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We are so excited to bring you this erotic novel from the mastermind of the Nobilis Erotica podcast, Nobilis Reed. Are tentacles your thing? Keep reading for a hot excerpt from MONSTER WHISPERER.

If there’s something strange with your tentacle monster, who are you going to call? Dale Clearwater: Monster Whisperer. With her own ship and a menagerie of tentacle monsters, she travels from world to world, rehabilitating monsters and training the people who love them. From the amorphous, fluid Kritzoan to the stone-like Nalcheka, Dale embraces the monsters and records her encounters for a reality show that broadcasts to countless worlds. One might think there’s nothing she couldn’t, or wouldn’t, do. Still, when she gets a call from her old colleague (and old flame), Dale nearly turns him down. Nearly. Joining him to capture a particularly dangerous monster is part of an adventure that has the potential to change their universe – or lose Dale her monsters, her ship, her show, and everything that she holds dear.
And now, an excerpt from MONSTER WHISPERER:

A woman rose from leaning against the curved railing at one end of the balcony, and walked toward them with a measured stride. She appeared fortyish, with mild creases at the corners of her mouth and on her brow that gave her a permanent look of disapproval, even as she made a professional smile. She was dressed in an informal blouse and shorts, with a pair of hiking boots.

Dale held out her hand. “Miz Ventura.”

“Pleased to meet you, Miz Clearwater. Please, call me Ellen.” She turned to her assistant and dismissed her with a nod. “Thank you, Francis.” The younger woman disappeared into the elevator.

“Thank you. Ellen. Call me Dale. So what’s the problem? Your request didn’t include any details.”

“It’s my Orichalc. It has been rather listless lately. The veterinarian hasn’t found anything medically wrong; she says it must be something psychological. I was hoping you could help.”

Dale nodded. It made sense; one would need a place like this to keep an Orichalc healthy and happy. “Shall we take a look?”

“The stairs are right over there. I hope you don’t mind if I return to my office?”

“I don’t treat tentacle monsters, Ellen. I teach people how to be better tentacle monster owners, so your presence is required. I need to see how you interact with it.”

She sighed. “Oh, very well.”

Dale set down her bag at the top of the stairs, and the two women descended into the trees and walked along the packed sand leading deeper into the chamber. “It’ll be just up the way a bit.”

Dale scanned the trees that overhung the path. “Orichalcs are stealth hunters, normally. Are you sure you know where it is?”


The trail opened into a wide open space, surrounding a single large tree festooned with vines and creepers. Ellen walked up to the tree and thumped it several times with her fist. Slowly, a glittering line, looking like nothing so much as a long gold necklace, descended from one of the lower branches.

“You see?” said Ellen. “No energy at all.” She swatted at the line with the back of her hand, causing it to twitch briefly. Dale smiled and looked up into the branches, visually tracing the shining cord.

“You’re a confident woman. Self-assured. Calm. You know what you want, and you go get it.”

“Yes, of course.”

“Well, that kind of calm, assertive attitude isn’t going to help your relationship with your Orichalc. What it needs more than anything is terror—or, at least, a reasonable facsimile. Excitement, at the very least.”

“Are you saying I’m supposed to be afraid of this?” She gave the tendril a yank. It was no more responsive than before. Dale spread her hands.

“I know it doesn’t seem very frightening right now, but if we take a few simple steps, we’ll have it back to its usual self. Take a nice deep breath, and scream as loud as you can.”

Ellen glared up into the tree, frowned, and let out a guttural scream. The Orichalc barely twitched.

“No, no,” said Dale, “Too angry. Again, what we need is fear.”

Ellen tried again. The result was a bit higher pitched, but not much different than the first.

“Like this.” Dale took a deep breath, clutched her arms to her chest, crouched in a protective pose and let out a high-pitched squeal of terror. “Oh, mercy! It’s an Orichalc! Those things are terrible!”

The glittering tentacle twitched, shuddered, and retracted back up into the tree.

“Oh no!” she continued, “I can’t see it anymore! It’s going to get me, I just know!” Dale ran around the base of the tree, glancing up into the branches with exaggerated anxiety. The edge of Ellen’s mouth twitched with the beginning of a smile as she watched the performance.

“I know it seems a little silly. Just play along,” Dale whispered.

Ellen shrugged. “You’re the expert.” With a shriek, she grabbed Dale and held her close. “Save me! It’s going to get me!”

“Much better,” Dale whispered, returning the embrace.


“The panicked hug was a nice touch.”

“I thought so.”

Faster than the eye could follow, there was a flash of gold. Even though she knew what was coming, Dale squeaked as she felt the rush of movement down the back and up the sleeves of her coveralls. With a jerk, the metallic tendrils drew tight, wrapping around thighs and arms, hauling them up off their feet.

Their faces were only inches apart, but even at that range Dale could see excitement charge Ellen’s expression. “It worked!” she gasped, clutching Dale’s body closer. “My God, it worked!”

The thin, metallic tendrils would have bitten cruelly into their skin if the women’s entire weight were suspended by them, but with the creature’s levitation field active, each of them only weighed a fraction of what they usually did, and they rose like tangled marionettes from the mossy ground under the tree.

More tendrils invaded their clothes as the creature followed its usual hunting procedure. They were smooth and hard like metal, but not uncomfortably cold.

Dale could feel a faint buzz in her pelvic muscles as the beast began sending a rapidly pulsing electric current back and forth between the arms holding her thighs. More tendrils snaked down her cleavage to wrap around her breasts and tickle her nipples, each touch bringing yet another tingling jolt. The shocks were mild, causing only a slight twinge of pain, but they supercharged the nerves they passed through and made even the slightest touch incredibly erotic.

Dale’s professional demeanor quickly succumbed to the Orichalc’s electrically-charged attentions, and within minutes she could barely speak as the creature stimulated her helpless body. She could only clutch Ellen close as the current surged through her skin.

Yet another tendril appeared, wrapping around the others, drawing them together into a glimmering amber cable. When it passed Dale’s field of view, she caught sight of a golden, two-centimeter spike on its tip.

“Ellen,” she said, as calmly as she could, which is to say, hardly at all, “How long has it been since you’ve had a successful, uh, encounter with the Orichalc?”

“Three — three months.”

“You didn’t have it de-spiked.”

“De-spiked? Oh, god — What– what’s that?”

In contrast to the other tendrils, the one carrying the spike moved slowly, its chain links rattling against the other tentacles as it plunged down Ellen’s neckline.

“If you don’t take care of it, it grows a — oh — sharp tip on its breeding stalk.”

An edge of honest panic crept into Ellen’s voice. “What’s it going to do?”

“Don’t — oh — don’t worry. It’s not going…to do anything to you.”

Dale felt the organ pass over her belly on its way further south, and tried to summon the concentration to prepare herself, but the chaos of pain and pleasure jangling through her mind made it impossible. She could only wait in horrified expectancy as it homed in on her moist, hungry sex. More tendrils shifted position, spreading her legs wide to either side of Ellen’s body.

“I’m the one it wants.”

There was a pause as the electrical current faded away, leaving Dale with just two fast heartbeats to collect her wits, and then it struck. Her head flew back and a loud grunt escaped her clenched teeth as she felt the needle-sharp spike pierce her clitoral hood. The electricity surged back, and Dale’s respite was over. Her screams echoed from the distant ceiling as she convulsed in the throes of a powerful orgasm.

As her cries faded, so did the electricity, until they were left panting and gasping but still hanging in the creature’s clutches.

“I’m sorry,” said Ellen, when she had gotten her wind back. “I didn’t know.”

Dale took a deep breath and let it out slowly, calming her still-trembling body. “It’s all right. I’ve never been marked by an Orichalc before. I’ll have something to show my viewers when I get back to the ship.”

“Still, I never wanted to put you through that kind of pain.”

“If I didn’t like a little pain with my sex I wouldn’t have gotten into this business. Think nothing of it.”

Ellen glanced up into the branches, where the golden cords disappeared into the canopy. “Why isn’t it letting us go?”

“After three months? Miz Ventura, your tentacle monster isn’t even close to being done.” As if on cue, the electricity came on again, thrumming through her body with no less power than before.

“Oh God,” whispered the older woman, and her grip tightened around Dale’s body. “Here it comes.”

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Monster Whisperer
by Nobilis Reed

When tentacle monsters go bad, there is one woman who is their friend: Dale Clearwater. No monster is too much for her to handle. She rehabilitates tentacle monsters. She trains the people who love them. She is the Monster Whisperer. An erotic science fiction novel from the mastermind of the Nobilis Erotica podcast. Also available in paperback from you favorite bookseller!
Price: $5.99
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Author Bio:
Nobilis Reed has a dirty mind, and he’s not afraid to use it. His creative accomplishments nearly always center around smut: his first novel, “Scouts,” was shortlisted for the EPIC eBook Award; his short stories and novellas have been published with Circlet Press, Forbidden Fiction, Logical Lust and Sizzler Editions; and his podcast, Nobilis Erotica, has presented erotic science fiction and fantasy stories to thousands of listeners every month for ten years. When he’s not struggling with the Shatner Comma, editing audio like a madman, or directing voice talent making orgasmic noises into microphones, his hobbies include sleeping and eating. You can find his website at

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