Halloween Microfiction: The Traveler’s Tale by Vinnie Tesla

“The Traveler’s Tale”
by Vinnie Tesla

What’s the weirdest thing I ever saw in three-space? That’s tricky–there is some freaky shit down there. There was a time a few years ago… You know Elizabeth, right?

Yeah, she’s awesome. So I was just on a walkabout, checking out the sights, you know, and I find this one plane where they’ve got this giant, whitish moon in the sky. Just one, but big, and super-bright. And there were these big, stiff plants everywhere, with branches all over them, so when the wind blew it made this sort of spooky whistling noise.

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Halloween Microfiction: Phantom’s Touch by Minna Louche

“Phantom’s Touch”
by Minna Louche


Zoe struck a match, lighting a candle inside a pumpkin. The jack ‘o lantern’s face lit up with a happy grin, but she was unable to smile back. She looked out at the darkening sky ruefully. She heard trick-or-treaters starting their rounds, and saw other lights coming to life.

Here it was, her favorite night of the year, and she was alone.

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New book! The Viscountess Interrogates

$6.99 ebook
$19.95 paperback (buy paperback)
Ebook ISBN 978-1-61390-161-8
Paperback ISBN 978-1-61390-162-5
130,606 words; 354 pages

Formats :

Also available on Amazon and elsewhere.

Elegant sleuth The Viscountess and her perceptive slave and crime-solving partner Severin are back to solve another mystery in the world of fetish and kink Dominions.

They inhabit a magical and kinky world of pocket universes that reflect every fetish fantasy humans can dream of. To solve the mystery of a missing object and a disappearance they will travel through territories both familiar and new: Victoria, the pornographic London that never was, The Wasteland, a post-apocalyptic Dominion of anarchy in scarcity, and the ultimate unreal setting of fantasy and unrepressed libido: Las Vegas. Severin falls into the hands of a lesbian biker gang, and The Viscountess goes undercover in an all-girls boarding school. This sequel to The Viscountess Investigates is a scene-packed romp full of bondage, corporal punishment, and femdoms that will thrill your inner geek. (Books may be read in any order.)

Read on for an excerpt!

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Halloween Microfiction: Porcelain Comfort by Alex Negen

“Porcelain Comfort”
by Alex Negen


Sarah Whitson wasn’t watching her step and ran into Rebecca Huff on Water Street. The two women greeted each other cordially: Rebecca asked if Sarah had been sick, she looked so pale and anemic; Sarah flattered Rebecca on her thrift for wearing a dress that had clearly seen better days. The reasons for their mutual loathing were opaque yet severe.

“You’ll never guess what Mary Coburn told me just yesterday,” said Rebecca. “She said she saw your husband on East Beach yesterday.”

This was an impossibility. Sarah’s husband Levi was at sea and had been for eight months. He would not be home for at least another season.

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Halloween Microfiction: Annual Spirits by TammyJo Eckhart

“Annual Spirits”
by TammyJo Eckhart


I know it isn’t the wine.

I finish off the first glass and set it on the bedside table.

It isn’t as easy as it used to be to take off my shoes and clothes, but I manage it nonetheless. My fingers tremble a bit as I unbutton my shirt. Fingers that used to be strong and firm, now wrinkled and spotted. They’ll still work.

I pour another glass after I’m down to boxers and undershirt. I sit on the edge of my bed and sip it, remembering.

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Halloween Microfiction: Fiat Lux by Cam Andrews

“Fiat Lux”
by Cam Andrews


The light is fading when I find her. Only one faint star shines in the darkening sky this Sabbat night.

She stands at her bedroom window and makes a wish: Star light, star bright. Her true desire chants the spell. She has summoned me, the Lightbearer, though she does not know it. Not yet.

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Halloween Microfiction: Base & Vile Things by Sonni de Soto

“Base & Vile Things”
by Sonni de Soto

“Tell me.” Her voice, hoarse and hushed, whispered into the sightless, scopeless space Eli no longer recognized as his room. Without his glasses, the witching hour had warped his pitch-black bedroom, distorting the familiar shapes and scales into strange shades of themselves.

“Say it.” Her tone tightened as he felt Her lean in closer. Her hot breath felt wet as it fluttered against his shivering skin. He bit his lip to seal the words back, blood touching his tongue sharp and metallic like a sacrifice.

He wouldn’t say it. Couldn’t.

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Halloween Microfiction: Before the Fast by T. C. Mill

“Before the Fast”
by T. C. Mill

Before the darkness, before the hunger, the people of Orriak donned their masks. Hidden even from the gods, they enjoyed their last indulgences. The winter would be long and even in these days of comparative advances, not all would survive. For those who would, it helped to have sweet memories.

And so when the ringed moon set for the last time until spring, an air settled over the city. A hush of anticipation. Many barred their doors, shutting their families and invited guests safely away. The rest took to the streets.

Safe or not, nobody spent the Night of Masks in comfort. But for some, these twelve hours of darkness would be worth an entire year of fasting. It was risk, it was challenge, it was adventure.

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The Prince’s Boy: Chapter 8

Welcome to The Prince’s Boy by Cecilia Tan, a tale of a prince and his whipping boy ensnared in a plot of dark erotic magic. Warning: explores themes of dubious consent and situations of sexual jeopardy. NSFW.

A new chapter appears every Wednesday. This week is Chapter Eight: Kenet

8: Kenet


I followed Seroi into a tower I had not been in before, in a section of the castle I had only passed through briefly a few times in all the years I’d lived there. For some reason I decided this time would not be when I would gawk at the tapestries on the corridor walls, and instead I focused on the spot in the center of Seroi’s back, trying to act like I had walked these stones a thousand times. Why, I do not know, since surely he knew full well I did not frequent this area.

Was this where he lived? I had no idea. My father had always said very little about the Lord High Mage. I assumed he lived somewhere in the sprawl of walls and towers that was the castle, but had never thought about exactly where. I’d truly never given Seroi too much thought at all. Continue reading The Prince’s Boy: Chapter 8

Halloween Microfiction: Room with a Boo by J. T. Seate

Editor’s Note: This story mentions suicide. 

“Room with a Boo”
by J. T. Seate

The well-appointed room looked similar to any other, but it was their room. The cool air from the open window that looked upon the picturesque Adirondacks washed over Helen. It was just as she remembered. She breathed deeply, remembering the words William had spoken ten years earlier.

“If I die, will you marry me?”

“Why would I marry you if you’re dead?” she’d answered.

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