Incubus Tales: Chapter 6

Welcome to Incubus Tales: A Thousand Words by Hushicho. In Noctemberg, it is always night. Dhiar, proprietor and gay incubus, welcomes you to Phantasies, a very special shop. Sensuality is more than just Dhiar’s stock in trade, it is his raison d’être. NSFW.

A new chapter appears every Thursdays. This week is Chapter Six.

6th Night—La La La

Was this what made a kept man? Evvin arranged the elegant glass phials of oil on the shelf. His mind was never entirely on work like this. Either Dhiar distracted him, or something else did. Tedious work never kept his concentration long. Still, the atmosphere of Phantasies calmed his mind and made it easier. He could appreciate the pleasant qualities effortlessly now.

He was dressed better than he had ever been, fed better than he had ever been… still a bit bony, he had gained some weight. But Dhiar only fawned over him more. It wasn’t like this with the humans in the city, or the vampires for example. It was easy to criticise someone for being heavier than you when you don’t actually have to eat food.

Evvin snorted to himself with amusement, lips curling into a grin. The glass containers clinked as he slid them back together.

His breath caught in his throat as the sound of chimes at the door fluttered to his ears. He wasn’t ready for this! Come on Dhiar, he thought, hurry back! It can’t take that long to get groceries!

Summoning up all his courage and calm, Evvin stepped out from the shelf, offering a stiff wave in the direction of the door. “Welcome to Phantasies!” He called out, wearing a grin that looked more than anything like a comical imitation of Dhiar.

There, at the door, stood a redhead in a verdant green catsuit, open to just below the waist, sleeveless and complemented by a white belt about the hips and sleek boots of the same colour. Her eyes were green too, and her figure immaculate. She didn’t really resemble their usual clientèle, especially in this part of the city, but as long as she refrained from propositioning him, Evvin felt confident enough in his ability.


Evvin’s mouth opened, but before words could come out of it, she was there with her arms around him.

“Oh Dhi-Dhi, it’s been so long!” After a moment, the woman gasped and released her hold. “I’m so sorry! What am I thinking? You like boys…”

Really, Evvin thought, I ought to say something.

But his vocal chords seemed not to be functioning properly. As he struggled with speaking, she spun around in place. He couldn’t trace the movement, it was so quick. When she stopped, turning to him, he noticed that this redhead had somehow become male, hair shorter, a little stubble on his chin, ginger hairs across the exposed skin of his chest.

“Sorry,” the redhead continued, flinging his arms around Evvin again. “Oh, you remember my twin, right?”

Suddenly there was another redhead standing there, almost like a carbon copy of the first, identical except that his hair seemed to be parted on the opposite side.

Evvin’s mind raced. How could he concentrate like this? Must think of Dhiar; he tried to centre his mind. What would Dhiar do in a situation like this? Oh, it felt so good. He wondered if they were Incubi like Dhiar. It all threatened to overwhelm him.

“I… I’m not Dhiar!” He managed, just barely, voice cracking.

The twins gasped as one and stepped back, releasing him. The second tilted his head to the side, scrutinising the flustered boy. Then his hand went to his mouth, which hung open in surprise.

“Oh my! You’re not!”

The first, however, started to giggle, shaking his head. “Well, look at us! We did say it had been a long time.”

“It’s okay.” Evvin ran a hand through his rainbow of hair, ruffling it to calm himself. He had forced his breath slower, coming down from the contact high of pleasure. “So you two… Incubi? Or like… Succubi?” He had heard a little from Dhiar about how that worked, but the exact terminology was beyond him.

“Lydia,” the first redhead offered, smiling as he held out his hand.

The second chimed in, “Lydie!”

As Evvin took Lydia’s hand and shook it, they both spoke at exactly the same time. “The term isn’t important, just the pleasure!”

They both laughed, and Evvin joined in despite himself. “Sorry. I don’t know much about this. All I know is Dhiar, and not much about him.”

Lydia draped his arms around his twin’s shoulders, leaning their heads together. “We could tell you, if you want to know.”

“If you want,” Lydie echoed, reaching out a finger to trace down Evvin’s chest.

It occurred to Evvin that they were a lot like Dhiar, in that they seemed completely unhesitant to seduce him. Yet at the same time, they were not so much like Dhiar, because the charming shopkeeper was much more subtle. Older, perhaps? He couldn’t tell. It made little difference. From what he knew, Incubi could alter their appearances at will. But something about them seemed “young”, not quite so experienced as his lover.

And his lover… would Dhiar be jealous if he came in to find the twins with their hands on Evvin? Would this all turn into an unpleasant situation? Dhiar didn’t seem like the jealous type, but he unquestionably had his sensitive moments.

“I… um, I think we should have tea and wait for Dhiar.” Evvin forced a weak smile that threatened to collapse under its own meagre weight at any moment. “So he can enjoy this! You two seem like really great guys.” He nibbled his lower lip. “Gals. What… whatever?”

The twins started to laugh again, looking to each other, then the young man before them. “We are what we are, whenever we are that,” Lydie began. “You don’t have to feel self-conscious,” Lydia chimed in. It was as if they shared the same mind.

Suddenly the door opened, filling the room with sound. Evvin released a sigh of relief.

“Lydia! Lydie!” Dhiar set his box of groceries in the seat of the chair next to the door, then he opened his arms wide. “It’s been so long!”

The two redheads leapt to Dhiar, laughing as they hugged him in their arms, kissing his face and keeping close. The three of them looked so happy together.

Evvin shook his head, hooking his thumbs in his pockets idly. He forced himself to move, walking towards the tea shelf. “I’ll fix us some tea, like you like. You three can catch up!”

“Mm, let me help you!” Dhiar squeezed Lydia and Lydie, waving them towards the counter to sit, then jogging to catch Evvin up. He leaned in to kiss the curve of his lover’s ear, dropping his voice. “Sorry it took so long,” he murmured. “You never cease to amaze me. Such restraint! But you don’t have to. If it were me, I’d have been in the middle of a twin sandwich by now!”

Evvin laughed a little louder than he meant to, turning his head to catch Dhiar’s lips with a genuine and grateful kiss. If only the Incubus knew…!

* * *

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About the author: From an early age, Hushicho held a special passion for storytelling. Throughout his life, he has worked in numerous media and various places in the world. He is the author of the long-running Incubus Tales webcomic, upon which this serial is based.

Incubus Tales
by Hushicho

Welcome to the intriguing city of dreams, Noctemberg, where it is always night, and to Phantasies, a very special shop run by Dhiar, proprietor and gay incubus. Sensuality is more than just Dhiar's stock in trade, it is his raison d'etre. In Incubus Tales: A Thousand Words, Dhiar meets new loves, rekindles relationships, and bring his special brand of sexual healing to lovers and readers alike.
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