Scenes From The Marketplace by Laura Antoniou

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The Marketplace and the other books in the series by Laura Antoniou have become some of the best-known and best-loved BDSM-themed books since Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty. With their subtle wit, complex moral codes, and hot sex and submission, the books have created a full world in readers’ heads, populated with a vast cast of characters. Over the years, Antoniou has filled in the background details on many of these characters and her world through short stories. Sometimes appearing in anthologies here and there, other times as “DVD” extras in ebooks, these stories give insights into the history of The Marketplace, the motivations behind the characters, and sometimes their fates after they were last seen in the novels.


Boys Will Be Boys
Kaleigh Lad
Mandarin Style
California Dreaming
For Want of a Nail
A Leash Has Two Ends
Brian on the Farm
That’s Harsh!
A Familiar Ring
The Man with the Phoenix Tattoo
Inside Straight
Zoom In

Look under the cut for a hot excerpt…

from “Boys Will Be Boys”

“That was a hot movie.”


Mike and David left the theater lobby and stopped by the promotional display. They scanned the reviews posted up and read out loud.

“‘Perverse’!” David snickered. “Yeah, it was certainly perverse.”

“But it was also ‘Powerfully erotic,’ like it says here,” Mike looked at the color photos of some of the more notorious scenes. “There wasn’t much gay stuff in it.”

“Well, we knew that. Besides, you know where to go to look at boys in leather…”

They said it at the same time, “The Shaft,” and laughed together.
Looking at the crowd and the shortage of taxis, Mike said, “Care to walk across town? We can get home in about twenty minutes.”

“I’m not in the mood to go home yet.” David stuffed his hands in his pockets and looked carefully at the ground. “But let’s walk. I need to talk to you.”

“About the movie?” Mike’s voice was low and seductive. David looked back up at his lover’s eyes and nodded.

“Yeah, me too. Let’s take that walk.”

* * * *

Mike and David walked together with the ease of two men used to each other. They touched rarely, but their strides matched so one never had to call the other closer to hear what he was saying.

David spoke first. “Did you ever do any of that stuff? The leather stuff?”

“Sure… didn’t everyone?” Mike laughed. “Once or twice, I guess, to see if I liked it. But a lot of it was so… fake. All postures and clothing. So I never really got into it. I think I’m regretting that now.”

“Oh?” Dave asked, teasingly. “Why is that?”

“Because I thought some parts of that flick were gonna make me explode, right there in the theater!” He laughed harder. “Of course, it would have been hotter if some big hairy guy was ordering that wimp around instead of the Barbie doll in lingerie, but you know, we all have our fantasies.” He smiled encouragingly at his partner. “So, let’s have it. What’s on your mind?”

Dave ducked his head for a moment. It was one of the moves Mike always thought was so cute. “Well, you guessed it, Mike, I was hot for that shit too. All I kept thinking about was how great it would be if, well, if you, um, did some of those things to me.”

Mike stopped short in the middle of the block. “Uh-oh. I guess we have a problem then.”

“Huh? Why? You said you did it before, what’s the problem? Is it too much?”

“Nope. But we both kind of want to be on the same side of things, I think. I never tried it from the master side, it always seemed too hard. Easier to just lay back and take orders, you know?” He shrugged helplessly, smiling at Dave’s astounded expression. It was a slightly difficult admission to make. In their relationship, Mike was considered more top than bottom. He gave more than he took, and Dave liked it that way.

In fact, Mike mused, it’s been so long since I was fucked, really fucked, I probably don’t remember what it feels like. But the thought of it made him stiff under his jeans.

“So, I guess that’s out for tonight!” Dave said, full of false cheer. “Let’s just go home and party.”

“No, let’s not,” Mike said, an idea forming. “Let’s see if we can find someone to do us both. Together.”

“Huh? A threesome?”

“Yeah! We’ll go cruising, and find some leatherman who will master us both! It shouldn’t be too hard, right?” They looked at each other and knew that Mike was right. They were young and handsome, city-bred hard, gym-worked to matching builds. They complimented each other and matched each other, and they had never had any problems getting either a third man or another couple to bring home and play with.

“How will we know some guy is real though? What if we get some queen in leather? What if we get some nutso?” Dave, ever the concerned one, mulled over the possibilities.

“We get someone we know,” Mike said assuredly. “Let’s go to The Shaft and look for….”


They laughed together and headed for the West Side, near the piers. And they thought about Ron.

Ron was a leatherman they had both met on separate occasions. He had expressed an interest in the two of them before, but they never took him up on it. They had remained cordial, occasional spotting each other in bars and clubs, saying hello and moving on. But there was no denying he was hot. Tall and muscular, he dressed in fine but aged leathers, the sign of a man long used to living in that world.

He was a real top. A man’s man. A master. He would probably have no problem handling the two of them, and he was well-known in the community, so they could feel safe. Now if he was only at the bar tonight. If he hadn’t already picked up some new boy to take home and torment…

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Scenes From The Marketplace
by Laura Antoniou

With their subtle wit, complex moral codes, and hot sex and submission, Laura Antoniou's Marketplace books have created a full world in readers' heads, populated with a vast cast of characters. This volume collects the Marketplace short stories from various anthologies and ebooks, giving insights into the Marketplace itself and the motivations, histories, and fates of some of its participants.

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