Halloween Microfiction: Phantom’s Touch by Minna Louche

“Phantom’s Touch”
by Minna Louche


Zoe struck a match, lighting a candle inside a pumpkin. The jack ‘o lantern’s face lit up with a happy grin, but she was unable to smile back. She looked out at the darkening sky ruefully. She heard trick-or-treaters starting their rounds, and saw other lights coming to life.

Here it was, her favorite night of the year, and she was alone.

She looked down at her costume, which now felt so small and inappropriate. She had bought it for her boyfriend . . . no, ex-boyfriend; he had broken up with her only a few hours ago. Over the phone no less. She had already been in costume, lighting candles and making kettle corn. She wanted to surprise him, he didn’t like Halloween so she had bought a sexy angel costume (a fetish of his) and had planned a night-in: first love-making, then a scary movie.

Part of her wanted to stay home and cry. The other part, full of anger and Halloween love, wanted to say ‘fuck you’, and make this the best Halloween ever.

Zoe looked down at her tiny white dress that showed off so much thigh and cleavage. Usually she would have gone for something more comfortable and warm, but there was nothing to do about it now. Zoe straightened her little wings, and placed the halo like a crown on her head. It did feel good, she felt sexy and powerful. Screw Mr. Ex-Boyfriend, he didn’t know what he was missing.

She thought quickly about what she could do as she found a jacket and her purse. One of her friends was having a party, perhaps she would end up there. As Zoe left her home she decided to take her time and see where she ended up.

The sight of Halloween decorations raised her spirits. She walked down the sidewalk, enjoying the rows of pumpkins, scarecrows, and mums. As her mood improved she started to feel more adventurous.

It was Halloween, the night of possibilities. Something magical had to come out of this night.

As the sidewalk narrowed and the sun set completely Zoe slowed her walk and slipped through someone’s yard. On the other side, across the street, was the local cemetery. Her friend’s house was a couple of blocks down, and cutting through the cemetery suddenly seemed like an amazing idea.

Zoe’s heart pounded as she crossed the empty street and stepped into the graveyard. A shiver ran over her skin and her adrenaline pumped. This was exactly what she wanted, a taste of real Halloween.

As her thoughts wandered a sharp sound cut through all the others. The wind died, and the leaves stopped stirring. Zoe turned her head, and saw a shadow slip behind a tombstone. Now true adrenaline hit her system. Someone was following her.

She ran. No thinking, just getting to safety.

She swore she heard footsteps following and she increased her speed, dodging graves. Unfortunately, on the other side of the cemetery was a black gate. She hit the bars and struggled to climb up and over, but in her panic she slipped and came back down, catching one of her wings on a post.

She turned and saw that the person following her was still there. She tried to run again, but was held in place. She threw her arms up to wiggle out of the wing harness, but by now the shadow was upon her. He was tall and wide, towering over her as he approached. Zoe was trapped.

“Well, well,” he said smoothly, “Seems I caught an angel in my web.”

“What do you want?”

“Just curious about who is walking through my cemetery.”

“I was just . . .”

“It’s alright, it’s been lonely here.”

Zoe tried to yank free, but it only pulled the elastic hitch from her shoulders and tangled her wrists above her head. The phantom stepped forward and held out her halo.

“You dropped this.” He placed it on her head, fingertips catching strands of her hair. Standing so close she caught the smell of cool earth on his clothes. “Sorry I scared you.”

Zoe looked up into a pair of warm brown eyes below a tangle of sandy hair. It was hard to see in the shadows, but as her eyes adjusted she could tell he had a handsome face. He was dressed in dark clothes, wrapped in a cape.

“What are you doing here?” He asked.

“I . . .” Zoe was caught in his gaze, overwhelmed. He made no move to free her, and she had stopped struggling, no longer interested in escape. “I’m lost and wandering.”

“You’re like me.”


“We’re both in a graveyard on Halloween night. I’ve been lost and wandering for a while.”

“What are you looking for?”

He smiled then, small but warm. Zoe’s heart began pounding again. He reached up as if to untie her hands, but stroked her cheek instead. His touch made her stomach flip, and she didn’t pull away.

He leaned forward, lips coming close. “Will you stay?”

Zoe answered with a kiss. The adrenaline rush returned. What was she doing? This was crazy. This . . .

Was just what she needed.

The strange phantom took the invitation. His kiss traveled away from her lips, down her neck, to her chest.

The phantom gentleman grabbed her collar and pulled her dress down. Zoe’s breasts popped out, nipples puckered from the cold night. He took a sensitive nipple in his mouth and sucked. When Zoe’s breath deepened he started to nibble and she moaned quietly.

She put her leg around him, keeping his pelvis pressed against her so she could feel his erection grow. The phantom was patient; he ran his hands over her while working each nipple in his mouth. The sensation made her extremities tremble and her nether region relax. She could feel the blood pumping in her vagina as he squeezed her boob and kissed her cleavage. She tightened her knee and he took it as a sign.

It was easy to push the little dress up over her butt, which he squeezed tightly. Zoe sighed and dropped her leg.

“Are you okay?” He whispered, taking her ear lobe between his lips.

“Yes.” Zoe felt dreamy, no longer aware that they were in a graveyard. He was so warm in the chilly night, so tall she felt shielded from the rest of the world. She needed this, to be reminded that she was sexy and desirable. He was taking his time, pleasuring her, it felt wonderful to be the center of attention. “Take me.”

The phantom gentleman undid his pants and Zoe felt his cock press against her clitoris, sending a wave of pleasure through her body. She pressed her lips together, stifling a moan. He pulled her panties away and she felt the head of his penis stroke against the wet lips of her pussy. He didn’t enter immediately, but pressed her clitoris with his fingers and ran his cock over her, coaxing her vagina to relax and open. Zoe pulled one arm free of her restraints and wrapped it around his neck, kissing him again.

He slipped inside her and Zoe gasped, breaking the kiss and leaning her head back as he thrust forward. He kissed her exposed throat and Zoe felt his teeth run over her flesh. He began to thrust back and forth, faster and faster until Zoe was crying out in ecstasy. He covered her mouth to keep the sound from breaking the fragile silence of the sublime night. She looked up into his caramel eyes, then put her arms around him as he came, pulling out at the last second.

She kept her arms around his neck and he lifted her legs which were trembling from the mixture of the cold and her orgasm. He kneeled down and kept her on top of his warm body as he rested on the ground, leaning against a tombstone. He ran his fingers through her hair, putting Zoe in a sleepy daze.

“That was amazing,” she whispered, “Who are you?”

The phantom didn’t answer. He shifted and turned his head toward the gravestone. Zoe tried to read it in the dark, but could only make out the inscription, ‘Waiting for his love.’

She looked up at the strange phantom, confused.

“I only get this one night,” he whispered, “I’m glad I could spend it with you, angel.”

Zoe leaned into his chest, wrapping herself in the warmth of his body and the gentleness of his caress.

When she woke, the November sunrise gently shivered her awake. She was alone in the graveyard, but could still feel the warmth of the phantom on her skin. She looked at the grave marker again, now able to read the name in the morning light. She touched the cold stone fondly. Before she left she placed her wings on the grave site as one would leave a bouquet of flowers, and returned to the waking world.

Well, there was always next year.

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