The Prince’s Boy: Chapter 95

Welcome to The Prince’s Boy by Cecilia Tan, a tale of a prince and his whipping boy ensnared in a plot of dark erotic magic. Warning: explores themes of dubious consent and situations of sexual jeopardy. NSFW.

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95: Kenet


Oh Jorin, forgive me. This time I must ask you to forgive me the way I forgave you. I knew what he was going to do to you and there was no way around it. There was no way I could prevent it. I tried. You know I did. I tried to offer myself to him. But the mage believed you had to be defeated before he would try take me for his own.

As I lay curled in a ball, trying not to hear your screams, I wished and hoped that it was not so bad on you as it sounded.

It was difficult to concentrate, but I tried to anyway. Each inward breath was like an updraft coiling up the mountainside. Each exhale was like the breeze blowing through the castle. The skies darkened like nightfall, though it was but suppertime in the valley.

I would get only one chance at this. I pressed my palms flat against the stone. Though Seroi had marked it for his own, with arcane runes and sigils, it was still the stone of Maldevar.

The mage’s voice was distracting. “So sorry to disappoint you, Jorin, but I will not grace you with my milk today. That, I am saving for Kenet.”

Oh. It’s time.

I lifted my head to see Seroi rising from your body, standing tall with his cock hanging down. It looked as it had in my vision, like the root of a tree, so gnarled and multi-headed. I blinked up at him muzzily as if still confused by the blow I had taken to the head earlier.

“My lord,” I said, and in my mind I was still speaking to you, Jorin, for that is who you are, but the mage did not know that, “I can see streamers.”

He laughed. “What fancy have you taken into your head now, my prince?”

“From your cock, I can see streamers and ribbons of many colors, leading to….” I gestured to the various men lying unconscious about the room. “It looks quite festive, but…”

I climbed to my knees, and clutched at his thigh, as if I had suddenly become worried. “Did you know I tried to make Roichal my master? I was already bound partly to him, because I had suckled his cock when you held it as your own.”

Seroi ruffled my hair. “You know not of what you speak,” he said, but I could hear the doubt in his voice.

In truth, I could not see anything of the sort, but Sergetten had described the strands clearly enough. “Please. I know they say a prince belongs to his people, but you have shaped me since my birth for one singular claim,” I said. “Is it not time for me to belong to one alone?”

And he smiled at me then, and I knew he believed I was speaking of him.

“My prince,” he said, his smile turning indulgent. “Perhaps you are right.”

He sank down with me, so that our knees were touching, and he took one of my hands in his, and led it to his cock. And as I stroked him I felt the shape change, the girth lessen. With each stroke it was as if a snake slipped from under his skin. I saw Jorin twitch. Soon I held a sizable but not enormous prick, with a single ridge prominent along the bottom, in my hand. When I looked down, I saw it was as large as any I had seen or suckled in Pellon or all my travels, but it had a single slit and a single drop of gathering dew.

I leaned over to lick it and overhead there may have been the sound of thunder.

Once upon a time, this mage had been just a man. He had said it himself, both common men and kings had certain things they shared. One of them was this. Pleasure. Lust. Desire.

But then there are the things that princes do not share with the common people… or do we? For where else does that magic come from that gives us the power to rule at all? It is the willingness of the people to be ruled that gives us the most power of all, and their belief in the crown that coalesces like a growing thunderhead into something so powerful.

They say, of course, it is all a metaphor. “Lightning strike me if I lie,” people swear, but no one believes that lightning will actually strike.

This is their mistake.

Seroi could wait no longer. I teased him with my mouth until he could not stand it one more moment, and he flipped me over, my chest and cheek flat against the stone. One of his hands sank into my hair at the back of my head while the other guided his cock to the cleft of my arse.

Do not think I did not notice that he gave no thought to my comfort or pleasure. No grease, unless one counted the dampness left behind from my mouth on his prick. No stretching, unless one considered the stone phallus I had “worn” earlier. Not that these kindnesses would have earned him any different consideration from me, had he indulged me as a lover. No, we were too far-gone for that.

He paused with the head of his cock pressing against my hole, as I clenched tight, the first sign of my resistance. “Do you, Kenet, son of Korl, accept me as your only lord and master, for now and forever, by all the power of your blood and mine?”

The second sign of my resistance was my answer. “No.”

He banged my cheek against the stone and I gritted my teeth. “Do not toy with me now, my prince! I promise you shall never go hungry, your body shall never need for food nor drink nor my touch nor release, if you will accept me as your only lord and master, now and forever.”

“No,” I said again, louder, and this time I thought I felt the wind from the storm brewing outside. The candles flickered.

Now he tried to wrestle me into spreading my legs wider, while he tried one last time. “Kenet! I shall love you as my own, my only love, if only you will accept me as your lord and master…!”

And as I shouted “No!” I felt the crackle of a power so ancient that I forgot my name, I forgot my place, I forget everything but the stone under my fingers and the storm coursing through me, cleansing me of every impurity put there by man. Deafened, blinded, and roaring, I purged the land of the parasitic blight that had been trying to take root in me all this time. I was the storm and there was no shelter from my wrath.

* * *

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