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If you are having difficulty with an order, or with a book/ebook you have purchased, please send an email to Include the title of the book, what format the book should be in, and details of the problem (download failure, error in the book, typo, Paypal failure, etc). Please note that this email is only for customer service queries. Emails from job-seekers, manuscripts, solicitations, etc. will be ignored, or possibly mocked on social media. You have been warned.

Aspiring Authors
If you wish to submit a manuscript, please read and follow our Writers Guidelines. Please note we do not accept unsolicited manuscripts outside of specific calls for submissions.

Jobs at Circlet
Circlet Press is entirely run by freelance workers. No one, not even our editorial director, receives a salary. If you are a prospective intern or a freelance editor, copyeditor, designer, artist, book production person, proofreader, cover designer, publicist, etc… send your resume and samples of your work to our inbox via email at

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28 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Greetings Management!

    I recently graduated from college with my B.A. in Editing, Writing, and Media. I am interested in your company, and I have a few questions:

    1. Do you have any work-at-home editing, writing, or proofreading positions open?

    2. And if so, would these positions be part-time, full-time, or only freelance/contract?

    Thank you so much!

    Helena H.

  2. Dan, I’ll drop you email. Doing a search on your address right now isn’t even bringing up a record of the order in Paypal. But Paypal’s site is loading verrrry slowly for me at the moment and I suspect I’m not seeing everything.


  3. There is no listed contact email for general inquiries. I would like to be sure my email gets to the correct inbox. Thanks for the help!

  4. Hello, I have a few microfiction fantasy/erotic stories laying around. They meet all the guidelines, but do you take random submissions from unknown writers?

  5. I would like to submit a short story. It’s well under 10,000 words. Can you advise me when and how to get this material to you?

    Thank you.

    1. Short stories can only be submitted to specific anthologies. If there are no anthologies accepting stories at a given time, then we are closed to submissions until an anthology opens. (FYI, right at the moment, January 12, 2016, no anthologies are open. Look for new calls for submissions in the next few months.)

  6. I just bought a book but it won’t download. I took a snapshot of the error which I will email. Your site doesn’t offer a way to contact for support/help.

    1. Thanks, Daniel. Keep in touch with circlet.customerservice AT gmail DOT com about whether the replacement file we sent you has any trouble.

  7. Hi there, just found your publication and I wanted to let you know that I enjoy it very much! I’m interested in submitting a microfiction story for the Halloween publication but I had a quick noob question. If you choose to publish my story, do I still own the copyright or do you? I ask because as I wrote this story I became interested in exploring the main character more, possibly writing more stories about her in the future. I just want to make sure I’m not giving up any ownership by selling the story to your publication. Thanks again for taking the time to answer a beginner question!

    1. J.D. thanks for asking! *You* continue to own the copyright. In our books and on our website we purchase the rights for that use only, and the author keeps the right to reprint and resell the story elsewhere.

  8. Hi,
    Do you offer advertising space (or article placement) on
    If yes, what would the cost be?

    Steve Marks

  9. I recently signed up for the newsletter a few months ago, and since then I have only recieved the initial message and no further messages have been sent. I was worried if I’ve done something incorrect in my sign up or if there are internal issues regarding arrival of the newsletter. If there is anything I can do, please let me know.

    Thank you.

    1. I would like to know if I did anything wrong when I signed in for the email newsletter. I have tried resubscibing and nothing has happened. I have not been getting the newsletter. Should I be concerned?

      I deperately and patiently await a response.

  10. I have a an erotic novella I would like to submit to you. It is @50k words. It is a brother sister female friend hetero bisexual tale with added mother incest thrown in. No bdsm in it. It is a long flash back of an elderly gentleman who awakes from a coma to find out that COVID-19 has taken everyone he knows. Now all he has is some sexual memories…

  11. Hello, I am working on an erotic science fiction novel called, The Well of Souls. The main protagonist, Mara Shaw Mali, is a scientist at the Lawerence Livermore National Laboratory, in California.

    She and her team discover a way to generate free and abundant energy, causing political and economic tension. But soon Mara discovers that her invention, GRASP, has proven something else that is just as earth-shattering as free energy. Something that people have tried to prove since the dawn of time. As for the first time, humanity will know for a certainty what happens to us after death.

    My current progress on this novel is 31, 000 words. If so desired, I have a full and complete outline for review.

  12. Respectable
    my name is Gian Carlo Panzeri, I’m 68 years old and I am a retired Italian man collecting bookmarks all over the world.
    I’ve found your address on the web and I thought to write you hoping that you too are so kind to send me your bookmarks (or others who you have at hand) to the following address:

    20872 CORNATE D’ADDA – MB Italia

    Thank you very much
    Gian Carlo Panzeri

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