Microfiction: The Pack by Keller Marie

“The Pack”
by Keller Marie

Gabriel moaned under him, one hand clinging to the headboard as the other fisted into the sheets. His head was thrown back, exposing his throat, sweat clinging to his skin and Lune was unable to tear his eyes from his partner’s Adam ’s apple as he swallowed. Lune could smell the lust, the want and need to continue to reach completion. His lover’s body was tight, muscles quivering as he bucked his hips to meet every sharp thrust he made.

Shifting, Lune wrapped one arm around Gabriel’s shoulders from underneath him. Kissing his cheek, Gabriel panted against Lune’s skin, babbling random nonsense as he wrapped both arms around his shoulders, keeping their chests flush. They moved together with a familiarity that came from building trust over time. They could tell how each other were going to react to most things and it only served to help crumble Lune’s resolve.

Lune rolled his hips, nuzzling into his lover’s neck. Kissing at Gabriel’s throat, he could taste the sweat as he licked at his skin. “I really want to bite you,” he trailed off, burying his face once more into the other man’s shoulder. Inhaling deeply, he took in the musk of his lover, hidden faintly under his cologne.

Gabriel tipped his head to the side, exposing his throat and causing Lune to shut his eyes at the trusting display. He could feel the want pulsing through him, telling him to simply go for it; turn him and complete the mating courtship. Running his fingers into Lune’s hair, and holding him in place, Gabriel hummed, his willingness clear in his actions. “Do it; I’m ready.”

Lune pulled away, bracing himself on his hands as their eyes met. For a human, Gabriel was unlike anyone he’d ever met. He was brave and fearless, never once thinking of breaking it off with him once he found out Lune was Lycan. Gabriel was funny, smart, and his smile could turn heads no matter what room he walked into. If Lune was honest with himself, there was no other he would rather be with.

“You know I can’t,” Lune whispered, turning his head away.

He heard Gabriel click his tongue in annoyance. “I don’t have to tell my mom, not right away. If I can accept it; she can, too.” Lune could hear the frustration in his lover’s tone, but Gabriel’s words were still soft and sincere. They had talked, time and time again, what would need to happen if Lune ever turned him.

“It’s not that.” Frowning, he leaned down, capturing his partner’s mouth in a soft kiss. Gabriel instantly responded, fingers moving to play in his hair as he tried to deepen the kiss, but Lune wouldn’t allow it. He broke away from Gabriel, rolling to the other side of the bed and staring at the ceiling.

Lune’s family led a large and well known pack. His sister was in charge, but he still had responsibilities as well, and it was expected that he commit to someone who was strong and able to uphold the level of nobility his family showed. Gabriel could do that, and for the most part his family left him alone, but occasionally Lune’s sister would pull him aside and remind him that he had a duty to the pack. Becoming lifelong partners with a human wasn’t on that list, however.

Gabriel sat up, moving to straddle Lune’s thighs and pressed his hands into his chest. Looking up to him, Lune rested his hands on his lover’s hips and sighed. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I know,” Gabriel nodded, looking off to the side for a moment in thought. He bit at his lip before lifting his eyes to meet Lune’s once more. Gabriel had the most intense green eyes that he’d ever seen; he could spend hours simply looking into them. “But I want this. I want to be with you and I know what that means.”

“But you don’t know how painful it is, Gabriel.” Frowning, Lune threw a hand into the air, letting it drop heavily back to the bed. “It’s still painful for me and I was born Lycan. Transformations always hurt and the growing pains are worse. I can’t; I won’t do that to you.”

“Lune.” Gabriel spoke his name firmly, a frown etched on his lips. “It’s my choice, isn’t it? I know you are looking out for me.” Reaching forward, Gabriel cupped Lune’s cheek. “And I love you for it, but please, let me make this decision on my own.”

Lune sighed through his nose as he closed his eyes. They’d had this conversation before, too. His sister had approached them and since then, Gabriel seemed more open and willing to commit to the idea of being turned.

Gasping at the feeling of his lover grasping his arousal, Lune’s fingers dug into Gabriel’s hips as the other man sank down onto him, rolling his hips when Lune was fully inside him. Gabriel’s eyes fluttered closed as he tipped his head back, falling into a slow rhythm. His fingers bit into his chest while soft pants and moans slipped from his mouth.

Lune couldn’t help the groan that left him, lust flooding through him as Gabriel leaned forward, and changing the angle and pushing back until their hips fell flush against one another. Gabriel brushed his bangs aside, pressing a kiss to Lune’s forehead as he did so. “You know I wouldn’t force you,” he murmured against his skin. “I just want you to know, you don’t have to hold back; I wouldn’t mind.”

His throat was right there, each word vibrating along the exposed column. Lune shut his eyes tightly, feeling his mouth water at the thought of biting his lover. His gums started throbbing and his canines bit into his lip as he pulled it into his mouth. Gabriel kept rolling his hips, lazy movements as he moaned above him.

Carefully, Lune slid both hands up Gabriel’s back, feeling the muscles flex as he did, before burying his fingers into his lover’s shoulders. Gabriel hissed in pain and Lune realized his nails had sharpened. Blood welled from under one finger before dropping to splatter against Lune’s lip. He gasped as the smell and taste of copper invaded his senses and Gabriel stilled.

“Lune,” he started, voice worried and on the edge of confusion. He wasn’t trying to pull away, but Lune could sense the shift in his emotions. There was no fear for himself, only concern for Lune. “Are you okay?”

“Gabriel,” Lune breathed out, licking the blood from his lip and staring at the racing pulse in his lover’s throat. He could feel it, had felt it before, that urge to taste his partner’s blood; only this time he didn’t think he was going to be able to control himself. “I—”

Gabriel met his eyes. There was calmness in their depths as his lips parted and he tipped his head, exposing his throat to Lune even more. “I want this,” he whispered with conviction.

Possession swept over him. Lune didn’t feel it often and he very rarely grew jealous, but in that moment, once again gaining his lover’s permission to bite him, something snapped. He surged forward, holding Gabriel tight to his chest as teeth sank into soft and tender flesh. Blood erupted over his tongue, the metallic tang making him hum in enjoyment. His lover gasped in pain, pushing at Lune’s shoulders to break away, but he held on. Sucking at the wound, he lapped at the mark in an effort to not only infect him, but heal him, as well. Gabriel called his name again, panic and pain in his tone.

Lune came to his senses at that, pulling away and looking horrified up at Gabriel. He’d pressed a hand against the wound, eyes closed as he swallowed. “I’m sorry,” Lune started, instantly regretting his own lack of control. He’d done so well for so long and now he’d gone and done the one thing he’d not wanted to do. “Gabriel. Oh, Gabriel!”

“It’s okay.” Pulling his hand away, he looked at his palm before he gave a small smile and turned his hand to show Lune. “Look, I’ve already stopped bleeding.”

Tears welled in Lune’s eyes as relief flooded him. “I love you, Gabriel, I love you so much. I’m so sorry I did this to you!”

“Don’t be.” His lover’s voice was quiet as he wrapped his arms around Lune, pulling him tight against his chest. “I asked you to do this, no matter what it means. I love you, too, and this is where I want to be: here, by your side, Lune. Don’t ever forget that.” Lune had no words for Gabriel, not that he would have been able to speak through his tears. His lover was so perfect in every way. He couldn’t have asked for someone better, not that he’d ever want to.

Keller Marie lives in Vermont with multiple four-legged friends (and fish!). When she’s not writing she likes to read and play video games and shoot archery. You can find more about her work here: https://kellermarie.wixsite.com/website

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