Porn and Logistics: Writing Advice from L. Williams

Porn and Logistics
by L. Williams

“Whose hand is where?”

That’s a popular question when both writing and reading w/w and m/m stories. Having your main characters using the same type of pronouns during sex can cause some confusion. In connection to that question, the author and reader both have such fun questions as “How did that hand get there?” or “How many hands does this person have?”

In many instances, these questions make sense in the context of the story, because hopefully things are heated up and it’s easy for the protagonist to lose track. Sometimes the writer is losing track and is sick and tired of editing. Sometimes, there are literally more hands than usual, and then things can become very confusing.

I have been writing fanfiction and original fiction for over ten years, although my fanfiction is easier to find online. Sex has included everything from tentacles to twin dicks, although I think I have somehow managed to skip the “knotting” craze. I have read multiple stories including knots, but I don’t think I have actually written one. I have researched snake sex, shark sex, horse sex (hi, centaurs), turtle sex, and multiple diagrams of human genitalia to figure out how things would fit and what is going where. In most cases, the puzzle pieces can be connected to form a complete picture. Other times, a rewrite is necessary. Not even with a jug of lube and thirty minutes of yoga beforehand will that position work.

That said, I am aware that it can be difficult to do the research. Some information was found quickly, others required more hours than I would like to admit, and some required a vast amount of eye and brain bleach. Still, whenever possible, I request fellow writers to try and research. Your research may be limited to crude gestures with your hands as you try to figure out how everything would fit. It may include Ken dolls. It may include open-minded friends or the writer’s accepting lover. If you can’t do anything, consider asking for constructive criticism. If you don’t care, consider a note informing readers that it is just graphic porn, no research occurred, and just enjoy the various types of penetration and/or sucking.

There is something off-putting when I am reading porn and get knocked out because that doesn’t or can’t work that way. My standards for porn aren’t high. They aren’t. Nor am I asking for realism. No one should expect too much realism in porn. But if I am reading about an intersex alien whose genitalia is basically a NSFW pocketknife, I can’t help but wonder how much room they have down there. Does it make it difficult to walk? Wear pants? Will the love interest be able to free their hand? This also resulted in some fun internet research which still failed to answer my question.

Can the tentacles self-lubricate? Do the dicks for fingers make everyday life, ah, difficult? (Star Trek has never answer the question of what handshakes are equivalent for regarding Vulcans.) Is anyone else mildly frightened by the fanged monster eating out (in fun ways) the human woman? Why does the reptilian woman have breasts? (Now looking at many male artists and writers.)

While the research can be frightening, it can be fun. I promise. Such research offers the writer the opportunity to stay up late at night reading kinky porn to see if other writers were able to either figure out how to convince readers to not question how that particular organ fit or was able to provide a convincing reason for how that virgin was able to take that. It also helps the writer notice what porn made them stop reading. What parts knocked the writer out of the story? Why? Is it something that can be found in the writer’s own stories? What could the author do to make that believable or, at least, acceptable? Why was the person able to read to that point in the scene? What was acceptable before and what changed? Check out comments and reviews. What did the other readers like and what was baffling for them?

Suspension of disbelief can be enough. For some porn, it is clear that the author never intended plot or reality to interfere, and the reader should just sit back and enjoy the ride. Other times, I’m up far too late looking up diagrams on the internet trying to figure out what the author just did. If you can, please research even the porny parts of your stories. If nothing else, you may find inspiration for future porn.

L. Williams began as a fanfiction writer over a decade ago who has transitioned into original works. Interests include slash, femme-slash, horror, romance, fantasy, bittersweet endings, and tragedy, with many of these based on a dare or a terrible prompt. She lives surrounded by cats, caffeine, and far too many notebooks.

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