edited by Cecilia Tan & Kelly Kincaid

Five stories explore queer/gay sexuality set against an isolationist cyberpunk backdrop. In these futuristic, tech-driven societies, humanity gets a new set of tools to connect both body and mind. Intersecting with queer experiences, cyberpunk overthrows the old standards of sexuality to hit new erotic heights. Kal Cobalt, Kannan Feng, Sunny Moraine, Eric DelCarlo, RE Bond. Warning: Explicit Sex.
The Reunion (Book Five of the Marketplace Series)
by Laura Antoniou

In "The Reunion" we visit a vacation resort for a Marketplace "family" gathering, where slaves, former slaves, trainers, and their spouses, significant others and family members can relax, let their hair down, and connect with each other. But the "reunion" that matters most is that of Robin Cassidy (the slave from "The Slave") and her first trainer, Chris Parker (the trainer from "The Trainer").
Also available in paperback!
by Kal Cobalt

Five erotic stories of robot-human relations, exploring the future of humanity, sex, and desire. In Cobalt’s futures, artificial intelligences can have very real emotions, and humans can be just as confused, turned on by, and obsessed with their robot lovers as they are by any others. The stories have a delicious homoerotic edge even as they question what gender means to a robot mind. Or heart.
Royal Treatment
by Cecilia Tan

A BDSM science fiction novella from Cecilia Tan. On a world where dominance and submission are a way of life, a young noble named Arshan takes full advantage of the carnal pleasures that slave girls can offer. But disaster looms when the crown princess starts looking for a consort and looks in his direction. A prequel to Telepaths Don't Need Safewords.
Scenes From The Marketplace
by Laura Antoniou

With their subtle wit, complex moral codes, and hot sex and submission, Laura Antoniou's Marketplace books have created a full world in readers' heads, populated with a vast cast of characters. This volume collects the Marketplace short stories from various anthologies and ebooks, giving insights into the Marketplace itself and the motivations, histories, and fates of some of its participants.
Scheherazade's Façade
edited by Michael M Jones

The gender lines are blurred and transcended in twelve tales of magic, self-discovery, and adventure, penned by some of today’s most intriguing authors. In these pages, you’ll find heroes and villains, warriors and tricksters, drag queens and cross-dressers, tragedy and triumph. Featuring all-new work from Tanith Lee, Sarah Rees Brennan, Alma Alexander, Aliette de Bodard, and more.
Also available in paperback!
Sea Turtle Inn
by H B Kurtzwilde

The Sea Turtle Inn is a hotel/bar once frequented by pirates. Now, paranormalist Drew Wells has been hired to investigate its haunting. Yet even as he learns more about the inn & its history, Drew finds himself more intrigued by the enigmatic proprietor Davis, whose secrets may prove key to finally putting the spirits to rest in this transgender, m/m, paranormal romance.
Also available in paperback!
Sense And Sensuality: Erotic Fantasies in the World of Jane Austen
edited by J Blackmore

Enter into the erotic fantasies of Jane Austen fans in this new anthology, Sense and Sensuality. This is the way the Regency should have been: laced with magic, flagrant sexuality, and the triumphant power of true love. Join five talented authors as they journey through the era of men in tights and women in corsets with a twinkle in their eyes and some magic up their sleeves.
Sex Magick: Women Conjuring Erotic Fantasy
edited by Cecilia Tan

Here are stories of female power and erotic transformation, of sexual ritual, coming of age, breaking of curses, and freeing of creative energy. Drawing on Mayan myth, the Tarot, and magical worlds of their own design, these women celebrate sex and eroticism through their joyous fiction.
Sex Magick 2: Men Conjuring Erotic Fantasy
edited by Cecilia Tan

These are erotic fantasies of the most powerful kind, stories in which the power of sexual love transforms and renews. Bringing rain to a parched earth, healing an injured soul, birthing a new sun for a dying planet, driving out evil spirits--in the erotic visions of these talented authors, all these things are possible and much more.
Shades of Pleasure
by Renée M Charles
**All royalties will be donated to Catkins Rescue in Park Falls, Wisconsin, in memory of author Renee M. Charles, aka A.R. Morlan.**
These eight sizzling tales from the ever-inventive Renée M. Charles look at sexuality through a futuristic lens, each with its own vision of the future--good or bad. In these stories, people--women, men, and everything in between--have erotic encounters in zero gravity, in repressive dystopian societies, and even in worlds not so far off from our own.
Silent Shadows Come: Erotic Tales of Ninjas
Ninjas were historically spies and assassins, trained to blend in using disguises and stealth. Beyond these facts, we have only myth and legend, but there is unquestionably an element of the erotic, the mysterious, the fantastical, in the idea of the ninja. Stories by Hero Freyr, C.V. Madison, Emily Moreton, Nina Parker, Kaysee Renee Robichaud, and Vinnie Tesla.
by Rian Darcy

In Simulnet, no one knows who you are: the perfect playground for the imagination... or a serial killer. The police ask Shaun to partner with an enigmatic programmer to hunt a murderer in the sex clubs and ramen shops of cyberspace. But as they investigate, Shaun finds himself wanting to know more about his partner. Ultimately the questions Shaun needs to answer are the ones deep in his heart.
Also available in paperback!
The Slave (Book Two of the Marketplace Series)
by Laura Antoniou

Robin wants to be a slave in the underground world of the Marketplace. She falls under the tutelage of the infamous trainer Chris Parker and spends an intense few weeks with him. Little does she know that her adventures as a slave are just beginning, taking her from one coast to the other, into the whirlwind party world of a California gay couple and their house of slave boys. Plus a bonus story!
Also available in paperback!
The Stars Change by Mary Anne Mohanraj
A thought-provoking work on sexuality and the connections between people–whether male or female, human or alien–The Stars Change is part space opera, part literary mosaic of story, poem, and art.
Also available in paperback!
Stocking Stuffers
edited by David Laurent

Who can resist a smorgasboard of delicious holiday treats? Leave it to David Laurents to collect the first ever anthology of gay erotic Christmas stories. These hot stories are sure to heat up any cold winter night.

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