Launching today! Like Myth Made Flesh, erotic fantasy edited by Jennifer Williams

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Eight delicious erotic stories of Fantasy with a capital F. The stories in LIKE MYTH MADE FLESH bring flesh and spirit together, where mortals meet merfolk, nymphs, and Aztec gods (to name just a few), not just in the pleasures of the flesh but for the transformative power that sexual encounters can bring.

The anthology includes:
Initiation by Christina M. Parker
Sun Chases Moon by Michael M. Jones
The Seduction of the Sea by T. K. Ashley
Become the Mystery by Kara Owl
Ordinary Girl by M. A. Earnshaw
The Warmth of a Wood Nymph by Clarice Clique
D- in Distress by Nadine Wilmot
Primè Nocta by Kierstin Cherry

“The Seduction of the Sea” by T. K. Ashley will be featured this month on the Nobilis Erotica Podcast!

Below the cut, please enjoy the introduction from editor Jennifer Williams and then a sexy sample story!

Many of us dream of being something greater than what we are; something powerful, something special, maybe even something to be worshiped. We find ways, in our everyday lives, to fulfill these dreams. We cut from the fabric of the lives we are given, mold and shape the stones of our paths, to fit our desires and fantasies; for some, this means simple role playing in the privacy of our bedrooms, or, if we’re braver, in a fetish club or at a party. For others, it simply means trying to be a better person, to echo the tenets of the gods we worship in the actions of our daily lives. For others still, it means calling to our gods, offering up our bodies, our wills, and our spirits in their service.

What if they answered? What if they came to us, not in dreams or in spirit, but in flesh and blood that we could feel with our skin and our teeth, and the beating of their hearts beneath our hands? How would it feel to have them wrap their arms around us and claim us as theirs? How would it change us to know that we were chosen? To be shown things that most mortals never get to see or experience?

When I put out my call for submissions for my previous Circlet anthology, Like a Sacred Desire: Tales of Sex Magick, this fantasy came to the forefront of the minds of the authors who submitted their work. There were Egyptian gods, Aztec gods, nymphs, and various other magical creatures. I decided that these stories needed their own separate anthology where they could shine on their own, not unlike a candle upon the altar of a dimly lit room. Like a Sacred Desire: Tales of Sex Magick was the incantation. It was the drawing down of the moon, the offering we made of ourselves, and this collection is the answer, the fruit of those labors in which the gods make themselves known.

The stories contained herein are not all easy reads. There is pain, fear, and loss, but there is also hope and redemption and devotion. The characters you will meet are all on varied paths. Some are struggling with regret. Some have souls that have dried up, stifling their creativity. Others are just beginning their spiritual journeys, and yet others are faced with choices that could change them forever.

As you’ll see in this collection, the divine does not exist solely outside of us. It resides within us also, a well waiting to be tapped. These stories ask you to face your fears, to embrace the sacred within you, and ultimately to be true to yourself and who you are meant to be. The passion, strength, and wisdom lie within you whether you believe in one god or in many. It is with you always, in every little thing you do, from giving thanks for a meal to appreciating the bright sun and the silver moon as they travel across the sky from day to day. You have only to listen, to hear the whispers of the divine in each step of your day. Maybe, just maybe, if you believe in them they will believe in you.

With Faith and Blessings,

Jennifer Williams
November 2016

EXCERPT FROM “Initiation” by Christina M. Parker

How do you seduce a God? I had never really thought about that question because it did not occur to me that I might have occasion to want to do so. Thankfully, I did not stop to ponder the question. For once the part of my brain that loves to analyze every nuance of questions like that was silent. “Strip,” said an authoritative voice in my head, so I obeyed.

I am usually self-conscious about my body and seek to hide those less-than-perfect parts when I undress in front of someone. Under other circumstances, feeling the cool gaze of someone as I stood naked in front of them would be an emotional ordeal. These were not normal circumstances and I was not standing in front of “someone.” I was more naked in front of Tezcatlipoca while I wore clothes. Not only was there no point in trying to hide from his gaze, I did not even want to try. I yearned for the freedom of knowing that I had nothing left hidden from him. I stripped without fanfare or show, but with a simple grace and elegance I did not know I possessed.

I’m certain that his eyes never left me as he slowly paced a circle around me while I stripped. There were times when I couldn’t see it, but never a time when I didn’t feel it. I stood there in the light for minutes or hours, time didn’t matter. As long as he wished it, I would have stayed there. I still felt the vulnerability. In fact, the feeling grew stronger as his gaze continued to bore into me. Yet my vulnerability carried the power and beauty of the moment and I embraced all of it equally. Neither of us was satisfied; we were both hungry for more. “Lie down,” said the same authoritative voice I had heard earlier, which I now knew for certain to be him, and I did.

Still testing my resolve, he used his paws to nudge my legs apart. I don’t know if it was a response of challenge or cooperation, but there was no need for him to do more than slightly nudge my legs because as soon as he did I spread them wide in invitation. Whether it was a sign of pleasure or issuing a further challenge, his roar when my legs parted sent a jolt of energy that bounced from my clitoris up into my womb. He stepped across me and straddled my body. He remained standing in that position, but I still felt enveloped by him. I could feel the heat of his body as it covered mine and the light caress of his tail as it swung casually back and forth between my legs. I smelled his musky scent and felt his breath on my face as he gazed down into my eyes.

As I returned his stare, I saw that the void did not surround his eyes, it resided within them. Far from wanting to look away, I wanted to lose myself in his gaze. Feed me, fill me, everything, all. That wasn’t enough. I needed to dig deeper and go farther than I had ever gone. The void was not a void, it was dark power. It was my dark power. This was not evil, this was Divine. I felt my darkness in all its glorious beauty—healing, cleansing, creating—definitely dangerous, potentially destructive, but necessary. The power of it flooded me and I roared as I lifted my arms to embrace the One who had released it.

When I lifted my arms, he lowered his head and I could feel his teeth sink into my neck. Well, it was my neck but it wasn’t my neck. I didn’t have my arms around him, they were my paws and my claws were digging into his back. The sexual component that had been hovering around the energy between us burst into center stage as the reality of my physical transformation dawned on me. Raw, primal, animal instinct reigned. And not just any animal, I was a jaguar—pure feline power in all its magnificent glory. I now had the physical ability to accept his passion and match it with my own. Biting, clawing, grappling, rolling over each other—sometimes sideways, sometimes end over end—we did anything and everything to get more of each other. I forgot we were human and deity and lost myself to the frenzy of a female jaguar in heat.

I may have forgotten, but he never did. He was in position to mount me. If my sounds had been in human voice, the words would have been alternating between begging and challenging him to take me. It happened so quickly I don’t even know how I changed positions. I was still under him, but now I was face up. Instead of being held captive by his body, I was once again enthralled by his gaze. It took me a moment to comprehend that I was human again because I did not lose any of the power I was feeling when the physical transformation occurred. In fact, it was the slight change in energy that brought my awareness back. There was something new, something different in the energy between us, and I plumbed the depths of his gaze in an attempt to identify the new element.

I reached for the reflection of dark power that I last found in his eyes. It was there, but the void was there as well. The void was not a reflection. It was not mine; I was overflowing. He had given me the strength to release the darkness and fill the void within me. The void I saw this time was his. I had been begging and challenging him to take me, now he was telling me that if I wanted him to take me then I had to accept him as well. For the first time in his presence, I felt fear. I did not fear him; I feared for him. I feared the limitations of my abilities. If I accepted him, I had to accept the responsibility of his trust. Could I meet that responsibility?

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Like Myth Made Flesh
Edited by Jennifer Williams. Eight delicious erotic stories of Fantasy with a capital F. The stories in LIKE MYTH MADE FLESH bring flesh and spirit together, where mortals meet merfolk, nymphs, and Aztec gods (to name just a few), not just in the pleasures of the flesh but for the transformative power that sexual encounters can bring. With stories by Christina M. Parker, Michael M. Jones, Clarice Clique, Kierstin Cherry and more.


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    1. Because there was never a call for it. These were all stories that were submitted to Like a Sacred Desire: Tales of Sex Magick. They were rejected from that anthology but were perfect for creating this new anthology. It’s a rare case of the stories coming first creating the anthology as opposed to the anthology idea first and then the stories following.

      I feel bad though that you feel left out. Maybe we’ll do a sequel. 🙂

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