Reunion, The (Book 5 of The Marketplace) by Laura Antoniou

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In The Reunion we visit a vacation resort for a Marketplace “family” gathering, where slaves, former slaves, trainers, and their spouses, significant others and family members can relax, let their hair down, and connect with each other. But the “reunion” that matters most is that of Robin Cassidy (the slave from The Slave) and her first trainer, Chris Parker (the trainer from The Trainer).

Of course the vacation resort isn’t just any resort, it’s Kaleigh Castle, a centuries-old Irish castle that is now a luxury hotel and happens to be where Chris learned many of the skills and practices that have made him so sought-after in the Marketplace. And while everyone enjoys their two most favorite indoor sports–gossip and sex–trouble is afoot. A nosy tabloid reporter thinks he’s onto something: a real-life international slave trading ring. Can Chris keep the world from learning the truth about The Marketplace, but accept the truth about his feelings regarding Robin, Anderson, and Jiro at the same time?

About the author: Laura Antoniou is the award-winning author of The Marketplace Series, The Killer Wore Leather, The Catalyst, and other works of BDSM and alternative sexuality, as well as the editor of Leatherwomen and No Safewords: Tales from the Marketplace. In 2001 she was awarded the John Preston Short Story award, given annually by the National Leather Association for the best BDSM fiction.

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She heard laughing through the door as she rested the tray on the hall table and knocked lightly.

“Come on in, Robin!” came Monica’s voice, and Robin turned the handle, picked up the tray in both hands and pushed the door open with her back. This is nothing, she reminded herself, you are used to being naked. She must have told Gwen all about me. And Gwen is hot. This could be fun.

The truth was, Gwen was very hot. She had pale skin and big blue eyes and masses of curly blonde hair. She was slender and slight in build, and next to Monica’s larger, darker body, she looked like a china doll. It had been months since Robin had been enjoyed by two women, and it was absolutely one of her favorite tasks–or rewards, as the case might be.

“Oh my God,” whispered Gwen, her voice scaling up, as Robin walked in. She giggled, and muffled herself in the pillows as Monica lounged back with a grin on her face. “Oh my fucking God, Mo, you were not kidding!”

“Good morning, slave,” Monica said, and Robin blushed from head to toe as she set the tray down on the table by the window. Monica had never called her that in front of anyone before, not even in front of the women they had pleasured together.

“Good morning, Monica,” she answered softly. “Good morning, Gwen. Would you like coffee in bed, or shall I pour it here?”

“In bed, sweetie, and make it snappy!”

Robin murmured an acknowledging response and poured the two cups as Gwen continued to giggle. Finally, the blonde woman caught her breath and slapped Monica playfully on the arm. “Goddamn, woman, I knew you were kinky! But I never imagined–is she really your slave?”

“Sure is,” Monica said proudly, taking her cup. “I’ve got the key to that lock, don’t I, sugar?”

Robin smiled gently–and yes, demurely. “Yes, Monica, thank you,” she said, as she walked to the other side of the bed to hand a cup to Gwen. Gwen leaned forward to look at the lock and shook her head. “Lock and everything! And what’s between her legs, you pervert, she’s got a shaved pussy! You never told me you liked shaved cunts!”

“I like ‘em when there’s something to show off. Spread your legs, sugar.”

“Yes, Monica.” Blushing slightly, Robin spread her legs apart and leaned slightly back, thrusting her loins forward the way Monica liked her to do when showing off. Two silver rings pierced her outer labia, one on each side.

“Holy mother,” Gwen said. “Lock those up, too?”

“No way, Gwen, they’re handles!” Monica laughed and waved a hand at Robin to tell her to continue with her duties. Robin nodded politely and went back to the tray, to pick up the napkins and the plate of warm blueberry muffins.
“Well, damn, Mo, I am impressed. But what’s with calling you Monica? Doesn’t she have to call you Mistress or something?”

Monica shook her head. “I don’t like it, and in my house, she calls me whatever I like.” She turned to Gwen and grinned. “She can call you ma’am, if you want, you little slut; I bet you’d like that.”

“I think I might,” Gwen said. “I just think I might!”

* * * *

“Did she?” Chris asked.

“Sometimes.” Robin chewed her lip, and looked down at her empty teacup. “At first, she played along with it, really seemed to get into the mistress role. She liked playing femme to Monica’s butch. But–I don’t think it ever excited her to top me. It was more something she did because Monica liked it, and she liked Monica.”

“Not uncommon, I’m afraid.”

“I guess not.” She sighed and glanced out the window, into the darkness. “I tried not to get in the way, you know. I never showed jealousy, or impatience, or pulled those stupid little attention getting tricks that I know other — people — do.”

“Good for you. That in itself is almost superhuman.”

Robin looked at him again; he was serious. “You believe me, don’t you?”

“Of course I believe you. Robin, if you thought you were at fault, you would have told me so, because you are…” He paused, looked into her eyes and gently touched her chin with one finger. “You are a natural. You were made for this life, born to be in service. And you are quite aware of your faults and your strengths, even though you may deny the strengths from time to time. Yes, I believe you, Robin. I don’t think you will ever lie to me.” He dropped his hand, leaving her open mouthed in amazement.

“I was very pleased to find you had registered for the Reunion I was going to,” he continued, sitting back comfortably and crossing his ankles. “I’ve been looking forward to seeing you again.”

“You bumped me up to Business Class,” she accused.

He smiled.

“But–how did you know I was going?”

“We used the same travel agent,” he laughed. “There aren’t many Marketplace employees taking care of travel arrangements, after all, and I was going through New York anyway. Plus, however much I am in service, I’m also a trainer. I can get information such as registration lists. And there are a lot of things I will do for a client, but flying in coach when I don’t have to is not one of them.”

“I still don’t believe you’re here,” Robin said softly. “And that you’re not angry with me for thinking of leaving.”
“Well, I am here, and there’s no reason to be angry for a thought. Obviously, I don’t think you should leave us, but there’s plenty of time to make that decision. And if you need further proof that I am not angry, perhaps we can discuss some unfinished business we have once we get settled at Kaleigh Castle.”

Food was starting to be served, and Robin looked confused as his glass and her cup were cleared away. “What unfinished business?”

Chris sat up and smiled at their stewardess as she laid napkins down for them and poured wine. Robin’s heart started to pound as she heard them engage in idle chitchat– how was the weather in Ireland, and was the salmon in the main course from there, or was it Canadian or Alaskan? And then the woman moved on with her cart, and Chris turned back to Robin with a sharp gleam in his eyes, and said, casually, “I believe we are long overdue for some sex, don’t you agree?”

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The Reunion (Book Five of the Marketplace Series)
by Laura Antoniou

In "The Reunion" we visit a vacation resort for a Marketplace "family" gathering, where slaves, former slaves, trainers, and their spouses, significant others and family members can relax, let their hair down, and connect with each other. But the "reunion" that matters most is that of Robin Cassidy (the slave from "The Slave") and her first trainer, Chris Parker (the trainer from "The Trainer").
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