The Prince’s Boy: Chapter 82

Welcome to The Prince’s Boy by Cecilia Tan, a tale of a prince and his whipping boy ensnared in a plot of dark erotic magic. Warning: explores themes of dubious consent and situations of sexual jeopardy. NSFW.

A new chapter appears every Wednesday. This week is Chapter Eighty-Two: Jorin

82: Jorin


The three of us landed in the midst of one of the strangest military councils held in the history of Trest. I am one lucky bastard, though, for had we followed Seroi to his lair as I’d intended, he would surely have easily killed us by non-magical means. When we appeared in the tent in their midst, Kenet was unconscious, which was a mercy, I suppose, given the agony I had just put him through, I was choked half to death by Roichal, and Roichal himself was in not very fine shape either. All three of us would have been easy victims for anyone with the will to harm us.

We had arrived in a large tent, large enough for the gathering of half a dozen men and soldiers to leap to their feet at our arrival. Thank goodness Kan was among those there and gleaned immediately what had happened, so no well-meaning soldier of Trest killed me to save Roichal or the prince, either. Continue reading The Prince’s Boy: Chapter 82

Porn and Logistics: Writing Advice from L. Williams

Porn and Logistics
by L. Williams

“Whose hand is where?”

That’s a popular question when both writing and reading w/w and m/m stories. Having your main characters using the same type of pronouns during sex can cause some confusion. In connection to that question, the author and reader both have such fun questions as “How did that hand get there?” or “How many hands does this person have?”

In many instances, these questions make sense in the context of the story, because hopefully things are heated up and it’s easy for the protagonist to lose track. Sometimes the writer is losing track and is sick and tired of editing. Sometimes, there are literally more hands than usual, and then things can become very confusing.

I have been writing fanfiction and original fiction for over ten years, although my fanfiction is easier to find online. Sex has included everything from tentacles to twin dicks, although I think I have somehow managed to skip the “knotting” craze. I have read multiple stories including knots, but I don’t think I have actually written one. I have researched snake sex, shark sex, horse sex (hi, centaurs), turtle sex, and multiple diagrams of human genitalia to figure out how things would fit and what is going where. In most cases, the puzzle pieces can be connected to form a complete picture. Other times, a rewrite is necessary. Not even with a jug of lube and thirty minutes of yoga beforehand will that position work.

That said, I am aware that it can be difficult to do the research. Some information was found quickly, others required more hours than I would like to admit, and some required a vast amount of eye and brain bleach. Still, whenever possible, I request fellow writers to try and research. Your research may be limited to crude gestures with your hands as you try to figure out how everything would fit. It may include Ken dolls. It may include open-minded friends or the writer’s accepting lover. If you can’t do anything, consider asking for constructive criticism. If you don’t care, consider a note informing readers that it is just graphic porn, no research occurred, and just enjoy the various types of penetration and/or sucking.

There is something off-putting when I am reading porn and get knocked out because that doesn’t or can’t work that way. My standards for porn aren’t high. They aren’t. Nor am I asking for realism. No one should expect too much realism in porn. But if I am reading about an intersex alien whose genitalia is basically a NSFW pocketknife, I can’t help but wonder how much room they have down there. Does it make it difficult to walk? Wear pants? Will the love interest be able to free their hand? This also resulted in some fun internet research which still failed to answer my question.

Can the tentacles self-lubricate? Do the dicks for fingers make everyday life, ah, difficult? (Star Trek has never answer the question of what handshakes are equivalent for regarding Vulcans.) Is anyone else mildly frightened by the fanged monster eating out (in fun ways) the human woman? Why does the reptilian woman have breasts? (Now looking at many male artists and writers.)

While the research can be frightening, it can be fun. I promise. Such research offers the writer the opportunity to stay up late at night reading kinky porn to see if other writers were able to either figure out how to convince readers to not question how that particular organ fit or was able to provide a convincing reason for how that virgin was able to take that. It also helps the writer notice what porn made them stop reading. What parts knocked the writer out of the story? Why? Is it something that can be found in the writer’s own stories? What could the author do to make that believable or, at least, acceptable? Why was the person able to read to that point in the scene? What was acceptable before and what changed? Check out comments and reviews. What did the other readers like and what was baffling for them?

Suspension of disbelief can be enough. For some porn, it is clear that the author never intended plot or reality to interfere, and the reader should just sit back and enjoy the ride. Other times, I’m up far too late looking up diagrams on the internet trying to figure out what the author just did. If you can, please research even the porny parts of your stories. If nothing else, you may find inspiration for future porn.

L. Williams began as a fanfiction writer over a decade ago who has transitioned into original works. Interests include slash, femme-slash, horror, romance, fantasy, bittersweet endings, and tragedy, with many of these based on a dare or a terrible prompt. She lives surrounded by cats, caffeine, and far too many notebooks.

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The Prince’s Boy: Chapter 81

Welcome to The Prince’s Boy by Cecilia Tan, a tale of a prince and his whipping boy ensnared in a plot of dark erotic magic. Warning: explores themes of dubious consent and situations of sexual jeopardy. NSFW.

A new chapter appears every Wednesday. This week is Chapter Eighty-One: Kenet

81: Kenet


I cannot tell you what it was like. I may as well tell you what it was like to be raped by a thundercloud. No, actually, I imagine the thundercloud would have been less painful and less terrifying.

When I leapt into the fray I had only thought to save him. My Jorin.

You see, Seroi saw it as fated that I should belong to him, my enemy. He saw his chance to defeat the one other man who could lay claim to me, by using Roichal as a puppet from afar. No doubt this is why Seroi had taken Roichal’s cock long ago, so that if he ever needed to command the military directly, he could.

I nearly believed the mage for a few moments there, as he described what would happen if I returned to take the throne. If I did as I was told. If I behaved. If I did as expected. Continue reading The Prince’s Boy: Chapter 81

Ongoing CFS for Erotic Flash Fiction

Hello Circlet Enthusiasts!

I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone that we are always on the lookout for sexy speculative fiction of the short short (micro) variety.  What is speculative fiction? I’m glad you asked! Examples of it include: science fiction, fantasy, utopias, dystopian, superhero, experimental, and occasionally supernatural though we prefer to keep our horror microfictions to the month of October.

We are looking for short literary erotic works to be featured on our website. We encourage diversity in our fiction. All gender pairings and orientations are welcome so long as everything is clearly consensual. Erotic microfictions should be between 250-1000 words and original works that are not available elsewhere. Please no fan fiction. Authors retain all rights and payment is $5 per story.

Multiple submissions are okay. Send submissions to either in the body of the email or as a Word doc. Please include a short bio.

The Prince’s Boy: Chapter 80

Welcome to The Prince’s Boy by Cecilia Tan, a tale of a prince and his whipping boy ensnared in a plot of dark erotic magic. Warning: explores themes of dubious consent and situations of sexual jeopardy. NSFW.

A new chapter appears every Wednesday. This week is Chapter Eighty: Jorin

80: Jorin


When I pulled my cock free of Jort, it was throbbing eagerly, and I turned to my next opponent, Roichal.

He chuckled as he stepped onto the mat. “I think Sergetten taught you more Night Magic than you let on.”

I laughed. “Or maybe Jort just needed a good fucking.” In truth, I had felt like I had looked at Jort through Sergetten’s eyes while we had been fighting. I could see the strands he’d spoken of, and I could feel a power pulse through my entire body, from my toes to my cock to the top of my head. Jort had been easy to read, and connecting to his need had only fed my reservoir of power. Was this how Sergetten had felt when I had bent to his will? I could feel myself surging with energy and the men around me seemed limned with a gentle glow. Continue reading The Prince’s Boy: Chapter 80

The Prince’s Boy: Chapter 79

Welcome to The Prince’s Boy by Cecilia Tan, a tale of a prince and his whipping boy ensnared in a plot of dark erotic magic. Warning: explores themes of dubious consent and situations of sexual jeopardy. NSFW.

A new chapter appears every Wednesday. This week is Chapter Seventy-Nine: Kenet

79: Kenet


I suppose I should not have been shocked to find the sovereign lord and his mage in bed together.

Well, and I was not surprised by that. But given the shock I had just received, I treated them a bit more harshly than I should have, bursting in upon them as I did. They hurried to dress and present themselves before me, and then I told them that Sergetten had been snatched from us, and then they were the ones who were shocked. Indeed, if Solliran had not given him a good slap across the face, I think Tendrif might have collapsed into hysteria on the spot. Continue reading The Prince’s Boy: Chapter 79

New Book: Like a Spell: Air: Heterosexual Fantasy Erotica

$2.99 ebook
ISBN: 978-1-61390-165-6
127 Pages

Formats: :

For the Like a Spell anthology, we asked writers to challenge the traditional tropes and send us something new—original stories of magic users, interesting twists on the typical sorcerers and mages. The response was overwhelming and exciting, and we decided to publish four separate anthologies, using the theme of classical elements (earth, air, fire, and water) as the focus for each collection.

For the air anthology, we’ve focused on stories portraying the love between men and women. Both Plato and Aristotle thought of air as being both wet and hot, and this seems an apt description of the union between men and women. Air can be gentle or rough, hot or cold; it can draw you closer or push you away. It can caress, but it can also punish.

September Sui’s “Carnival” is like no carnival you’ve ever experienced. It teems with secrets and mysteries, and when a simple farm girl is finally old enough to attend, she isn’t frightened, like her friends, but is instead intrigued and desperately curious. The carnival master in particular interests her, and she is determined to learn his secrets… in the privacy of his tent after the main show.

In “The Alchemist,” A.D.R. Forte tells the tale of an alchemist whose work relies on both his skill and his discretion. His business is simple: women come to him in secrecy, and in exchange for the essence of their sexual passions, he pays them in money and pleasure without ever touching them. But his latest customer is more mysterious than most, and he’s sorely tempted to push past his professional boundaries.

In Dee Maselle’s “Rapture,” Melyse finds herself taken by Ivon the Fiend, despite being neither a damsel nor in any particular distress. In fact, although she knows she should be terrified, the thought of being ravished by the Fiend only makes her more excited, and it is with a small thrill of anticipation that she lets him carry her off to his castle.

In “Refrain,” V.A. Cates introduces us to Marlene, a witch who specializes in brewing potions. When Jack comes to her looking for a love potion—but with no particular love interest in mind just yet—Marlene feels strangely drawn to him. She knows she shouldn’t get involved with him, for his own sake, but one thing leads to another, and her single-minded desires overpower any concern she once had for the innocent, mortal man.

In “Curandero,” Donovan Blake introduces us to Sani, a Navajo curandero, which is a kind of spiritual healer. Most of his patients are just depressed, or have regular medical problems, but Sani is intrigued when a man comes to him with a real, bona fide hex on him. Unfortunately, in curing the man, the hex gets transferred to Sani… and he finds himself forced to track down the witch/succubus/vampire/whatever-she-is to kill her and end this hex once and for all. What he discovers when he finds her in person isn’t quite what he expected, though.

Morrigan Cox plays with the idea of food magic in “Heat in the Kitchen.” Justus and his brother have been sent by their coven to seek out a rogue witch in town, but when Justus sees her food truck—the Kitchen Witch—and gets to know her, he realizes she might be using her magic for good. And the enchantment he feels when he looks at her doesn’t seem to be magical in origin.

Mary Andrews takes food magic a step further in “Potions and Pastries.” Our narrator is a witch who uses her potions mastery to make delicious pastries. While closing up shop one day, her assistant, Leland, asks her to taste-test a new chocolate cake recipe he’s concocted. It’s an aphrodisiac recipe, though, and all the yearning she’s kept buried refuses to stay hidden any longer.

Finally, in “Entwined,” Kassandra Lea introduces us to Canis Cavender, a wizard who has grown tired of peaceful forest solitude and has moved to the city to be part of society again. When Anwyn shows up to bring him the jar of fairy dew he asked for, dripping wet from getting caught in the rain, Canis insists she stop dripping on his floor—but he’s unprepared for her to emerge from the bathroom dressed in nothing but one of his button-down shirts.

Like A Spell: Air
Eight scorching stories of magic users, sorcerers and mages. For the Like a Spell anthology, we asked writers to challenge the traditional tropes and send us something new—original stories of magic users, interesting twists on the typical sorcerers and mages. Stories included by September Sui, A.D.R. Forte, Dee Maselle, V.A. Cates, Donovan Blake, Morrigan Cox, Mary Andrews, and Kassandra Lea.