Call for Submissions: Safe, Sane, Consentacle

Innumerable inquisitive, squirming tentacles reaching, probing, grasping…penetrating. Maybe it’s an alien, maybe its an animate plant, maybe a product of a mad scientist’s lab, or maybe a creature from the depths of the Pacific. Whatever it is, it’s a HOTTIE!

Circlet Press is looking for your stories about mutually enthusiastic and satisfying encounters between human and tentacle monster. Or elf and tentacle monster. Or perhaps even tentacle monster and tentacle monster.

Both fantasy and science fiction stories are welcome; all (non-copyrighted) settings; all genders–current or future; stories can be kinky or (to the extent tentacle sex can be) vanilla.

Though the title is lighthearted, we are also open to sad or melancholy stories.

Email your submissions to with “Consentacle” in the header.

Stories must contain explicit, consensual (duh!) sex, as part of a story with a beginning, middle and end. We do not publish poetry. Stories should generally be between 2500 and 8500 words (though we’re flexible for a great story). Originals only, no reprints. We purchase first rights for inclusion in the ebook anthology for $25, with the additional rights to a print edition later which would also pay $25 should it happen. Authors retain the rights to the individual stories; Circlet exercises rights to the anthology as a whole. Submissions are open now, and close on March 31st.



5 thoughts on “Call for Submissions: Safe, Sane, Consentacle”

    1. No it contained a dumb typo (two dumb typos, actually, but only one fatal one). Thanks for calling it to our attention!

  1. Does the tentacled party have to be a sentient participant or could it be, for instance, an animate sex toy but not a living thing? For example, participant 1 conjures up some responsive tentacles emanating from a magical artifact for the pleasure of participant 2. The tentacles move on their own but don’t necessarily have a will. Would that fit in this or no?

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