Try The Erotofluidic Age for the 18th Day Of XXX-Mas!

Future tense not your bag? Perhaps an alternate past is more your style. For this, the 18th Day of XXX-Mas, we offer up Vinnie Tesla’s The Erotofluidic Age, a pair of novellas set in the erotic steampunk history we should have had. Get your copy for just 99¢, today only, by using the coupon code XXXmasSteam at checkout!

The Erotofluidic Age
by Vinnie Tesla

In The Erotofluidic Age, Vinnie Tesla returns to the world of The Ontological Engine, adding two more works to his oeuvre. This new digital volume combines two short stories and a novella revolving around the same characters we met in the original story. He combines his love for the erotic with a truly comprehensive world of his own, a steampunk tale with a sense of humor to boot.
Also available in paperback!

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