Microfiction: Black-Hole Bookshop Boy by A.C. Quill

“Black Hole-Bookshop Boy”
by A.C. Quill

It’s been a tough day, but I’m becoming a good counselor. I try to hang on to that optimism as I weave between the High Street shoppers: a kid who crackles with crimson anger; a businessman who’s bearing a radiant golden grudge.

I pause to peer through the window of my favourite bookshop. Inside, a young man is unboxing hardbacks, graceful and precise. The satin back of his waistcoat is straining. He’s tweedy, floppy-fringed, tempting. My beautiful black-hole bookshop boy.

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New erotic short story collection! THIS WORLD BETWEEN by Monique Poirier

This World Between: Erotic Stories
by Monique Poirier

$6.99 ebook/$12.95 paperback
138 pages
ISBN 978-1-61390-182-3 ebook
ISBN 978-1-61390-183-0 POD

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Eight entrancing erotic tales from the rich imagination of Monique Poirier, an author who first began sending stories to us at Circlet in 2009 and we have loved every one. Spanning eras and universes, these stories span the gamut of sexuality and genre. A woman with a broken time machine haunts a big box store looking for a mechanic who can get her out of therewhen. An angel trolls the depths of a dark netherworld where only a demon can ease his affliction. Steampunk pasts, space operatic futures, and mysterious magical nows co-exist in This World Between. And in every story, the passionate meetings that occur are expressed in gloriously carnal detail, leaving the characters forever changed.

Contains the following types of content: lesbian, gay, bi, steampunk, space opera, dystopia, romance, alternate history, time travel, fantasy, science fiction. 

About the author: Monique Poirier is a time traveler from 1983, currently residing in Providence, Rhode Island. An enrolled member of the seaconke wampanoag tribe, she is a leading voice for Native Steampunk. Her stories have been featured in many Circlet Press anthologies, including the “best of” Fantastic Erotica. Her novel, Cygenic, is forthcoming from Circlet in the coming year.

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Call for Submissions: Halloween Microfictions

It might be HOT, HOT, HOT outside but here at Circlet Press we’re already thinking autumn thoughts and you know what that means! It’s time to submit your spooky/sexy/scary October microfictions and flash fiction.  As in years past, these microfictions will be posted on our website during the month of October leading up to Halloween. Payment is $5 and you retain all rights.


Stories can be any length up to 1500 words.  No reprints. No excerpts from novels. Multiple submissions are okay.

All stories must be erotic and fit within the theme. All gender pairings are welcome and we strongly encourage marginalized writers to submit work to us.  All stories must also be sex positive.


Send stories where underage characters engage in sexual acts.
Send fan fiction with or without the serial numbers filed off.
Send stories where the consent is ambiguous or takes place after the act. Consent MUST be apparent BEFORE the sexual act.
Send demon summoning stories.
Send stories set at Halloween parties that focus on sexy costumes.
Send me stories longer than 1500 words.
Send me stories with no erotic content.
Send me stories where lovers kill each other.
Send stories where witches are evil monsters.
Send stories set inside haunted attractions.


Think outside the box. The theme here is pretty broad. We want stories that are erotic that also fit into horror/autumn/Halloween. Send us stories that celebrate the season in some way. Scare us while turning us on. Give us period pieces or pieces set in the far future. Make us think of leaves crunching underfoot, the smell of wood smoke carried on chill air, and harvest festivals in preparation for the dead of winter. Do this in a way that celebrates physical pleasure. A happy ending is not necessary though please bear in mind that I will not accept any stories where lovers murder each other in cold blood. Humorous stories are okay too so long as they fit with the theme.

Please send submissions to jwsubs13@gmail.com as either a Word doc or in the body of the email. Please also include a short bio. Deadline is October 1st.