Incubus Tales: Chapter 47

Welcome to Incubus Tales: A Thousand Words by Hushicho. In Noctemberg, it is always night. Dhiar, proprietor and gay incubus, welcomes you to Phantasies, a very special shop. Sensuality is more than just Dhiar’s stock in trade, it is his raison d’être. NSFW.

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47th Night—Trouble Me

Dhiar slid his hands up Adoric’s tunic, feeling the hair on his chest and over his stomach. He sighed and kissed at the back of the man’s neck. Chana was well on her way to take the train. She’d be in Berlin days or weeks before he would be, but he resolved he could not leave Adoric so quickly.

The first mate, meanwhile, had requested some leave and of course got it; he was actually more senior than the current captain of the vessel.

“So, shall we get off to the north? Perhaps the Isle of Man?”

Dhiar grinned just a tad more at that suggestion. “You really do have a keen sense of humor. No-one else would ever suggest that to me.”

Adoric chuckled, leaning back against the Incubus. “Of course, I doubt we’ll get underway if you keep that up.”

“It was nice of them to let you hire a ship for nothing.” Dhiar seemed to ignore the little tease entirely.

“For what I’ve done? Pish-posh. It’ll be brought back in better condition than it’s seen for years.” The first mate breathed deeply in, reaching back to squeeze Dhiar’s buttock.

The Incubus responded instantly by grinding against the sailor’s backside. “So,” he rumbled, full of smouldering desire, “Scotland?”

Adoric nodded once, squeezing again before pulling away. He turned around, to face Dhiar, and leaned in for a quick but deep kiss. “There. I’ve a friend up there. We’ll sail up and impose on his hospitality a little.”

“Excellent.” Dhiar rested his arms on Adoric’s shoulders. “What can I do in the meantime?”

“It won’t be much to get this ship up there,” the first mate replied, walking around the deck to pull at some of the riggings, making sure they were secure. “This time of year, we can probably keep the engines at a minimum. The route I have in mind should allow us to use sails a good amount of the time.”

Dhiar kept close behind, leaning down and over, here and there, to inspect after the man had led the way. “It’s very desirable, you know, to see a man who knows what he’s doing.”

“Or at least gives that impression?” Adoric turned, his grin spreading. “Don’t worry. I really do know a thing or two about running a ship.”

“It’s a cosy little craft!” Dhiar clasped his hands together, hurrying to the sailor’s side. “Shall we get underway?”

“Let’s! At this rate, it won’t take us more than a few hours if we keep to the routes I know.” The first mate motioned to the ropes across from him. “Take those and… I presume you know how to do what I’m about to ask you to do?”

Dhiar answered with a nod, going to the ropes immediately. “I didn’t grow up on a ship, but I’ve been around so many that I’m sure I can handle one.” He lowered his voice, a playful tone coming to it. “I certainly can handle sailors.”

“You certainly can!” A laugh, and then the sail unfurled, and the two set about keeping it in place.

A few more preparations, and then the boat swayed onto the waves and northward. The weather continued pleasantly enough, but the latitude alone meant that the journey swiftly turned chill. A few jaunts through misty, freezing rain and fog made it seem almost like sailing into another world, but both of them knew all too well that they had not left the one of their journey’s origin.

The stretch became steady and straightforward, so they retreated to the cabin. Adoric kept the wheel, leaning his arms lazily on it and practically draping his whole body across it. Dhiar nursed another cup of coffee; it had kept the both of them going since they left port. Even though the quarters were cramped, the small kitchen space allowed for a tiny stove and just enough room for hot drinks.

“Another cup for you?” The Incubus called, pausing with the special pot made to resist messy sloshing.

“I’d… better not.” Adoric glanced over his shoulder, with an apologetic flash of a grin.

Dhiar’s brows raised. “Oh?” He sipped his own beverage. “Why not?”

The sailor cleared his throat, looking back to the front. “No reason,” he tried, at first. But after a few seconds, he shook his head, cheeks colouring. “When I was still a green deck hand, I used to live off coffee,” he explained, motioning with one hand, the other still draped on the wooden wheel. “Until one day, when I made an important discovery. You see, there’s a head on board most every ship. A toilet, you know.”

Dhiar nodded his head, leaning against the wall.

“And usually the work is so that you sweat it out anyway, or you’re on deck and can just take a moment away and give back to the sea, well… this time it wasn’t quite like that. Too much to do on-deck, but not enough to keep me from needing relief.”

It dawned, then, on Dhiar, and he kept himself from giggling. The image in his mind really charmed him. “At least you were on-deck, though. I’m sure the waves helped you.”

Adoric laughed, instead, shaking his head. “I was too far back, holding the rope while another crewman took his sweet time doing something else, I forget what. The captain, I’m sorry to say, never let me forget about it, though he and everyone else were fairly kind overall.”

Dhiar looked into his coffee, the scene lively in his mind’s eye. He absently wished he could have been there. How cute, how endearing… how sensual! It excited him, more than a little bit. It was Adoric, after all, and little that he ever did could dissuade the Incubus from his pursuit and his affections.

“So should we venture outside and make sure the ropes are fast, and return a little water to the ocean?” Dhiar wandered to the sailor’s side, looking out through the windows that opened to the sea before them. “The fish’ll like it. It’s caffeinated.”

Adoric swatted Dhiar’s ass, shaking his head, the grin still persistent on his face. “I can’t just let the ship try to steer itself for any length of time. I’m stuck in here, which is why I ought not to drink much of that brew.”

“Ah.” Dhiar leaned against his side. “Well, in that case, if you’re staying in… so am I.”

The first mate grinned again, showing all his bright teeth, looking to the Incubus at his side. “Is this a contest?”


* * *

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About the author: From an early age, Hushicho held a special passion for storytelling. Throughout his life, he has worked in numerous media and various places in the world. He is the author of the long-running Incubus Tales webcomic, upon which this serial is based.

Incubus Tales
by Hushicho

Welcome to the intriguing city of dreams, Noctemberg, where it is always night, and to Phantasies, a very special shop run by Dhiar, proprietor and gay incubus. Sensuality is more than just Dhiar's stock in trade, it is his raison d'etre. In Incubus Tales: A Thousand Words, Dhiar meets new loves, rekindles relationships, and bring his special brand of sexual healing to lovers and readers alike.
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