Have a Merry XXX-Mas with 75% off or holiday anthologies!

Merry XXX-Mas to all! Silly pun aside, we consider XXX-Mas to be an inclusive, non-denominational holiday. Get a little sumpin’ sumpin’ for everyone, regardless of gender, orientation, or kink, in our holiday-themed anthologies, the gay classic Stocking Stuffers, lesbian tour de force Dyke the Halls, and grab-bag assortment Jingle Balls! Get 75% off any or all of these gems with code MerryXXXmas at checkout!

Stocking Stuffers
edited by David Laurent

Who can resist a smorgasboard of delicious holiday treats? Leave it to David Laurents to collect the first ever anthology of gay erotic Christmas stories. These hot stories are sure to heat up any cold winter night.
Dyke The Halls
edited by Linda Alvarez

Who can resist a smorgasbord of delicious holiday treats? Whether you are naughty or nice, these sexy lesbian stories with Christmas themes are much better than mistletoe.
Jingle Balls
edited by Cecilia Tan & Arabella Flynn

Nine stories as hot and sweet as steaming cocoa on a December night! Collecting the erotic holiday "gift" stories from Circlet.com into one anthology, JINGLE BALLS has a little something for everyone, some gay, some straight, some lesbian, some kinky, some out of the (gift) box, with stories by Laura Antoniou, Kal Cobalt, Andrea Dale, Roxane Rhoads, Elizabeth Schechter, and more!

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