Halloween Microfiction: Ice Blue by Andrea Dawn

*editor’s note: Please be advised that this story contains blood play. We realize that is a hard limit for some people and wanted to advise  our readers accordingly.

“Ice Blue”
by Andrea Dawn

Celeste carefully read the last page of the contract, then placed it back on the table.

His ice blue eyes bore into hers. “Everything in order?”

She nodded.

He leaned forward and slid a pen across the table. He smelt of earth and musk.

Celeste uncapped the pen and willed her hand not to tremble as she signed. She placed an envelope of cash in front of him.

“Half now, half…”

“After.” He nodded, finishing the sentence for her. His face was hard, rugged lines furrowing his brow and creeping around his eyes. It did not deter him from being handsome.

“You understand what this means?”

“Yes.” Celeste decided it was best not to say anything else. She’d worked too hard and waited too long to get to this point. The burdens and stress of real life had become unbearable. Perhaps by crossing the dark threshold from fantasy to reality she could find true release.

He steepled his fingers, studying her. He was a tall, muscular man, his hair black. After what seemed like ages, he nodded his head again and let a sigh out of his nostrils. “Alright then.” He stood up and walked toward the door. Celeste took this as a sign to do the same. He opened it for her but did not look at her face. She stopped in the doorway.


He penetrated her with those blue eyes again. She couldn’t help looking away in embarrassment. She left the office and headed down the hallway.


By the time she got home from work she was exhausted. She was glad to drive up her quiet street, the houses slumbering under the silver comfort of moonlight. Everyone had an acre of land in the cul-de-sac, so any light pollution or sound didn’t bother her.

The day had been constant bombardment from her boss. They’d completely scratched the design she had created for the lobby and wanted it reworked by the end of the week. They still had three days, but that didn’t stop Celeste’s boss from barging into her office every twenty minutes. His anxiousness made her anxious. And the knots in her stomach urged her to replace a dinner and her laptop with hot tea and a bath.

After the bath, she put on a short nightie to compliment the warmth of the night. She turned off all the lights in the house except her reading lamp, then curled up in her overstuffed chair by the bedroom window with her tea and a book.

The chamomile made her drowsy. She felt herself nodding a bit, but kept bringing herself back awake. She wanted to finish the chapter, then she’d crawl straight into bed.

The window erupted next to her.

Instinct kicked in and she dove to the floor. Slivers of glass rained down, imbedding themselves into the carpet and her arms.

Celeste crawled quickly to the bed and wedged herself in the corner between it and the nightstand, watching the window. The full moonlight streamed in through shattered glass, turning the pale carpet a silver blue. She held her breath, listening. A warm breeze touched her skin, bringing the faint smell of ozone from the clear night, a mossy fragrance from the flower bed outside the window, and something more primal. Musk, dirt, sweat.

From the other side of the bed came a faint grumble and shifting. Celeste crawled on her hands and knees to the end and peeked around.

A massive shape unfurled itself and stood up. Covered in dark hair over its entire body, its back muscles rippled as it stood on its hind legs. Huge shoulders carried muscular arms that ended in human-shaped hands with claws extending from each digit. The head was bent low, but she could see pointed ears extending above the curve of its skull.

The creature spun around to face her, a snarl on its lips. It reached out with incalculable speed and grabbed her around the waist, claws digging into her side. Celeste felt them draw blood. She gasped, shocked at its strength as it held her aloft then threw her down onto the bed. She involuntarily bounced up and down, unable to think straight as the beast slapped a massive hand with thick talons on her chest. Standing above her and restraining her into the mattress, the animal roared, causing her skin to crawl and her heart to quicken.

Her nightie rode up over her stomach, her flesh turning pale in the moonlight. It raked its claws across her belly, blood seeping from the wounds. A talon hooked into her panties and tore them off.

The creature bent down and ran its tongue across the droplets, then hovered over her. As it climbed onto the bed, she saw its dark, thick erection, a human attribute amongst the chaos of the beast.

Celeste fought panic as blood pounded in her ears and tore through her veins. Though just under her terror was a wave of desire. It flushed her skin and she felt herself getting wet, the pain of the cuts and punctures emphasizing her lust. She recognized this moment for what is was and laid her hands down flat on the bed, spread her legs.

The creature’s tongue slipped across her stomach, lapping her blood and tracing her breasts. Her nipples hardened as it did and she let out a small moan. Its teeth chewed at the remains of her nightie until it tore free. The muzzle snuffled along her neck and torso, its body heat and wolfen scent filling her. The black hairs tickled against her skin, and she arched her back and pressed herself against its flat stomach, feeling the fur against her bare labial lips.

The beast licked and suckled her breasts, its warm tongue flickering as she moaned. Its head instinctively moved to her crotch, and it pressed its muzzle against her, sniffing to test her readiness. The cold nose combined with its warm breath caused her to push against it, and its flat tongue began licking the labial fluids that were lubricating her. The paw-like hands grasped her breasts, her nipples pressing against its palms, and it squeezed with the tips of its claws, causing small punctures that dribbled blood. She spread her legs even wider, and the creature’s tongue became more insistent, lapping with long strokes against her clit.

When she could no longer stand it, and with a soft whine, the creature reared up and entered her. An involuntary moan escaped her as her walls stretched against his size. She felt the hairs of its ball sack against her shaved anus, the head of its dick pushing against her g-spot. She bit her lip hard enough to draw blood so she could take its thrusts fully and push back without coming too soon. There was so much surrounding her now, hair and teeth and claws, the scent of earth and male sex. She gripped the beast’s furry arms, lifting her knees to allow every inch of its shaft deeper between her legs.

All too soon, she felt herself coming to release. The creature sensed it and pulled out, flipped her onto her belly. The glass, still in her arms, dug down further. Celeste found she relished the pain, and it pushed her passion forward. Pain was pleasure; she understood that now. She needed it.

Celeste rose up on her hands and knees and presented her glistening pussy to the beast. It nibbled at her back, teeth scraping against skin, as it planted each paw on either side of her on the bed. The creature entered her from behind, more whines escaping its throat, teeth moving to the back of her neck to clasp on and hold her still, its thrusts becoming more and more rapid. Blood began to trickle down her shoulders and arms, and the blood from her neck found its way across her erect nipples and dripped from them onto the bedsheets.

The creature was bearing down now, her whole body in motion with its force as it plunged into her. Its dick was reaching fully inside her with each pump of the animal’s hips. The stimulation in her pussy was nearly unbearable. She couldn’t stop it this time, and she wailed as she came, tears spilling from her eyes, and the beast howled behind her as it also found its climax.

Her body spent, both pain and pleasure shuddering through her in the aftermath, Celeste collapsed onto the bed. She managed to turn herself over and look at it. The creature was hunched over, staring at her and panting.

As she cried, she also smiled.

“Thank you.”

The beast’s ice blue eyes flickered; a moment of the human within.

It then turned and slipped out the broken window, into the full moonlight.

Andrea Dawn’s obsessive love for writing and editing plagued her since she was a little girl. She graduated many sleepless nights ago from Northern Arizona University with a BA in English literature. Quite the rarity, she has actually used her degree in various positions as an editor, word processor, transcriptionist and technical writer. Creative writing eluded her until she joined Blood Bound Books in 2016. She has become their Main Acquisition Editor, despite her better judgment. Now she is working her way to writing The Great American Novel like her dad always dreamed she’d do.



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