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Like A Veil edited by Michelle Labbe & Cecilia Tan

ebook $3.99
ISBN 9781885865946
20,710 words

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A wanderer seeks access to a legendary forbidden city–but not before she convinces the mysterious gatekeeper of her worth. A Sultan gets more than he bargained for when a djinn offers him a night of pleasure unlike any other. Like a Veil: Tales of Arabian Nights is Circlet Press’s latest erotica anthology, inspired by the storytelling arts and erotic visions of Sharazad.

Editors Michelle Labbé and Cecilia Tan present four tantalizing stories that take readers into the sensual, rich and strange world of the Arabian Nights. Just as Sharazad wove stories as rich as damask to captivate the sultan and preserve her life, the stories in Like a Veil promise to entice readers with pleasure far beyond a thousand and one nights.

Stories include:

  • Her Way by Anya Levin
  • Blue-Eyed Djinn by Angela Goldsberry
  • Catch and Release by Sunny Moraine
  • The Eater of Stories by Sophia Deri-Bowen

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Like A Chill Down Your Spine edited by Artemis Savory

ebook $5.99
ISBN: 9781613901021
39,550 words

Format :

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Vampires and werewolves may rule the media these days, but ghosts will never fade away. Feel the emptiness, the presence, the sense that someone is looking just over your shoulder as you get into bed at night. What haunts will visit you in your sleep?

Ghosts are everywhere: they haunt the movies we watch, the dreams we keep, and the places we choose to visit or re-visit. Ghosts are history. They are searching for a way to repeat what they’ve done already, or to try things they have never done before. In these seductive stories, characters revisit, or are visited by, old friends who were dying to be lovers, or old lovers of family, or ghosts attracted to strangers.

Like a Chill Down Your Spine: Erotic Ghost Stories includes contributions by Pushcart Prize nominee Trish DeVene, Angela Goldsberry, T.C. Mill, Annabeth Leong, Kimber Vale, David Hubbard, and Cristofer Darius Arthur. Come experience the erotic thrill of the ghostly at the hands of these fiction maestros.
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