California Dreaming (A Marketplace Short Story) by Laura Antoniou

ISBN: 9781613900710
9,490 words

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There was someone in the room.

To be more precise, there were two someones; he could hear them whispering outside the door before they carefully tiptoed in. They were still unaware at how much more noise a person made when trying to be sneaky. If they had spoken in their usual tones of voice, his half asleep brain would have merely edited them out with the rest of the background noise. Whispering and skulking, however, was attention-getting.

Briefly, he wondered whether he should do something about that. Was it good or bad that they didn’t know how to be better sneaks? Should he be stern and angry, or leap up and scare them before they got to him? That was an amusing thought; wouldn’t it be a laugh? Or, he could just wait until… ahh. There was one, inching up the foot of the bed. And the other? He slitted his eyes open in the dim room; the shades and curtains were still drawn, but sunlight was just peeking around one edge, just enough to signal his body further awake. The hand caressing his leg did the rest, and his cock ached with sudden warmth.

“I’ve known you were here for ages,” he drawled, stretching and kicking the sheet free. “You’d make lousy sneak thieves.“

“Maybe you should punish us, master,” said the one next to the bed. He turned to look at her but identified her by voice immediately. There was no mistaking Alicia’s candy-coated sweet tone. She also had perfect pitch, however rarely she was called upon to sing or play an instrument. That would change later, as she was on the entertainment list, but for now, her diversionary use had nothing to do with music.

Even in the dim light, he could see she was naked, which was nice. The last week had seen such an array of costumes and fetish gear it was almost a relief to just see some skin, satin soft and inviting, pale at her remaining bikini lines and, he knew, at the shaved triangle between her legs. He could see that her long, sandy-blonde hair was free around her shoulders; it blurred her outline and softened it quite erotically.

“Maybe I will,” he said, stretching again. He rotated his shoulders as he leaned up on his elbows. Alicia’s partner in crime was Rudy, his muscled back clearer as he paused on all fours, one forearm held up in perfect mimicry of a cat padding over the bed. Cute. In reality, Rudy had little in common with cats; he was modest, athletic, and dedicated to doing hard work when it was demanded of him. But he knew how to tease and how to play-act, and now he waited, his wrist dangling loose, a question in his dark eyes.

Waiting for permission to continue, of course. Now that they were caught, there was no chance to gently waken him with kisses and licks. Not that this was going to stop him from enjoying them! The sleeper shook the last vestiges of sleep from his brain and eased himself back against his warm pillows and closed his eyes. “Please me,” he sighed. “And don’t be too long about it, we got a ton of work to do today. If you get me off nice and fast and good, maybe I won’t punish you.“

Rudy chuckled and ran a hot tongue from the ridge around the head of his cock way down to the root and then washed it over his balls. “Maybe you will anyway, master!“

If he was inclined to answer, he was interrupted by Alicia leaning over him as she ran her hands over his chest and nipples, expertly teasing yet perfectly satisfying at the same time. He reached out without opening his eyes and found her round—and well-augmented—tits. Ahh, but they felt so nice and hefty in his hands! He’d never thought that one day he would be a connoisseur of silicone boobs, but having seen a few dozen cases of well-executed improvements on the female form, he’d become quite the fan. Hell, even some of the men were getting their chests built up, their butts lifted and curved more.

Ahh, California. What didn’t already exist in Eden, we just make ourselves. He tugged on Alicia’s nipples and she moved immediately to straddle his body and offer her jugs to his mouth and teeth. A regular breakfast of champions. Her hair falling around his face was scented with jasmine and tangerine, sweet and heady.
Rudy had slipped a condom over his hard-on with a nice, firm touch; one thing the boys didn’t have to be drilled in was how to handle cocks. Funny how girls seemed to think they were so damn fragile! But one thing Rudy had not mastered was the art of getting the rubber on using his mouth; those straight, white teeth shredded a pile of latex large enough to dress half the staff tonight. Pity about that; if he could have managed to get that little trick down, he’d be more than serving staff tonight.
Maybe that was why, when he did work his mouth over the latex-covered cock, Rudy was completely voracious and focused. His lips curled close around the shaft as his tongue slathered spit all up and down, wetting it for serious throat-pumping action. Or, maybe he was just being obedient and doing his best to achieve a quick, hard orgasm. Either way, his efficient start elicited a groan out of a mouth filled with tit, and that was impressive.

Alicia groaned as the hands on her chest tightened and then gave a lilting cry as she felt bites on one nipple and then the other.
“Should have come in here with them clamped!“

“Yes, master, yes, tomorrow I will!“

“If you’re still here tomorrow, cunt. Suck my nipples. Make like your boyfriend there and suck me off.“

She scooted back and dipped her head against his chest and sucked one then the other nipple into her mouth to wet them. Then, as she suckled on one side, her fingers teased and fluttered on the other, switching back and forth as the moisture evaporated from his skin. Warmed, flavored lube would have worked better. He’d also had maple syrup, honey, whipped cream and other comestibles sucked and licked from his body, but he drew the line at doing that in bed. Even if he wasn’t the one who had to wash the sheets, it felt wrong.

Now, to just lie back and let those two talented mouths work on him, that was paradise! On another morning, he’d get more elaborate, insist on better preparation, actively correct the minor errors and demand perfection. But today of all days, it was his last chance to just enjoy the pleasure by himself. Without putting in a show for the morons.

In a perverse jerk of the mind, the sensations on his nipples and cock combined with the selfish luxury and mean-spiritedness of his feelings toward the honored guests combined to jet him into pre-orgasm. He grabbed Alicia’s hair and jerked her violently toward him, capturing her tits against his face again, fastening his mouth over one engorged and tender nipple. As he bit down, his hips jerked up, and he hooked one leg over Rudy’s back, keeping him in place as well. Get me off, take it, take my load, he thought in savage glee. God, yes, this was the life!
Pity about the party.

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California Dreaming: A Marketplace Short Story
by Laura Antoniou

The bonus story from "The Trainer" is now available as a stand-alone single ebook. Michael LaGuardia attends one of Geoff Negel's orgiastic Marketplace play parties, but all is not well in this California paradise. In this prequel to "The Trainer," Michael gets his first inkling that ownership and slavehood don't confer instant perfection, and fantasy isn't reality.

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