The Prince’s Boy: Chapter 94

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94: Jorin


From within the glare of the candles, I could barely make out what was going on in the room. Seroi dragged the king in front of Kenet, but what were they doing to him? I could not quite see nor hear, as the stronger Seroi grew, the more like a wall the ring of light and smoke became.

But then I could see the scuffle and feel the power shifting in the room. Now everyone out there was moving. Had reinforcements arrived? Perhaps they could, collectively, defeat the damn snake…?

The struggle went on for some time, with shouting and the occasional scream.

And then quite suddenly, a dark figure loomed at the circle’s edge, and in another moment, Seroi stepped through, pulling Kenet by the hair. The mage threw him to the stone and Kenet cowered there, one hand pressed to his head where he had presumably been struck. I wanted to move to help him, but Seroi was already advancing on me.

“It ends now,” the mage said, eyes wild with power. Had he killed them all? Or just fucked them? I could not determine. “A thousand of you pests cannot bring me down. I will defeat you and it will all be over. You shall all be my slaves. Kenet shall be mine.”

He came for me then, with a grab much faster than I would have expected. I twisted away trying to strike a blow as I did, but my fist met only air.

He was fast as a snake.

I feinted and attacked first next time, trying to catch him off balance, but this time he slipped aside, and again my blows did not land.

He managed to cuff my forehead with a glancing blow then, and I spun, trying to knock his feet from under him, but he leapt up, landing just out of my reach.

And so it went, my frustration and worry increasing the longer we fought. What had happened to the king, and Kan, and Bear, and Sergetten? Was Jaiks still out there, too, beyond the blazing glare of the candles? It seemed to me as if night had fallen, though I knew it could not be sunset yet.

Seroi was taller than me, with longer arms and legs, and yet he moved faster than anyone I had ever seen. Magic, I supposed. I did not know how to fight using magic. And maybe those two advantages of his were what finally brought me down. I landed a blow to his leg, very nearly the same as the knee strike I had brought Bear down with. My mistake was in thinking that this would affect him enough that I would be able to retreat before he could react. But no. Although his leg crumpled under him, he grabbed my ankle and twisted before I could get away. In the blink of an eye, I was face down under him.

He did not waste time. There was no gloating, no verbal torment, no ritualistic statements of the conditions of the violation, none of that. Not this time. The only thing was his cock, pushing into me, unerringly.

I could not even draw a breath to scream, as every muscle and every nerve in my body was locked around the massive invasion of flesh. This wasn’t like Sergetten, or even Korl, fucking me while I was cold. This was an entirely new and overwhelming sensation, unnatural and impossible to understand.

He bent my head back with one fist in my hair. I could not even try to fight, though nothing held my hands now. Impaled upon him as I was, it was all my panicked body could do to keep breathing, keep breathing.

He hauled me up to all fours, though my arms wouldn’t hold me and I crumpled onto my elbows. He did not mind that at all, as it just lifted my obscenely split arse even higher for him.

Then he began to thrust. It felt entirely wrong, as if the club inside me had sprouted barbs. No, perhaps it was just that being so large and misshapen it could not slide out easily, even were I stretched. Which I was not. He let go my hair in favor of gripping my hips, slamming into me with a thrust so hard I nearly retched.

He thrust again and again, a dozen, twenty times. Then laughed low in his throat. “In Frangit there are men who fuck one another using their entire arm instead of their cocks,” he said. “Even they begged me for mercy when taken like this.”

I could not answer. My entire insides felt as if he were pushing into every part of me. I could barely breathe. But at least the blinding agony of it was leveling off.

But apparently he knew that. “Just when you believe yourself adjusting to the size, though, I can do this.”

He reached beneath me to fondle my cock and balls, and for one moment I thought he merely meant that if he aroused me I would tighten around him. Sergetten used to do that. But then I felt the flesh hanging between my legs shrink away to nothing. That by itself was not painful, however the renewed agony of him growing in size inside me was.

He groaned in pleasure. “Oh, Jorin, what a fine cock you have! Quite large and exquisitely sensitive. It is a singular pleasure to fuck you with it.”

I clawed at the stone under me as if that were an avenue of escape from the instrument of torture that was his cock. And still it was not over. “How about the curved shaft of your former captain? Let us add that as well.”

He grew again and I was certain I was tearing apart.

“Not done with you yet, boy, oh no. Though if you were to begin begging now, I might at least stop making it bigger and merely concentrate on fucking you.” He punctuated that with another sharp, punishing thrust that made my stomach heave.

“You always could withstand a great deal of pain, couldn’t you, Jorin? Breaking you shall be such a delight.”

He grew in size again and pushed deep. My lungs finally decided to do what I wanted then. I screamed.

* * *

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