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The Erotic Authors Guild has opened up nominations for their Ravishing Reads Awards— and whether you’re a fellow writer, editor, blogger, or reader only you can help your favorite Circlet author win!

Anyone can nominate their favorite erotic author. Neither the nominators nor the nominees need to be members of the Erotic Authors Guild. Each nominator can only submit one author for consideration, though multiple works by the same author can be recognized. And finally, authors cannot nominate themselves. This puts the power entirely in the hands of erotica readers and fans, so your nomination counts!

Award categories include: Author of the Year, Breakout Author of the Year, Steamiest Scene, Best BDSM Story, Best Dark Erotica, Best Paranormal Erotica, Best Taboo Erotica, Best LGBT Erotica, Best Use of Toys in an Erotic Scene, Best Masturbation Scene, Best Threesome Story, Best Erotic Short Story, Best Erotic Novella, and Other. (Circlet would love to see write-ins for Best Erotic Science Fiction and/or Best Erotic Fantasy!)

Below is a complete list of eligible Circlet authors and their works. After you’ve completed the official Ravishing Reads submission form, let us know which author/works you have nominated for which categories so your favorite authors can feel the love!

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Microfiction: Tryst by Ainslie Lloyd

Tara had never been fond of cooking. Actually she loathed it but hesitated to confess.

Fortunately this didn’t disturb Greg, who quite enjoyed messing around in the kitchen, tasting soups and stirring sauces, braising and baking.

But it was only decent that she prepare the occasional meal.

Late one afternoon Tara found herself in the kitchen of necessity. Greg was working very hard these days and was usually late. Uninspired, she slopped olive oil into the frying pan.

It spilled into the shape of a human hand. Diaphanous fingers curled, flexed, reached toward her, glistening in the stovelight.

Startled, she slapped a hamburger patty into the frying pan.

The hand tossed it back.

Fleeing to the front door, she gulped in lungfuls of January air. She’d eat out.

The meat couldn’t stay on the countertop, though. Teeth chattering, she went back.

The hand beckoned from the frying pan.

“You’re losing it, woman,” she muttered. “You’re really, truly, losing it.”

Because it was inevitable, she offered her own hand.

And was clasped in a satin-cool touch. Ethereal fingers glided, slowly warming as they intertwined with hers. Stroking with a delicate fervor, they caressed the back of her hand.

Her fear slid away. A minute passed. Two. Five. Sudden heat tingled in her groin.

She jerked free. Dumped the oil down the drain.

Translucent fingers flickered in the sink.

Laughing hysterically, she drove to A&W. Fries nibbled one by one. Two extra cups of coffee. It was dark when she got home.

Lingering in her frigid car, she considered knocking on a neighbor’s door. She could say she’d lost her keys. Or seen a prowler. A dark stranger.

The front door opened. A shimmering hand beckoned in the porchlight.

Knowing it was fate, she obeyed.

On the couch, her lips parted, her breath quivered, as warm strokes moistened her neck, then glided ever lower to cup her breasts. Her nipples hardened in aching eagerness.

In the bedroom she shed her blouse and bra, and gasped as sensuous fingers slithered beneath the waistband of her panties. Arching on the bed, she shoved away that final barrier.

Licking fingers circled, tantalizing her clit, then flooded her inner recesses. Ohmigod, this is way better than Greg! she thought as she succumbed. Blazing heat shot her to a soaring climax, then yet another screaming release.

Afterwards, she languorously prepared a very late dinner for Greg and herself. She even sang as she opened the Cabernet they’d been saving. She’d serve shrimp cocktail and a crisp salad, followed by steak grilled to perfection with sautéed mushrooms. For dessert, she’d bring out crème brulee …

Lurking among the branches of the potted Norfolk pine, a translucent hand throbbed with bright rainbow filaments, each shot through with light.

Then it seemed to sigh.

Soon, after a rest, it would writhe and convulsively stretch, straining against itself until a perfect living replica glistened by its side.

Ainslie Lloyd normally writes under another name. She has published 26 books, as well as many short stories, poems and articles on the craft of writing. Ainslie lives in the Canadian prairies.

New book! Charming: Modern Gay Erotic Fairytales

CharmingEbook $3.99
ISBN: 978-1-61390-151-9
Paperback $12.95
ISBN: 978-1-61390-152-6
46,664 words; 142 pages

Formats :

The ebook edition of this title is also available at:, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, AllRomanceEbooks, and the iBookstore and Google Play store.

The print edition is available on CreateSpace and elsewhere.

What happens when a young intern falls prey to the Big Bad Wolves of the New York Stock Exchange, or when an archaeologist stumbles across a sleeping prince in the ruins of Angkor Wat? From poisoned apples to polished swords, classic fairy tales are full of sexual imagery; for this anthology, writers found those erotic threads and wove them into stories where the castle is an apartment building in Prague, or the Evil Queen is The Prince’s ex-boyfriend. With Shanna Germain, Sasha Payne, and more. This collection of modern erotic gay fairy tales will enchant you.

Included in this anthology:
“Catch and Release” by Clio Yue
“Enchanted” by Shanna Germain
“Nightingale” by Evey Brett
“A Day in the Life of a Magic Prince” by NCN
“The Big Bad Wolf” by Alexander Wilder
“The Flame in the Desert” by Sasha Payne
“The Prince and the Frog” by Hero Freyr
“White Horse Beach” by Sarah Ellis

For a hot excerpt, keep reading below!

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New Book: The Circlet Press Steampunk Erotica Bundle

The Circlet Press Steampunk Erotica Bundle
Five full books! Circlet Press's steamiest steampunk works all in one bundle. A discreet brothel staffed by robots. A theatre that enacts your most secret fantasies. A mad scientist whose machines are powered by human arousal. And more. Each of the stylish, sexy, and surprising books here takes Victorian science fiction to delicious new places!

The House of Sable Locks by Elizabeth Schechter
The Innocent’s Progress by Peter Tupper
The Erotofluidic Age by Vinnie Tesla
1901: A Steam Odyssey by Lionel Bramble
Like a Wisp of Steam Edited by J. Blackmore, with stories by Thomas Roche, Vanessa Vaughn, Jason Rubis and Kaysee Renee Robicaud

ISBN: 9781613901571
Price: $26.96
Also available at Amazon, iBooks/iTunes, Smashwords, Kobo and Barnes & Noble
This bundle is only available until February 15, 2016!

House of Sable Locks

“A powerful, sexy exploration of slavery, submission, and humanity from an author who wields both plot and prose with accuracy and total confidence.”—BDSM Book Reviews

“Elizabeth Schechter fuses diverse genres with such artful subtlety that we barely notice the genius at work before our eyes. Steampunk, erotica, fairytale romance, horror, sci-fi; Schechter does it all so deftly, blends it all so seamlessly, we are left wondering by what weird and wonderful magic such stories are created. “—Big Brain Erotica

The Innocent’s Progress
“Unabashedly badass, and viscerally satisfying. I wish I had written it.”—Amanda Gannon, Adventurotica

“I simply adored this book. It was written with seamless transitions, was fast paced, yet still had the feel of a truly Victorian work of fiction blended with all those lovely little anachronistic details we Steampunks look to see in our literature. I plan to add more of Mr. Tuppers work to my collection in the near future, and I suggest you do the same!”—Talloolah Love, Steampunk Chronicle

“When the characters engage in sex, love-making, or fucking, it’s steamy reading, all puns intended…Tupper’s a damn smart writer, and anyone who dismisses The Innocent’s Progress as just erotica might say The Dark Knight is just a comic book movie.”—Steampunk Scholar

“Peter Tupper’s story…is quite simply the best erotica I’ve ever read.”—Graydancer, author of Nawashi

The Erotofluidic Age
“Utterly perverse…This is really one of the best erotic books I have ever read–it’s funny, engaging, the characters are well-drawn, and the wide variety of sexy times are really, really, really hot.”—Natalie Luhrs,

“A great merry romp of steampunk-era erotic mad science… It takes a deft touch to blend comedy, pornography and science fiction like this.”—Iago Faustus,

1901: A Steam Odyssey
“The story is infused with such glee and charm…Not only is the premise fresh, but it is superbly executed. There isn’t a false step anywhere. Inventive, imaginative, saucy, naughty; 1901: A Steam Odyssey is all that and more.”—Kathleeen Bradean, Erotica Revealed

“[An] enormously entertaining debut novel.”—Cynthia Ward, Ambling Along the Aqueduct

Microfiction: Holy Trinity by Jade Sylvan

I don’t know if I should write this, but I don’t think Mother Superior or Mother Esther would pry even if they had the password. Might delete later, but this happened early Sunday morning.

When it started I was in my cell. Everything was as it always is. Dark wood crucifix on the wall. Pale prayer desk. No lights on at all. The white ceiling was the color of ash. I couldn’t sleep. Normal. I was uncomfortable on my back. I rolled over. The metal bed frame creaked and moaned.

I lay facedown. Felt more comfortable for about thirty seconds, then decided to flip onto my back again.

I turned back over. On the end of my bed was a man.

I should have frozen, but I relaxed. Somehow I knew he wasn’t a threat. He was here for me. For my pleasure. I pulled him close and inhaled, expecting to smell sweat. Musk. He kind of smelled like nothing, though. I felt his hand grip my thigh.

“I can’t,” I said.

He pulled away. I could still feel the weight of his body on the bed. My breathing shallow. An electric current ran between us.

Then someone else was there, behind me. Back propped up against the wall. My head in her lap.

She rested one hand on my collarbone. The other reached out for the man’s hand. They clasped hands over me. Static from her fingers near my neck. They were painfully still.

I reached up for the wrist near my chin. I pulled it down so it brushed against my face. Skin soft as silk. Her fingers gliding along my highest ribs, close to my breast.

My breath became urgent. The woman’s hand was almost touching my breast. The man’s other hand was inches from my thigh. I wanted them to touch me. Either of them. Both.

Aching stillness covered us. I realized I was holding my breath, waiting for some change. The air was charged, almost vibrating. Then the two silhouettes on either side of me moved, barely. More of a shift in weight than a deliberate action, but the break in the stillness was too much for me. Breath poured into my lungs and moaned back out. The animal of my body reached for them, two hands to two wrists, and pulled them into me. Her hand cupped my breast. Stopped for a moment, as if to make sure of its placement, then started to caress. His hand slid under my nightgown, around my underwear. This hand wasted no time. Dove in.

The feeling of both of them touching me, watching me as I writhed under them, was enough to make me climax immediately. I squeezed my eyes shut, hoping to stifle any screams I might release when I lost control. For a moment, I thought it wouldn’t happen. That I’d settle back down and lie there awkwardly between these two strangers before thanking them for trying and sneaking them out.

Then blankness. Neutral light. Pure electricity and love.

I couldn’t help it. I cried out. I was far beyond worrying if anyone heard. I sang one long note of pleasure as the last currents of electricity jolted through me. This was what God wanted. These beings were sent here for me. For this.

I opened my eyes and saw the same two silhouettes for an instant. In another instant, they melted into the normal outline of my cell. Something fundamental was different. I realized that thing was a shift in my state of consciousness. I was awake now. Before, I’d been dreaming.

I was panting and washed in sweat. My right hand was on my breast, my left between my thighs. I was sopping wet. I inhaled deeply, smelling my own musk and a another, floral scent. Dried roses? My hips and calves were tight. Sore. I looked down at my spent lower half and almost choked. Someone was sitting on the end of my bed. Another dream?


A woman.

My hands shot away from my body. The left one was damp and pungent. I shoved it under the covers, wiping it off on the sheets, flushed with embarrassment. The woman sat there unfazed. She radiated calm nonjudgment.

This serenity seemed to emanate, washing over me. I relaxed into it. She was stunning. Strong and slender with medium-dark skin and a powerful mouth. Deep amber-brown eyes. Simple white sleeveless dress. A cross between Beyoncé and photos of my mother when she was young. It was still night, but I could see her clearly. She didn’t glow the way the angel had. More like she was made of light.

“You didn’t trust my Son,” she said. “Thought you might trust me.” None of these guys wasted time.

“It’s not that I didn’t–”

“Lent is only forty days. Then you can go right back to your vow of chastity.”

“How can I possibly give up my vow for that long and still call myself a nun?”

“You have a blessing from your Mother Superior. What else you need? High-five from the Pope?”

“No. I mean, that’d be cool–”

“What are you worried about?” She somehow managed to look stern without furrowing her brow or making much of any expression at all.

“I don’t know. I just never…. There were rules and I didn’t think they could change.”

“Did you enter the Sisterhood to be comfortable?”

“Of course not.”

She shifted so she was farther up the bed. Her face didn’t soften, but her voice did. Just a touch.

“You wanted anticipated discomfort. Poverty. Obedience. Chastity. The script.”

“Doesn’t everyone wish suffering had a script?”

She actually laughed. Smiled.

“Fair enough,” she said.

She scooted up closer so her hip was near my shoulder. I could smell her. The dried rose smell from before plus wood shavings and old wool. My musty fingers were still under the blankets. I draped the other ones across my stomach. Tried to relax it. She reached out with one hand, hovering it inches from my head.

“May I?” she said.

I nodded. She stroked my head gently. The feeling was unbelievably soothing. I could feel my brain relax and rest into the back of my skull. Outside I heard the whistle of freezing wind.

“Is it snowing again?”

“Yes. This should be the last big storm.”

She ran the tips of her fingers lightly across my scalp. It’s been a while since I’ve shaved my head, so there was about a quarter-inch of baby-curls for her to drag her nails through.

“Did you send me that dream just now?”


“Did He?”

“We believe straightforward communication works best.”

The muscles around my eyes released, two jelly bulbs sinking back into their sockets. I may have, just slightly, started to purr.

“I don’t understand why you’d ask me to do this.”

“I can’t tell you what you’re supposed to learn from a lesson.”

She shifted so she was lying beside me. Her left arm beneath me, cradling me like a parent as she kept stroking my head. I was getting sleepy.

“Not even a hint?”

She laughed. My eyes were closed but I imagined she was smiling. “Go to sleep, Woodline.”

Her touch became a warm breeze. I drifted off.

Jade Sylvan is the author of Kissing Oscar Wilde and the apocalyptic lesbian sci-fi horror burlesque musical of the century, Spider Cult the Musical (coming summer 2016). https://jadesylvan/com

Announcing the Circlet Press Steampunk Erotica Bundle!

boxrc3We’re trying something new this month with our very first ebook boxed set. And we’re going in big with four of our favorite Steampunk novels all for $5.99–the normal price for one of these books–with the short-story collection that started our Steampunk obsession thrown in as a bonus.

We’re including the award-winning House of Sable Locks by Elizabeth Schechter, the critically acclaimed Innocent’s Progress by Peter Tupper, the bizarre and witty Erotofludic Age by Vinnie Tesla, and the exuberantly swashbuckling 1901: A Steam Odyssey by Lionel Bramble; along with Like a Wisp of Steam, edited by J. Blackmore.

But this bundle won’t be around forever–it goes on sale on November 15th, and will only be available until February 15th.

Preorders are open now at Amazon and Smashwords. And to get the word out, we’re giving away five copies free for nothing! Sign up to win below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway