Monster Whisperer: Second Class by Nobilis Reed

Monster Whisperer Second ClassMONSTER WHISPERER: Second Class

by Nobilis Reed

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Ensign Sandra Tevins has enlisted in the Star Patrol’s latest endeavor, training a corps of monster handlers. But “handling” a tentacle monster means satisfying the monster’s insatiable sexual needs. Tentacles, eyestalks, and ovipositors in every orifice are all in a day’s work for her. It’s the only way Star Patrol’s ships can benefit from the monsters’ hyperspace abilities, but Ensign Tevins is eager for the task. Nothing has ever made her feel as amazing as being taken and controlled by a Neo-Nalcheka! (Not even the amazing sex she has had with her kinky poly lovers back home.)

But as Tevins embarks on a space-faring journey with a new monster, forces within the Star Patrol itself may endanger the mission–and the fragile peace between humans and monsters. There is a conspiracy afoot to cause the tentacle monster program to fail, and if it does, war will engulf the galaxy. After her classmates are eliminated one by one, Sandra is the only one who can prevent it.


“I have not fucked anyone for nearly sixty hours, human. I need.” More tentacles emerged, several with eyes at the end and many more with clusters of hand-like tendrils.

She tried to stare the monster down, but failed. She closed her eyes, hunched her shoulders, and waited. Terror froze her limbs, gripped her innards, and sent a shiver down her spine—and she loved it. Anticipation swirled with the fear, tempering it into the biggest turn-on she had ever felt.

Alien hands wrapped around her arms and thighs, and she whooped in surprise as they lifted her bodily into the air. She opened her eyes again to find the creature looking back at her from just inches away.

“Answer me, human. Are you a virgin? Have you been taken by one of my kind?”

“No, sar.”

A sound like a single long, growly “Haaaa,” filled the air. “Then you are a virgin. Gooood.

She felt like a virgin. She felt like this was her first time, four years ago, when her boyfriend-at-the-time gave her a goodbye fuck before she shipped off to basic training. She felt like the first time Barnard, her current lover, introduced her to bondage, to pain, to the marvels of transcendent surrender. The feeling was like that–and so much more. Everything about it was alien. The boneless limbs possessed a strength like nothing she had felt before, and the monster’s unblinking gaze seemed to be able to see into her very soul. Some said the monsters were telepathic, and now she knew why.


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