs at all. We have been studying human behavior for several years now, long before the outbreak of hostilities, and their capacity for sexual pleasure—an act they conduct with the active participation of others—is nothing short of astounding. If we can induce in our captive high levels of such pleasure, we believe his will to resist will be destroyed.”

“Minister, far be it from me to question chief Jelwyn,” Zelzer said in a tone that indicated that that was precisely what he was doing, “but I trust he is not suggesting that one of us couple with the creature, is he?”

There was nervous laughter around the table from a few as they all turned back to Jelwyn. “Of course not, chief Zelzer. This is psychological warfare, not one of those tawdry scrolls adolescents use to induce their first seed production,” he replied, piercing his rival with a withering glare. Zelzer returned the look without any acknowledgment that either was jockeying for the upper hand.

Jelwyn’s riposte had brought more laughter, which was again cut off as the Minister raised his tentacle. The room fell silent as the Minister turned to Jelwyn. “How soon can we get results?”

“We believe no more than a session or two. With each encounter we learn more about what stimulates this particular human, and feed it back to him for the next round.”

“I’m skeptical,” said the Minister, considering his options, “but the traditional methods have not worked in the past. You may proceed, chief Jelwyn.”


Travis awoke in a brightly lit bedroom. He noticed, however, that there was no visible light source, making the space seem relaxed and comfortable rather than harsh. Diaphanous curtains draped the walls, fluttering in the air currents, making it unclear just how big the room really was. As the cobwebs of sleep disappeared he sat up on the satin- sheeted bed with a start. The last thing he had remembered was his scout ship being captured by the enemy. If this was a prison cell, he couldn’t begin to imagine the palaces his captors must provide for themselves.

His reveries were cut short by the entrance of a woman. She had long, flowing dark hair, a mysterious curve to her eyes, and rounded, smiling lips. She was also extremely underdressed. In fact she was totally naked, and Travis realized for the first time, so was he.

He started to ask her her name, but she crossed the room to the bed and put a cool, slender finger to his lips. No questions, she seemed to be saying. Travis reached for her hand and held it to his face. Her soft palm gently caressed his cheek as she climbed onto the bed and knelt next to him. He looked into her clear, blue-green eyes and felt himself falling. The next thing he knew, they were locked in a kiss, her darting tongue chasing his. His hand reached for her breasts. As with the rest of her, they were exquisite to touch, to feel, to taste.


“And this is going to get him to talk? Will he want some seasoning with his dinner?”

“Chief Zelzer, please. This first encounter is a test run. I’m trying to figure out what stimulates this particular human.”

Jelwyn returned to his equipment, adjusting the input to the wired human, unconscious on the stone slab in his cell. On the liquid screen in the far corner of the dank space, the images the human was processing were displayed for Zelzer and the First Minister to examine.

“They are a disgusting species, Minister. The universe will be well rid of them.”

“I can’t disagree with you there, chief Zelzer.”


Travis’s cock felt bigger and harder than he could remember. It seemed to have grown an inch, or maybe two. As her tightly pursed lips slowly slid down his stiffness, Travis curled his toes in delight. He just wished he could remember where he had met her.

He felt a familiar tightening in his balls, but his partner seemed ultra-sensitive to his reactions. She removed her mouth and grasped his cock tightly at the base, waiting until he had reset his trigger. When he had sufficiently calmed down, she flicked her tongue over head, licking away the stream of clear fluid that had oozed from the tip. This nearly set him off again before he was overwhelmed by a new sensation: his bedmate straddling him and backing her moist pussy over his engorged manhood. Her inner walls seemed to mold around his cock as she moved her lower torso in a way to gain maximum stimulation for herself.

She ground into him, somehow managing to hold him in suspense as her own need to come grew. When they orgasmed together, all Travis could think was that this was the greatest fuck of his entire life and he wondered if he’d ever know such ecstasy again. When he reconnected with his surroundings a few moments later, he was still hard and inside her, while she had collapsed atop him, her full breasts now bathed in sweat and pressing against his chest, her lips nuzzling his ears. She seemed to be whispering something. Travis strained to make it out.

“When is the Earth fleet scheduled to invade?” she asked, in exactly the same tone of voice she might have told him what a fantastic lover he was.

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The Human Equation
by D Mark Alderton

Classic sci-fi meets lusty erotica in this funny, sexy one-shot from D. Mark Alderton, a Boston-based critic who was dared to write a Circlet Press story and came up with this gem. Travis is captured by bug-eyed aliens who seek to pump him for information about when Earth's forces are set to invade. Fascinated and repulsed by human sexual pleasure, the aliens devise a unique way to soften him up.

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