The Prince’s Boy: Chapter 91

Welcome to The Prince’s Boy by Cecilia Tan, a tale of a prince and his whipping boy ensnared in a plot of dark erotic magic. Warning: explores themes of dubious consent and situations of sexual jeopardy. NSFW.

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91: Kenet


We were making our way through the twisted tunnels that would bring us within sight of the Rose Gate when I heard the sound of footsteps ahead of us, someone climbing in a hurry.

Before I could react, Kan came bounding up the steps, his sword sheathed. He stopped short and just stared at the three of us in the gloom. “Kenet?”

“Yes, and Bear is with me, and… and our father.”

“Who is this, Kenet?” My father said from behind me.

“This is not the place,” Kan said. “Get him to safety. We just liberated the pack of boys the mage was holding prisoner, but I’m hurrying back to the mage’s tower now, though, to see how Jorin is doing.”

“What? Jorin? Kenet, is he in league with Seroi?” My father asked. “Are you sure Seroi has betrayed us?”

I took his hands in mine. “Please, Father, we will answer all your questions as soon as we can. You can trust me and… and Sergetten. You can always trust Sergetten.”

My father drew a sharp breath, though, pulling away at the mention of Sergetten’s name.

Kan sighed. “Get moving. Don’t stop until he is safe in Roichal’s hands. Then lead another attack group into the passageways and meet me at the mage’s tower. The mage can’t get into the passages at all and Jorin—”

He stopped short as a bitter laugh echoed off the stone, and a flickering light came from behind Bear. A man carrying a torch.

Captain Jaiks.

“He’s possessed by the mage!” I shouted to Kan, who was drawing his sword, even as I pushed my father down the sloping passage.

But a moment later Bear grabbed me by the arm, my Father by the collar of his shirt, and let out an incoherent roar.

Jaiks’s mouth moved, but it was Seroi who spoke. There was no mistaking the careful smoothness of his tone. “You will give me your sword,” he said to Kan, “or I will bash their heads together until there is nothing left but crushed pulp.”

Kan feigned ignorance of what was going on and charged anyway. Bear roared again and flung my father face-first into the stone wall beside us, while I cried out, “Kan!”

Kan let his sword fall with a clatter then.

Jaiks wasted no time in binding Kan’s hands behind him, then mine, and then my fathers’ as well. My father protested. “Captain, I do not understand. I gave you the gift of entry to these passages so that you could protect me and mine, not harm us.”

I think the captain was trying to reply, but he could only make strangled sounds, and then the mage’s voice took charge of his throat again. “Your naivete is charming, my king. Come. To the tower. And there at last all this shall end.”

We exited the passageways and moved through the main corridors of the castle. I did not see any maids or guards as we went and I wondered if the word had been passed that the guards’ sons had been freed. Would they then desert their posts? I wondered how many men Seroi could use like puppets at once, as he now did Bear and Jaiks. Was it confusing to look through more than one man’s eyes?

I cursed myself silently for not taking into account the fact that the mage could control Bear as he had Roichal. But then, none of us had, not even Roichal himself. I could only presume, though, that Seroi had forgotten this pawn of his until Jaiks saw him. He must have believed Bear fled or dead.

Perhaps it mattered not at this point how well or poorly our plans had been laid, I thought. As we entered Seroi’s tower, the scent of incense making the hair on the back of my neck stand on end, I knew I was coming to the end of the rebellion I had begun the night I had fled. Seroi would now have all three of us, my father, my brother, and me, in his clutches.

We crossed the large room at the tower’s base, and I was halted by the sudden calling of “Page, Page, help me!” A small hand waved from the hole in a door set in the wall. Jaiks turned in confusion but I ducked my head to see the small face peering at me.

“Istin! Is that you?”

“Yes, it’s me.”

“How did you get here?”

“The Night Mage pulled me here through magic. Only me. The others are still free.”

“Wait, are you saying Seroi is the same mage who held you captive before?”

Jaiks pushed me away from the door. “Boy, where are the others?” he asked, or rather, Seroi did. “Where have they gone?”

But Istin shrank back from the door and did not answer. Jaiks then cuffed me on the shoulder. “Keep moving!” He made us run up the stairs then, to the top of the tower, through the miasma of incense and into the high tower room that I knew so well.

“Jorin!” Things just kept getting worse and worse, didn’t they? There was Jorin with a knife in his hand, pointing it at Seroi, but the moment he saw me under threat, he let it fall.

On the ground at Jorin’s feet, as if unconscious, lay Sergetten. I hoped he was not dead. I could see the circular pattern of stones in the center of the floor, ringed by the stubs of candles, stained by blood. Seroi gestured to Jorin to turn around, and then bound his hands as well.

Seroi bowed as my father and brother stood on either side of me. “Ah, at last.” He stayed where he was while Jaiks and Bear took knives from their belts and cut our clothes away. In short order all three of us wore only our boots. I shivered, though there was no breeze. “Now at last the story begins to come clear. Korl, my sweet, you never saw fit to tell me that you had a son before Kenet.”

My father’s eyes widened in surprise. I could see the bruise coming up on his cheek where Bear had thrown him against the wall.

When my father said nothing, Seroi went on, gesturing to Kan. “Is he a bastard? Surely I would have noticed if Milla had… ahhh, wait, unless you conceived him while you toured the far reaches of Trest? Did you abandon him, thinking him a bastard begat by your cheating wife?”

At that my father lowered his head and charged like a bull, but he had no horns with which to gore or pierce. One of Seroi’s magehands met him partway across the floor, stopping him short. My father made a choking sound as his head snapped back. The hand held him by the throat.

Seroi held him there, and sauntered close to Kan. “A fine specimen of royalty.” He reached out and tugged on Kan’s cock, roughly at first, but then slipped into a more seductive stroke. Kan hissed and turned away, but his flesh reacted as any man’s would to such a touch.

“You nearly bested me,” Seroi said as he began to pump his hand faster and faster. “I had not guessed you would have another man who could access the tunnels. Indeed, it would appear even your whipping boy knows the secret now, Kenet. How inconvenient for me that I am currently unable to pass through those doors myself.”

“Is that what you were doing with my milk?” I asked, my cheeks flaring hot as I recalled the humiliations he had put me through in this very room. “Making a potion to allow yourself to enter the passageways?”

“Indeed, my prince. Alas, I ran out of supply just a few short weeks ago. However, now I shall have plenty.” He continued to stroke Kan’s cock with light, quick strokes, and reached his other hand into the air. A golden cup flew to his hand from somewhere behind me, and he held its rim to Kan’s cock as if it were a spigot.

Kan gritted his teeth as he held back. His face was red, but he closed his eyes and I wondered if there was some way through Night Magic he could keep himself from coming.

Then Captain Jaiks stepped forward, jerkily, as if Seroi’s attention was not fully on making him move, that is until he dropped his trousers and began greasing both his own pole and the cleft between Kan’s cheeks.

“You will give it to me, every drop,” Seroi breathed into Kan’s ear.

“No,” Kan said, closing his eyes.

Jaiks’s face showed disgust, but his fingers spread Kan wide and he centered himself to thrust in.

“Don’t give in, brother,” I said. “Royal milk has to be given willingly or it won’t work.”

Seroi turned to glare at me. “You know nothing of what you speak,” he said quickly, but it was too late. I was sure I was right.

“What were you going to do, Seroi?” I asked. “Would it qualify as willing, if you brought him to the brink and kept him there, until he lost himself and begged you for release? Just as you used to do with me—”

I barely got the last few words out before the choking sensation rushed up my chest into my throat. I could not breathe. I sagged to my knees as I struggled for air. The promise! I had promised never to speak of what Seroi had done to me here.

“Miserable, miserable wretch of a prince!” Seroi hissed and slapped me across the face. The blow seemed to allow me to breathe again and I gasped gratefully, though I was dizzy and swayed where I was on my knees. “You came to me already sullied with the dirt of another. And all that time I was treating you as if you were the precious firstborn… and you were not. Neither the eldest nor pure. Oh, I suppose I was a fool for treating you as well as I did.”

He seized me by the chin then and I smelled the heavy incense in his robes, thick in the air the moment before he pried my mouth open and shoved a slimy, bitter cock into it. “You deserve no better treatment than a back-alley mouth whore,” he said, thrusting. I gagged, but could not bring myself to bite. It did not feel quite so monstrous as what I had seen in my vision, but then Jaiks and Bear were wearing their own cocks at that moment. From the feel of it, Seroi’s had now only perhaps one or two extra bumps. Far too wide for my throat, but not too wide for my stretched lips.

He pulled back, and I leaned forward and coughed, a clear trail of spittle hanging from my lips to the stone on which I knelt.

I heard him take a deep breath. No. We could not afford to let him think rationally. I needed for Seroi to remain impassioned. When he was impassioned he was most likely to make a mistake, to let his guard slip. I looked up at him, licking my swollen lips, and tried to recall the feeling I had when I had still been ripe for the taking. Like a fire burning in my gut.

I felt my cock stir as I remembered the pulse of magic through me. I could feel it again now. I did not know if it was entirely my doing, or if Jorin, watching from across the room, was able to help me. I hoped he could see what I was trying to do. “Was it all a lie, then?” I said to Seroi, provoking him. “What you said, about us ruling Trest, and Pellon and Frangit, too? Am I no good to you now that this pretender to the throne has appeared?”

Seroi laughed and stroked himself. “Oh, what a minx you have become, Kenet. My only regret about your adventure beyond these walls is that I did not get to witness your transformation from the shy creature who quailed under my touch to the slut you are now.”

He thought he was being clever, denigrating me and making fun of my weak but brazen attempt to get his attention. But it was the truth. I was no longer the shy creature he had once coaxed to disrobe with lies and promises. I drew myself up, my spine straight, and spread my knees, displaying for him the bright red erection bobbing between my legs.

His eyes lit up. After all, every man thinks that a whore’s erection is especially for him.

I bowed my head, not in supplication, but so I could let a glob of spittle fall from my mouth onto the red head of my cock. Then I looked back up at him, rolling my hips invitingly.

He dropped to one knee, reaching out a hand to spread the wetness up and down my shaft. I gave a shudder as he stroked me, and his own breath grew ragged in answer. Yes. I had him…!

Almost. “I knew, if you were forced to choose, you would choose pleasure over pain,” he said. “But you belong to another, little prince. You are not your own to give.”

He gave my balls a painful squeeze then and stood, surveying all his prisoners. “I only need one of the royal men to cooperate with me. Kenet, you would be best at this point. Korl’s own men have abandoned him and Kan is too likely to be seen as usurper. Hm, yes, the story shall have to be that as Korl went mad, he tried to practice Night Magic upon his own flesh and blood, leaving his son a perverted, twisted shell of a boy whose insatiable sexual needs shall have to be seen to. You shall need to give a regent’s powers to me, your father’s own most trusted advisor, until the next scion of the royal blood, pure and untainted, can be raised to take the throne. Hm.”

Seroi spoke to Jaiks, then. “Captain, your son is how old? Twelve? Is he your only child?”

Jaiks coughed as he was given back the power of his own voice. “He has a sister, too, my lord,” he answered, his voice flat and emotionless. “Ten years old.”

“Too young to be fertile. Your wife, though, she cannot be very old yet? Is she still of child-bearing age?”

Jaiks’s expression was murderous, but his words were even. “Yes, my lord, I believe she could still bear another child.”

“Excellent. Bring her here. Between these three royal milk studs we shall have her pregnant in no time. Bring her back straightaway, Jaiks, in good time, and I shall let your cock be the first to breach her.” He made a gesture with his hand and I saw Seroi’s cock swell as he took Jaiks’s back again. “Remain true to me and I shall let you have your wife back after she delivers a royal son to me.”

Jaiks bowed stiffly and then ran down the stone stairs spiraling out of the tower. I half-wished he would just take his wife and flee for the border, disappear into the mountains of Parvain or catch a ship to Pellon. But the mage still had a hold on him, I supposed, in the form of his cock.

“Now.” Seroi turned to the rest of us. “So much to do and so little time. But still, there are some things that demand doing before anything else… Hm.”

He paced up and down as he thought. Bear moved—or was moved—to push Kan and my father to their knees and to bring Jorin to kneel next to my father, as well.

When Seroi stopped pacing in front of me, I felt as one does when feeling a tug on the rope that goes to a coney trap. For all his plans and rationalizations and conspiring, Seroi wanted me. He wanted me as much as he wanted to be the most powerful man in the world. Perhaps more. That was my only advantage and I hoped to be able to use it.

“My lord?” I asked, after a nervous-looking swallow.

He smiled. “My prince,” he answered, and I could hear it in his tone, now, the proprietary sound in his voice. “We have unfinished business, you know.”

I waited to hear what he would say next, but he held out his open hand and something flew to it from the edge of the room.

I swallowed in genuine nervousness when I saw what it was.

“I see you remember this,” he said, as he ran his hand up and down the large stone phallus that I had refused on the day I had fled. “I certainly have not forgotten it.”

“Kenet!” The shocked whisper came from my father. “How did you… how could you…?”

“Do you remember, Father, when you had Jorin beaten and banished because of something I had refused to do?” I could not look at my father; I dared not take my eyes off Seroi and the huge phallus. “I promised never to speak of it.”

But Jorin had not. “You fled when the mage tried to fuck you with that thing?”

Seroi laughed cruelly. “And in those days, Kenet’s sweet arse had barely been breached by my littlest finger. Indeed, it would seem he has yet to experience much larger than that. High time we remedied the situation.” He ran his hand up and down the thing once more, and then stepped to the center of the circle, affixing it in place with a magical word and lighting the candles again with another gesture.

Then he merely stood back, arms crossed, awaiting me.

And I knew he was awaiting me. “Sir,” I said. “I cannot crawl to you with my hands bound.”

His smile was full of teeth. “Of course you can,” he said, “on your belly like a snake. Or you could walk like the man you were to become in the ritual I prepared you for.” His hands never moved, as he waited for me.

I settled for getting to my feet, then kneeling again when I had crossed the line of candles and was in front of the thing.

“Kenet—!” That was my father exclaiming his dismay once again.

I paid him no attention. I leaned forward until I could lick the cold and smooth black head of the phallus with my tongue. So similar to glass, it was hard and unyielding. I licked and drooled upon it, slicking the shaft as well, and making it as slippery as I could. I knew I would get nothing else to ease the way.

And then I positioned myself so that my anus touched the thick, slick head.

“Slowly, Kenet!” That was Jorin.

But I held the gaze of Seroi with my own, as I took my time, pumped my hips up and down, wiggling from side to side, and sinking and rising in a slow, shallow rhythm. He did not seem to mind my gradual descent, as I mesmerizing him as much as myself, fucking myself on just the tip of the phallus at first. Yes, that’s it, just a bit more and a bit more… I felt my own body soften and the thing pushing deeper and deeper yet not going inside, not yet. My cock remained hard and it bobbed as I moved. I imagined it was Jorin who was filling me with lust, to help me through this, though I dared not glance in his direction to see if it were true. I only had eyes for Seroi.

“Touch me, my lord,” I whispered, wondering if Jorin heard the plea that was for him alone in those words. “Please. You know what I mean.”

Oh yes. Jorin loosened his hold on my lust and quite suddenly the hard bulk inside me went from feeling too big to like nothing could be big enough to satisfy me. Seroi, meanwhile, had thought the plea for him and I felt the touch of invisible fingers ghost over my erect nipple, making me cry out. He was generous with his invisible touch, running up and down my body with a silken pleasure that brought wanton sounds from my throat. And then the two magehands pried apart my arsecheeks and he circled behind me to see the full penetration.

I sank slowly, but with great determination, this time pushing until the head was all the way in, making me tremble and shake with the sheer invasion of it. There was no pain, no, but it felt cold and hard and dense inside me. I looked over my shoulder at him, biting my lip.

“Keep going,” he rasped, as a magehand swept up my cock, stroking it firmly.

I nodded and pushed myself further down, my cock quivering stiffly in his magical grip. All of it felt good, so good, or would have, if only it had not been Seroi who bade me abase myself this way.

He stroked his own cock with his hand, as if unaware he was doing it. I bowed my head and rose up and down, fucking myself properly on the first several inches of the phallus now, slow but deep. I heard a deep groan come from him.

“Take more of it,” he said after a while. “I want to see it buried in you.”

“I dare not,” I replied, my voice as breathy as I could manage. “I fear if I do, I shall spill instantly, without your permission.”

And suddenly he was there, his knees behind mine, his cock pressed to my spine and his own hand wrapped around my cock. “Come for me then, my prince. Spill.”

I pressed myself down further and cried out. I had lied about being so close to coming, but I felt the push that Jorin gave me from deep in my soul. I spilled into Seroi’s fingers with a wail, the deep throbbing in my arse pushing jet after jet of my milk into the air.

Seroi was too distracted with kissing me then to collect the milk, his hand straying to my bare stomach while we kissed. When he lifted his mouth from mine, it was to say, “I have waited so very long for you, my prince.”

I knew his words now to be the truth. If he could have simply taken me the way he had Istin and the other boy victims I had met in the army, he would have long ago. He would not have needed to wait for me to grow to adulthood and he would not have needed my willing consent, if the power he wished to harness were simply one of Night Magic. No. He also needed my magic, the magic in royal blood, and for all his bluster, he could not take that by mere force.

“Please…” I whispered, as if trying to keep the others from hearing. “I have spilled, but you have not…?”

He chuckled low in his throat. “Ah, so sweet. I will, Kenet, but not in you, just yet. Come.”

Seroi helped me to my feet and a magehand held the stone phallus in place inside me. I groaned as I stood, feeling heavy and full. He guided me out of the circle of candles and bade me kneel again, across the circle from the others. This put me near to the prone figure of Sergetten, who had not moved a muscle, from what I could tell, but from here I could see the shallow movement of his breath. He lived, at least.

Seroi shrugged off his robes then, showing his body to be well-muscled and hairless. He stroked his grotesque cock to full length once more. “You cannot be mine again, Kenet, until I defeat your current master in combat. He is quite the fighter, though, so I know better now than to engage him as I did with Roichal’s old body. And your bond is quite something, nearly as strong as it would have been with me in the first place. I must defeat him utterly and enslave him myself. If I must, I will take him three times over, once as Jaiks, once as Bear, and once as myself.”

He closed his eyes for a moment. “Captain Jaiks is nearly here.” He strode to the center of the circle again, and this time Bear stepped in, too, dragging Jorin with him, one fist in Jorin’s hair while the other undid the bindings on his wrists.

Seroi began greasing his cock.

* * *

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