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  1. Hey, Circlet,

    I tried to buy “The Softness of his Fur 1” this morning; Paypal says the transaction went through *twice*, but when I was redirected back to Circlet it gave me a “403: You Are Not Authorized To View That Page” and I was never given my book.


    1. I have had the same problem. As I use my Twitter account professionally I don’t want it linked with my purchasing preferences and you have no contact email address! I was labouring, deludedly it would seem, under the opinion that you were a professional company so why do you not allow people to contact you? The book I was trying to purchase was “The Electrofluidic Age” and, while I can appreciate that occasional website errors happen I strongly object to the fact that I cannot contact you privately. Book or refund please.

      1. I downloaded the book from the email you sent me. Thank you for that. My comments regarding an inability to contact you still stand!

        1. We’re working on that, Simon! I’ve unearthed the Contact Us page from the depths of inaccessability now.

  2. Dear Cecilia Tan:
    The purpose of this letter is to introduce myself as the principal of provocadv.com (marketing/adv) and as a freelance writer/photographer. I would like to offer my creative services in helping Circlet Press with photographing and designing book covers for any upcoming titles/releases? I’m sure your contributing writers supply you with images or you use stock images, but if you could send me your email address, I will forward you samples of my work for your review.


    Writer, proofreader, editor, market research, and on-air director for TAG Worldwide (London, England) for the Canadian market.
    Bristol-Myers Squibb/Pfizer (online volunteer application)
    Game of War (market research)
    Range Rover Sport, (web video/TV)
    Pepsi, (TV)
    Knorr Foods, (TV)
    Motorola, (web/market research/Quarterly Report)
    Hampton Inns, (web)
    Dove soap and hair products, (web/TV/print)
    Beck’s Beer, (app)
    Dell Computers, (web/print)
    Jaguar F-Type, (video/TV)
    Costa Express, (market research)

    Shark Rescue (Hong Kong) (social/awareness campaign)
    PWA Community Gardens (Toronto) (website copy)
    Speech writer, President of a non-profit organization (Toronto)
    MARSWorks Ottawa (writing SEO text for clients)
    Alliance Dental Centre, Black Dog Adv., Halifax (print)
    Kick Ass Shoes, Black Dog Adv., Halifax (radio)
    Fountain Academy, Juice Adv., Halifax (DM)
    Ottawa Home Services, Ottawa (web/poster/print)

    Denrich Foods, Ottawa (branding)
    Exglammation, Chicago (branding)
    Autocentrics, Ottawa (branding)
    Compliance and Ethics Advisor Law Firm, San Francisco (corp. ID)
    Hemingway’s Beach Bar, Cayman Islands (restaurant logo)
    Freedom Harley-Davidson of Ottawa (business cards)

    Soulcraft Timber Framing (web and campaign)
    Canadian Cancer Foundation (awareness campaign)
    ViewTrak (cattle/livestock tracking software), Alberta (print ads/web banners)
    ASDE Sample Surveying, Gatineau (branding and print campaign)
    Anglican Diocese of Ottawa (awareness campaign for 2014 Conference)
    Canadian Tulip Festival 2013 (branding/campaign)
    ACCO Kitchens & Bath, Ottawa (print ads)
    CPOPC (DM)
    St. Joe’s Women’s Centre, Ottawa (fundraising)
    Photographers Without Borders, Toronto (online campaign)

    I have recently written articles or have been given photographic assignments for the following:
    Coping With Aging Baby Boomers (article for Healthwise Ottawa magazine)
    Population Institute of Canada (article for PIC online magazine)
    Canadian Homes & Cottages magazine (photo assignment)
    Ottawa Magazine (4 photo assignments)
    Amateur Photographer, UK (1 article)
    Travel Itch Magazine (an article on Yosemite in May)
    Jo Lee Magazine (the article 16 Cars that Changed the World) The magazine has a readership of 39 million.
    Cottage Magazine (the article Going Up To The Cottage)
    The Hockey News (30 short articles on how teams got their names)
    Canadian Drag Racing magazine (4 articles)
    Hot Rod Hotline (12 articles)
    I was the speech writer for the President of the Canadian National Italian Congress (Toronto)

    • 2012 published a photography book entitled, Focus On Close-Up and Macro Photography through Focal Press (Boston)

    • 2013 producer/Writer for the Roger’s TV show, Ottawa’s Art Seen.

    • 2014 Guest on CBC’s Definitely Not The Opera, and collaborated on creating Troubled Minds (video to generate public awareness about mental illness).

    • 2015 working on publishing a book on classic cars and found a publisher for my dad’s memoirs. Acquired a literary agent in Toronto.

    • 2016 British production company, Gass Productions, interested in a mini-TV series concept of mine regarding the islands of Australia.

    “I was at McCann-Erickson (senior copywriter) then moved on. I’ve seen a lot of work from a lot of top people. Your work is excellent. My highest compliments.”
    – Ran Elfassy, Director of Shark Rescue and Sigei Media (Hong Kong and Toronto)

    “It’s very rare that I ask everyone around me to stop what they are doing and listen to a story. For this to happen, the story has to be very, very good – like yours. Loved it.”
    Simon McDermott, Associate Editor, Our Canada magazine (on Eye in the Stomach article)

    I appreciate your time and consideration on this matter, Cecilia, and would certainly be delighted to discuss this matter further with you at your earliest convenience. Many thanks.

    Clive Branson
    Ottawa, ON Canada

    1. “Pro tip” to Clive and anyone else seeking jobs. If you want to prove your competence in the Internet Age, leaving your resume as a comment on random blogs is in fact the way to demonstrate the opposite.

  3. Is there anywhere one could contact you about questions about the stories written by myself? To see if they are good enough to be published by you?

    1. Liisa, we only accept stories as parts of anthologies when an anthology is being put together. At this time there are none being worked on, but we are open to Halloween-themed microfictions until October 15th. See the guidelines here: https://www.circlet.com/?p=4346

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