Capricious: Chapter 12

Welcome to Capricious by Julie Cox, a Texan tale of love and magic. NSFW.

A new chapter appears every Tuesday. This week is Chapter Twelve. Listen to the audio version at Nobilis Erotica here!

Chapter 12


Allison knelt on his unmade bed and pulled off her shirt. Her white, lacy bra showed off her lightly tanned skin. Luke whistled. “You don’t waste any time, do you, girl? You ain’t got customers to get back to today, you know.”

“I know,” she said. “But you have to hunt. And I don’t want to lose my nerve. C’mon, satyr-boy–“

“Lose your nerve?” He cupped her face in one hand and ran the pad of his thumb over her cheek. She was just starting to show crow’s-feet and laugh lines. She bore her age well. It made her all the more interesting to look at. “What on earth would you need nerve for, to bed me, of all people? Surely you got over being shy about having me by now.”

Allison bit her lip, suddenly looking much more like the young woman she’d been when she and Luke had known each other in school. Luke held back a flood of memories and folded his arms across his chest.

“Luke,” she said, “everybody in town knows you might die tonight. And if you do, I don’t want to be haunted by the idea that if you’d had a boost, maybe you’d have made it through.”

Luke tapped his thumb against his arm, thinking. “So… you’re here to give me a top off? I figured that was part and parcel. But Ali, I ain’t never operated on charity, not in money and not in magical energy.” A terrible thought occurred to him. “If you don’t actually want me–”

“It’s not charity,” she said. “It’s freely given. And more than a top off. I want you to take all you can stand. I want to help you however I can. And if I lose you, I’ll know I did everything I could, and I’ll have tonight to remember.”

Luke thought about that one a moment. “I suppose I can see your point of view. You realize me draining you like that is going to give you a hangover from hell, right? For a week. Can’t do it if you can’t spend the next day or two in bed. And I won’t ever do it again, from you. I make a habit of it, I could kill you.”

“Understood. You and Sally haven’t confirmed your relationship, have you?”

“Naw, we’re still dancing around each other like a couple of damn teenagers at a sock hop.”

Allison laughed, the loud, barking laugh of the unexpectedly amused. “Never thought a satyr could play shy. She wants you, you know. She wanted you all those years she got strung along by Mr. Big Shot up in, what was it, Washington state?”

“Oregon. Poor girl, ain’t fair to hold on to a long-distance romance for so long and then get dumped by text. Guess I’d be gun-shy too if it happened to me.”

Allison reached out and took Luke by the upper arms, pulling him toward the bed. “You, sir? Will never be gun-shy. You don’t have the memory for it.” She guided his hands to her breasts. “Now fuck me because we both want it. Because I want to give you the magical energy of an electrocuted stag. Because I’m horny as hell and need a cock in me.” The magical energy around her shimmered, and her skin glistened. Her hair tangled as if it was underwater. The sea-folk magic that was part of her soul reached out like tendrils and curled around him. “Because I might drown in lust for you if you don’t.”

Luke laid her down on his twin-size bed, with its cheap sheets and the quilt made by his grandmother. He peeled off their clothes, pressed his body against hers with a kind of slow deliberation. He drank her in, little by little, making her want it. And she did. She wrapped her legs around him, rubbing herself against his cock, but he wouldn’t let her take him yet. He slid lower and worked her with his tongue, calling up many lifetimes of memories to give her as much pleasure as he could. Almost. Right to the edge and not over. He didn’t want her to come yet. Luke knew Allison, knew how much she loved to be penetrated. He teased her with his tongue, moving in and out of her, knowing it would not satisfy her. He felt the magic in her well up like a spring, pushing against the bounds of the earth to spill forth.

When she was clutching the sheets, gasping incoherently, her legs shaking on either side of him, he mounted her. He was in full satyr form, soaking up waves of lust magic, and she cackled evilly at the sight of his horns, knowing full well what it meant. He was bigger as his myth-folk self. She moaned as he slid into her folds, filled her, had her. She was so tight around him. He almost couldn’t get all of his cock into her, he filled her so entirely.

Allison ran her fingernails hard down his back, to his ass, to where his fur started a little way down his thighs. Her hands were damp. Iridescent scales glittered like leaf-thin pearls along the skin of her arms, across her breasts, on her high cheekbones. She couldn’t truly take her myth-folk form, but her merrow magic pressed at the edges of reality as she summoned up all the magic she could reach. Luke felt her pour that magic into him, digging for more, more, and thrusting it into him again, and again, and again, fucking him with raw magic. He felt almost waterlogged, saturated, and still she took him and fed him. He could feel her reaching her limits, and he increased his pace, the force of his thrusts. They came together, so deep and hard that Luke was afraid he’d pass out. Spots of color danced in front of his eyes as his body convulsed, spilling his seed into her. It felt so good, so unbelievably good, to come inside her. Allison was the only one he’d ever done that with. He buried his cries in her breasts. She let her voice fly wild.

When they left the house, the rest of the assembled crew didn’t meet their eyes. Allison got into her car without saying good-bye. No sense in embarrassing the other men. Luke watched her leave and then turned to the others. His body fairly hummed with magical energy. He’d have to let some of it off that night, whether he wanted to or not.

“I’m ready,” he said. “Let’s go kill something dangerous.”

* * *

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About the author: Julie Cox is the author of Chasing Tail and numerous short stories in Circlet Press erotica anthologies. She lives in Texas with her husband, children, and ever-expanding menagerie of animals on their farm. She runs a small online yarn business and teaches yarn spinning. She has numerous stories published with Circlet Press and elsewhere.

Capricious: A Texan Tale of Love And Magic
by Julie Cox

Welcome to Fox Pass, Texas, a small community where the mythical creatures aren’t so mythical after all. Satyr Luke’s comfortable routine is thrown into disarray when he becomes the target of enemies who won’t hesitate to hurt his friends to get to him. Struggling to save his town—and to sort out his feelings for his friend Sally—Luke faces the adventure of a lifetime in Julie Cox’s Capricious.
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