The Prince’s Boy: Chapter 92

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92: Jorin


Oh, it was hard to watch Kenet display himself before the mage that way. It was even harder to watch him pretend to lust for the man. But I never doubted him. I never thought for one moment that Kenet might betray me, or us, for his own comfort or pleasure. I never thought for one moment that he was doing anything other than manipulating Seroi.

For one thing, I could feel how difficult it was for him to stay hard. I took control of his arousal then, as Sergetten had done to me so many times, and Seroi, in his own lustful rapture, was unaware that Kenet’s state was more due to me than to him.

Not every mage could see the strands of Night Magic that connected one man to another, one lover to another. Powerful as he was, it appeared that to this, Seroi was blind.

He was not however, stupid. He had failed to defeat me once using the body of a trained fighter, albeit an aged one. He would not make that mistake twice.

I rubbed my wrists and shook out my arms and legs, trying to be as ready as I could be for the fight. The circle of candles was large, but it seemed small with four men inside it, especially with one of them being Bear.

Jaiks met my eyes and I saw a small nod there. I could only guess that his boy had given him my message. The only other emotion I saw was regret, and that only for a moment, before his countenance closed into his battle stare.

Seroi stood back, arms folded, his misshapen cock standing out from his body as best it could. I had seen it shrink as Jaiks’s cock had reappeared, but it was still overlarge and ugly.

Jaiks and Bear were both greased and ready. I wondered if Seroi would give some kind of signal, or if one of them would simply charge me.

I had not expected them both to come at the same time, but they did. I barely evaded one of Bear’s hugs, and only a lucky kick to Jaiks’s temple kept him from getting hold of my ankle and bringing me down. They tried that a few more times, but it was clear to me that either Seroi could not quite direct them both at the same time, or they were too unaccustomed to fighting together for it to work well. More likely the former, as then Jaiks stood back while Bear fought me himself.

In this sort of a fight, of course, we were supposed to be trying to fuck each other. But I had no need to establish dominance over either of these two men. Wrestling with Bear would likely be a losing proposition for me anyway. How ironic it was that it was his teaching that went through my head as I decided what to do. I needed to get this over with quickly so as to still have some strength with which to fight the mage.

“I’m sorry, old friend,” I said under my breath as I went for his knee with one of my feet. If I did it right, he would be unable to stand or walk… at least until he had seen a healer. I felt his knee go as my heel struck, and then as his arm flailed out to reach me, I struck him in the chin with my other foot. That should put him out of his misery.

He still roared in pain for long moments as he fell, which I supposed was actually Seroi expressing his rage, as Bear’s eyes had already rolled back in his head. He fell heavily to the stone, just inside the ring of candles.

I turned to Jaiks. I had never seen him naked before. His cock was curved upward like a horn, and he flexed his fingers waiting for me to attack.

I feinted, trying to goad Seroi into charging, but he was wary now. I had incapacitated one of his soldiers, after all, and he did not want to lose another one in the same manner.

Jaiks and I had once fought to a standstill, I remembered. But that had been before my time with the Night Riders, and the life of his wife and child had not been at stake.

He feinted a low grab, then struck me in the chin with the heel of his hand, knocking me onto my back. A moment later he was atop me and the wrestling began. With only the unyielding stone beneath us, he ground my shoulder painfully, but I was able to evade him trapping my arm, or so I thought. I twisted away, in a move that would have broken me free of another man.

But not the captain, who had somehow stuck to me like glue. I realized my error as he clung to my back like the saddle on a horse, one of his legs wrapped around mine. I tried to flip onto my back then, hoping to knock the wind out of him with my weight, but he stayed in position and I felt his cock push between my cheeks.

And then he was inside me, fucking me with furious thrusts of his hips. A high-pitched kind of sound was coming from his throat, almost like a growl, but high, and I knew that was not Seroi trying to speak.

I tried again to pull away, rolling onto my front, but that only let him drive into me deeper and crushed my cock against the stone. There was nothing I could do, other than relieve some of my own discomfort by spreading my legs further and angling my hips to give him easier access.

Jaiks was fucking me with a vengeance, and I could imagine circumstances under which losing such a fight, as this would have been a pleasure. But I knew the type of man Jaiks was, and how this must have disgusted him, and yet I could feel how great his need to come was.

Night Magic. Seroi had to be blind to how much I could use it. The thought struck me suddenly. He must have thought Sergetten had freed me from my manacles earlier! I let my arousal build then, and felt for the threads of the men around me. Mm, there, yes, I could see the threads with my inner eye. Seroi was letting Jaiks have his way with me, but he was not directing him now himself.

I prepared myself to take as much of Jaiks’s power as I could when he came. I knew only the crudest method, but I would need all I could get when I faced Seroi.

I clenched tighter around the captain’s cock buried in me and he howled as he spilled, filling me with light. I heard Kenet gasp; he must have felt the surge, too.

He was not the only one. I was too clumsy to contain it completely and when I raised my head, Kan and Seroi were both staring at me with knowing looks.

Seroi strode forward and pulled Jaiks off me by the hair, then tossed him aside. He fell limp across Bear’s body, breathing hard but unable to rise, he was so spent. Then, to my surprise, Seroi stepped out of the circle of candles, which flared. Trapping me, I supposed.

“Well, it would seem we have a Night Magic adept in our midst,” Seroi said. “Just crackling with power, ready to meet my challenge.”

I got to my feet, wondering what he was about to do. Why wasn’t he in the circle? Was he going to send yet another fighter to tire me out first?

“I suppose I had best build up a reserve of power myself before facing him,” Seroi said. He grabbed our king by the hair then, and dragged him toward Kenet. “Alas, my king, I deem you the most expendable as well as the most violable. Your hole will be by far the tightest here and you will enjoy being fucked the least.”

I have no love lost on Kenet’s father, but I tried to save him anyway. I tried to jump forward and pull Seroi off him. But the magic of the circle threw me onto my back as I heard Korl cry out.

* * *

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