New Serial! “Chocolatiers of the High Winds” by H B Kurtzwilde: Chapter 1

Chapter One: Runaway

There was no point in trying to take in the scenery from a steam coach. The carriage rattled along in a shroud of smoke at high speed, but very low comfort. Each passenger fought his own private battle with motion sickness. The window seats were given to those who lost.

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Join us for a Tea Party at Worldcon!

Editor/Founder Cecilia Tan, author Laura Antoniou, and other special guests await you in a caffeinated salon of literary erotic tastes. Which is a fancy way of saying we’ll have tea, and books, and good conversation about erotic science fiction, kinky writing, and our other favorite subjects. (Which may or may not include cats, Pokemon Go, and comic books…)

Sunday, August 19

4pm – 6pm

Fairmont Hotel, San Jose

We won’t know the room number until we check in on Thursday, so watch Cecilia’s twitter feed for that or check the Party Board when you arrive at the Fairmont Hotel.

We will have a limited selection of books to sell, and lots of tea, and some tea snacks, as well.

Please drop by!

(If you’d like to know where else to find our founder Cecilia Tan, she posted her schedule of panels and autographings over on her blog: