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Circlet Backlist Read Along: Roundup, Poll & Giveaway!

The first month of the Circlet Backlist Read Along experiment has come to an end. (And the second month is just about to as well.) Now is the time to reflect and look ahead. After the jump, we have highlights from our conversations about Telepaths Don’t Need Safewords and a poll to choose next month’s selection– which you could receive for FREE in our giveaway!

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New Feature! – Circlet Backlist Read Along

With the holidays wrapping up and the new year just around the corner, some of us are already thinking about resolutions. “Read more” is always a popular habit we try to cultivate in the new year. So, why not read more geeky erotica, while you’re at it?

On January 1st 2016, I will begin my own personal resolution to ultimately read every title in publication by Circlet Press. But with a quest this ambitious, it might be dangerous to go alone. So, I’m taking you all with me on a massive cross-platform read along!

You can join in the fun by adding or following us on one or all of these social media platforms: Goodreads GroupTwitter: #CBRA – Tumblr: #CBRA

Towards the end of every month, we’ll collect the highlights from conversations across our feeds in a round up post here at And as we progress with this new regular feature each month, we’ll try out different ways to reward participating readers: Discounts? Giveaways? Author interviews? Bonus content? Only time and feedback from /you/ will tell!

To see what title we’ll be tackling first, click on!

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