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Circlet Press is now an imprint of Riverdale Avenue Books

Well, folks, it took us a while to work out the details of the deal, but our much-talked about acquisition by Riverdale Avenue Books has taken place! You can find a nice article about it in Publishers Weekly (

I couldn’t ask for a better partner in keeping the Circlet flame burning than Lori Perkins, whose vision of erotica as a liberating force matches mine. She founded Riverdale Avenue Books in 2012 when the landscape of publishing was changing drastically (again!) and RAB is the perfect home for Circlet’s catalog of titles. RAB is an award-winning, innovative hybrid publisher with 13 imprints, including Desire (erotica/erotic romance), Riverdale/Magnus the award-winning imprint of LGBT titles, SFF (science fiction/fantasy), and many others which are so very compatible with Circlet’s quality, values, and subject matter. They had published some new editions of some older Circlet material, like the Circlet Treasury of Erotic Alice in Wonderland (which combined two Circlet ebooks on the subject) and the Circlet Treasury of Erotic Steampunk (three ebooks in one). Now RAB will be the custodians of the entire backlist, as well as the publishers of new, forthcoming material.

The first title launching since the deal closed will be THE EIDOLON INITIATIVE, an erotic mad science graphic novel from the twisted mind of Vinnie Tesla (The Ontological Engine). Within the next few months readers can also expect a passionate tale of gay cyborg love and politics entitled CYGENIC from author Monique Poirier (This World Between) and a sequel to the consentacle space opera romp MONSTER WHISPERER from Nobilis Reed (Like a Whisper In Your Ear).

Stay tuned for more excellent erotic sf/fantasy in our future!

-Cecilia Tan
Founder, and still Editor

New erotic short story collection! THIS WORLD BETWEEN by Monique Poirier

This World Between: Erotic Stories
by Monique Poirier

$6.99 ebook/$12.95 paperback
138 pages
ISBN 978-1-61390-182-3 ebook
ISBN 978-1-61390-183-0 POD

Download direct here at

Formats :

or from your favorite ebook retailer such as Amazon | Apple | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Angus & Robertson (Australia) | and more!

Don’t forget to add the book to your Goodreads bookshelf, as well!

Eight entrancing erotic tales from the rich imagination of Monique Poirier, an author who first began sending stories to us at Circlet in 2009 and we have loved every one. Spanning eras and universes, these stories span the gamut of sexuality and genre. A woman with a broken time machine haunts a big box store looking for a mechanic who can get her out of therewhen. An angel trolls the depths of a dark netherworld where only a demon can ease his affliction. Steampunk pasts, space operatic futures, and mysterious magical nows co-exist in This World Between. And in every story, the passionate meetings that occur are expressed in gloriously carnal detail, leaving the characters forever changed.

Contains the following types of content: lesbian, gay, bi, steampunk, space opera, dystopia, romance, alternate history, time travel, fantasy, science fiction. 

About the author: Monique Poirier is a time traveler from 1983, currently residing in Providence, Rhode Island. An enrolled member of the seaconke wampanoag tribe, she is a leading voice for Native Steampunk. Her stories have been featured in many Circlet Press anthologies, including the “best of” Fantastic Erotica. Her novel, Cygenic, is forthcoming from Circlet in the coming year.

Read on for as excerpt from THIS WORLD BETWEEN: Continue reading New erotic short story collection! THIS WORLD BETWEEN by Monique Poirier

Join us for a Tea Party at Worldcon!

Editor/Founder Cecilia Tan, author Laura Antoniou, and other special guests await you in a caffeinated salon of literary erotic tastes. Which is a fancy way of saying we’ll have tea, and books, and good conversation about erotic science fiction, kinky writing, and our other favorite subjects. (Which may or may not include cats, Pokemon Go, and comic books…)

Sunday, August 19

4pm – 6pm

Fairmont Hotel, San Jose

We won’t know the room number until we check in on Thursday, so watch Cecilia’s twitter feed for that or check the Party Board when you arrive at the Fairmont Hotel.

We will have a limited selection of books to sell, and lots of tea, and some tea snacks, as well.

Please drop by!

(If you’d like to know where else to find our founder Cecilia Tan, she posted her schedule of panels and autographings over on her blog:

Like a little tentacle in your… ear? Monster Whisperer audiobook by @nobilis is live!

News comes to us from Nobilis Reed! His novel MONSTER WHISPERER, which was originally run an audio serial on the Nobilis Erotica podcast and which Circlet published in ebook and paperback form in 2017, is now available as a standalone audiobook! Download the audiobook now from

Nobilis adds, “And if [you] don’t have an Audible account, [you] can get the audiobook for free during a thirty day free trial:

The ebook of course can be ordered right here on or purchase paperback or Kindle version on Amazon.

Monster Whisperer
by Nobilis Reed

When tentacle monsters go bad, there is one woman who is their friend: Dale Clearwater. No monster is too much for her to handle. She rehabilitates tentacle monsters. She trains the people who love them. She is the Monster Whisperer. An erotic science fiction novel from the mastermind of the Nobilis Erotica podcast.
Also available in paperback!
Price: $5.99
Formats :

The Censoring of LGBT Covers & Posters at #RT18

Hi folks! Cecilia Tan here, reporting from the RT Booklovers Convention in Reno.

If it’s your first time hearing about RT, this is a massive annual convention that brings together thousands of readers with hundreds of authors, mostly in the romance genres but also a lot of YA, fantasy, mystery, and science fiction. (“RT” stands for Romantic Times, the original magazine that founded the conference.)

RT typically has nonstop promo parties thrown by publishers and authors, and every hotel where it takes place (it move around all over, Atlanta, Dallas, New Orleans, Las Vegas) is usually plastered with giant posters of romance novels. It’s typical to see each elevator door with a massive add on it, for example. Here at the Peppermill much of that type of advertising seems to have been moved to large video screens that rotate through, but there are also floor clings, large ads on the floor as you walk to and from the convention area. Thus far my impression is that there is less advertising than in past years, but I don’t know if that’s because the Peppermill is pickier about what can be displayed, or if fewer ads were bought (romance publishing has suffered some big blows this year), or what.

What I can tell you is that in particular, though, the advertising floor clings purchased by the Rainbow Romance Writers, the chapter of the RWA (Romance Writers of America) that promotes specifically LGBT romances, have been censored. I know because I just heard from a Circlet Press author, Elizabeth Schechter, about this:

Censoring of LGBT book covers at RT by the Peppermill Resort

Censoring of LGBT book covers at RT by the Peppermill Resort


Censoring of LGBT book cover Heart's Master by Elizabeth Schechter

Here’s the cover that the Peppermill Resort thought was necessary to censor:

Heart's Master Elizabeth Schechter

For contrast, here is the larger-than-life-size floor cling RIGHT NEXT TO the censored one:

Leveque floor cling

It’s got all the abs, all the muscled thighs, all the SEE THROUGH CHAIN MAIL, but apparently it’s OK because…? Ropes are too much…? Or is it because they gave gay and lesbian and queer books more scrutiny?

The board of the Rainbow Romance Writers apparently found out yesterday (Tuesday) when the floor clings were being installed that the hotel objected to the images. They had the choice of either censor or pull the clings entirely. These ads were paid for by the authors of the books who each chipped in hard-earned dollars to have their book displayed. I can’t really blame them for making the snap decision to censor the covers rather than risk not having any of the books displayed and losing their money.

But I think the Peppermill Resort had better be prepared to give Elizabeth Schechter and TL Travis back their money. And I think they better be ready to defend their decision to censor these LGBT covers and not any of the heterosexual imagery (at least so far as I’ve heard): that’s what we call anti-LGBT discrimination folks.

(And if it’s the ropes… hello, folks, we are at a casino in RENO not DISNEYLAND? Didn’t 50 Shades of Grey prove that BDSM is mainstream? They sold bondage kits in TARGET for f’s sake…)

Anyway, that’s what’s going on here. If you’d like to show Elizabeth Schechter some love and help us turn lemons into lemonade, please share her censored cover far and wide?

Elizabeth Schechter Heart's Master Too Hot for Reno

(And maybe let the Peppermill Resort know you think censorship is wrong and slightly ridiculous? Did they not know what RT Booklovers is about?)

UPDATE! Edited to add:

The Peppermill Reno has apologized and will be reprinting the ads without the coverups! Text of their tweet:

(1/2) Our sincere apologies for the miscommunication, as the two book covers in questions were never taped over due to their LGBTQ nature. As a family-friendly resort with many guests not here for the convention, we made a mistake in covering the original artwork.

(2/2) We’re now in the process of getting the ad reprinted and replaced, which should be done tomorrow or Thursday at the latest. Again, we’re truly sorry this was ever misconstrued as a bias against the LGBTQ community.

From author Elizabeth Schechter:

According to @RenoPeppermill, the ads are being reprinted and replaced and they’re calling me tomorrow to apologize. I’m satisfied with that and have thanked them.

UPDATED AGAIN: As of Wednesday midday I am happy to report the unexpurgated ad was in place on the floor cling! And I heard from Elizabeth Schechter who spoke with the hotel’s GM to get his personal apology. Thank you, Reno Peppermill!

Writing Through Depression video workshop by @JenWilliams13

In this video Circlet’s own Jennifer Williams provides tips and tricks for staying in the “write” frame of mind while struggling with depression. From word counts to accountability partners and even touching on the value of binge watching, Jennifer guides you through what she’s learned during her own journey through major depressive disorder. We hope you enjoy this video and find it to be a useful toolbox for your creativity.

Jennifer Williams can be found on Twitter at @JenWilliams13 and on Goodreads at

Video was recorded at the Circlet Press Writers & Editors Retreat, May 2018 in Cambridge, MA.

Porn and Logistics: Writing Advice from L. Williams

Porn and Logistics
by L. Williams

“Whose hand is where?”

That’s a popular question when both writing and reading w/w and m/m stories. Having your main characters using the same type of pronouns during sex can cause some confusion. In connection to that question, the author and reader both have such fun questions as “How did that hand get there?” or “How many hands does this person have?”

In many instances, these questions make sense in the context of the story, because hopefully things are heated up and it’s easy for the protagonist to lose track. Sometimes the writer is losing track and is sick and tired of editing. Sometimes, there are literally more hands than usual, and then things can become very confusing.

I have been writing fanfiction and original fiction for over ten years, although my fanfiction is easier to find online. Sex has included everything from tentacles to twin dicks, although I think I have somehow managed to skip the “knotting” craze. I have read multiple stories including knots, but I don’t think I have actually written one. I have researched snake sex, shark sex, horse sex (hi, centaurs), turtle sex, and multiple diagrams of human genitalia to figure out how things would fit and what is going where. In most cases, the puzzle pieces can be connected to form a complete picture. Other times, a rewrite is necessary. Not even with a jug of lube and thirty minutes of yoga beforehand will that position work.

That said, I am aware that it can be difficult to do the research. Some information was found quickly, others required more hours than I would like to admit, and some required a vast amount of eye and brain bleach. Still, whenever possible, I request fellow writers to try and research. Your research may be limited to crude gestures with your hands as you try to figure out how everything would fit. It may include Ken dolls. It may include open-minded friends or the writer’s accepting lover. If you can’t do anything, consider asking for constructive criticism. If you don’t care, consider a note informing readers that it is just graphic porn, no research occurred, and just enjoy the various types of penetration and/or sucking.

There is something off-putting when I am reading porn and get knocked out because that doesn’t or can’t work that way. My standards for porn aren’t high. They aren’t. Nor am I asking for realism. No one should expect too much realism in porn. But if I am reading about an intersex alien whose genitalia is basically a NSFW pocketknife, I can’t help but wonder how much room they have down there. Does it make it difficult to walk? Wear pants? Will the love interest be able to free their hand? This also resulted in some fun internet research which still failed to answer my question.

Can the tentacles self-lubricate? Do the dicks for fingers make everyday life, ah, difficult? (Star Trek has never answer the question of what handshakes are equivalent for regarding Vulcans.) Is anyone else mildly frightened by the fanged monster eating out (in fun ways) the human woman? Why does the reptilian woman have breasts? (Now looking at many male artists and writers.)

While the research can be frightening, it can be fun. I promise. Such research offers the writer the opportunity to stay up late at night reading kinky porn to see if other writers were able to either figure out how to convince readers to not question how that particular organ fit or was able to provide a convincing reason for how that virgin was able to take that. It also helps the writer notice what porn made them stop reading. What parts knocked the writer out of the story? Why? Is it something that can be found in the writer’s own stories? What could the author do to make that believable or, at least, acceptable? Why was the person able to read to that point in the scene? What was acceptable before and what changed? Check out comments and reviews. What did the other readers like and what was baffling for them?

Suspension of disbelief can be enough. For some porn, it is clear that the author never intended plot or reality to interfere, and the reader should just sit back and enjoy the ride. Other times, I’m up far too late looking up diagrams on the internet trying to figure out what the author just did. If you can, please research even the porny parts of your stories. If nothing else, you may find inspiration for future porn.

L. Williams began as a fanfiction writer over a decade ago who has transitioned into original works. Interests include slash, femme-slash, horror, romance, fantasy, bittersweet endings, and tragedy, with many of these based on a dare or a terrible prompt. She lives surrounded by cats, caffeine, and far too many notebooks.

(Note from the editor: By the way, you can find L. Williams on Patreon. Circlet Press uses Patreon as one of our main means of support and if you enjoy erotic stories you can support us and many individual Circlet Press authors there!)

Help Fund Circlet Press’s 2018 Slate of Books! Including…Leather Ever After!

Circlet Kickstarter Banner
Circlet Press has been around for 25 years and to make sure we’re around in the future, we’ve set the stretch goals in our Kickstarter to allow us to keep up our publishing mission in the year 2018! Yesterday we passed the $5,000 mark, so the “best of” anthology that was goal #1 will come to be! But goal #2 is actually multiple goals.

For every $500 over that initial $5 we raise, we can publish a book. In the Kickstarter campaign I listed close to a full year’s worth of books and said if we reach $10,000, they all get funded. But an opportunity for another book came up last week and it was too good to pass up. It’s larger than our usual books, with 18 stories, so it’ll need a $1,000 budget, but I think you’ll agree it’s worth going for:

LEATHER EVER AFTER, edited by Sassafras Lowrey!

This collection of BDSM & kink fairy tales includes a foreword by Laura Antoniou and a fairly star-studded lineup of BDSM and kink authors, including DL King, Raven Kaldera, Lee Harrington, Mollena Williams, and many more. And I am so pleased to finally be working with Sassafras Lowrey, who I’ve known through queer publishing circles for a long time. Sassafras is the 2013 winner of the Lambda Literary Emerging Writer Award. Hir books—Lost Boi, A Little Queermas Carol, Roving Pack, and Kicked Out—have been honored by organizations ranging from the National Leather Association to the American Library Association. Sounds right up our alley, no? 
Continue reading Help Fund Circlet Press’s 2018 Slate of Books! Including…Leather Ever After!

New Book! Journey to the Center of Desire: Erotic Jules Verne!

$3.99 ebook
ISBN: 978-1-61390-184-7

Formats: :

Erotic stories in the worlds of Jules Verne, gathered together by the editor who also brought you books of erotic Sherlock Holmes, H.P. Lovecraft, and several volumes of steampunk erotica…!

Verne’s books feature daring, intelligent men facing danger and overcoming obstacles in the name of scientific discovery. Journey to the Center of Desire tells the stories of people who love the adventurers: the ones left behind, or carried helplessly along, or are otherwise affected by these harebrained schemes.

In “Lunacy” by Jean Roberta, based on From the Earth to the Moon, two brave and daring women struggling in a man’s world come up with a brilliant–and ridiculous–idea to win their freedom and future life together. Luckily for them, great men can still be made into fools by beautiful women with a plan. In Annabeth Leong’s “Journey to the Disappearing Sea,” Axel, from Journey to the Center of the Earth, is forced to realize that his precious porcelain doll of a fiancée has her own hopes and dreams and strengths and they will not be hidden any more. In Corey Reid’s “The Unresolved Wager,” (based on Around the World in Eighty Days) Phileas Fogg’s friends Aouda and Passepartout make a bet to see who can teach the man they both love that living well requires paying attention to your friends… and having lots of orgasms. In “Poulp Friction” by Evadare Volney, we learn how deep the friendship between M. Aronnax and his loyal Conseil (of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea) actually is, and that Captain Nemo’s rebellious nature and technological acumen extended to much more personal matters than we were led to believe.


  • “Lunacy” by Jean Roberta
  • “Journey to the Disappearing Sea” by Annabeth Leong
  • “The Unresolved Wager” by Corey Reid
  • “Poulp Friction” by Evadare Volney
Journey to the Center of Desire: Erotic Tales of Jules Verne
Erotic stories in the worlds of Jules Verne. Verne's books feature daring, intelligent men facing danger and overcoming obstacles in the name of scientific discovery. Journey to the Center of Desire tells the stories of people who love the adventurers: the ones left behind, or carried helplessly along, or are otherwise affected by these harebrained schemes. With stories by Annabeth Leong, Corey Reid, Evadare Volney, and Jean Roberta.

Looking back at “The Drag Queen of Elfland” by Lawrence Schimel

To celebrate Circlet Press’s 25th anniversary, we’ve invited some of our authors to look back at the early days. Lawrence Schimel remembers the year 1997, when we published his short story collection THE DRAG QUEEN OF ELFLAND, and launched our [non-erotic] gay and lesbian science fiction/fantasy line The Ultra Violet Library with it. He writes:

At the time, there was a healthy independent queer press scene with local LGBT community-focused newspapers and magazines across the US and abroad–which provided attention for new books about our lives that were often passed over for review in mainstream media outlets.
Continue reading Looking back at “The Drag Queen of Elfland” by Lawrence Schimel