Circlet Press 25th Anniversary: Week One Kickstarter Summary

Kickstarter week 1 progress


Things have been going swimmingly so far for the Circlet Press 25th anniversary anthology Kickstarter! At the end of Week One (of four) we’ve reached $4,118, which is over 40% of the way to our goal of $10,000–and 82% of the way to the minimum we have to reach to guarantee the anthology will happen! It’s looking really good!


The campaign’s first week included three fantastic essays from writers and editors in the science fiction/fantasy field (linked here):

  • Jennifer Stevenson, author of The Brass Bed, Trash Sex Magick, and more
  • Lawrence Schimel, author and editor of over 100 books, some published by Circlet
  • Warren Lapine, publisher of Wilder Publications, former editor of Absolute Magnitude


We also had two awesome “happy anniversary” messages from two awesome writers, Charlie Jane Anders (a founder of i09 and Nebula Award winning author of All the Birds in the Sky) and Mary Anne Mohanraj (founder of Strange Horizons, the SpecLit Foundation, DesiLit, and author of The Stars Change):

There’s lots more in store for the campaign, including more essays, more videos, and a couple of potential happy surprises are in the works that I hope will come through!


When we hit $5,000, which I think will happen in the next few days, we’ll lock in the guarantee that we’ll get the money raised by the Kickstarter, and guarantee the publication of the anthology. At that point we’ll prep some information for all backers about how to read and vote on the stories that will go into the “best of” anthology. Voting and reading won’t start until AFTER the campaign is closed on Oct 20th so that backers who drop out don’t end up with access codes or downloads they aren’t entitled to. Once things are closed and verified, all that will come through.


Every $500 raise over the $5,000 initial goal pays for a book in the 2018 publication schedule. I’ll give you guys more information about those as we–hopefully–blow past some milestones.

Stay tuned! Much more to come!

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