The Prince’s Boy: Chapter 81

Welcome to The Prince’s Boy by Cecilia Tan, a tale of a prince and his whipping boy ensnared in a plot of dark erotic magic. Warning: explores themes of dubious consent and situations of sexual jeopardy. NSFW.

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81: Kenet


I cannot tell you what it was like. I may as well tell you what it was like to be raped by a thundercloud. No, actually, I imagine the thundercloud would have been less painful and less terrifying.

When I leapt into the fray I had only thought to save him. My Jorin.

You see, Seroi saw it as fated that I should belong to him, my enemy. He saw his chance to defeat the one other man who could lay claim to me, by using Roichal as a puppet from afar. No doubt this is why Seroi had taken Roichal’s cock long ago, so that if he ever needed to command the military directly, he could.

I nearly believed the mage for a few moments there, as he described what would happen if I returned to take the throne. If I did as I was told. If I behaved. If I did as expected.

So I did not do as expected. I leapt upon the back of my enemy to save Jorin and maybe Roichal, too. I thought Seroi would retreat if he could not defeat Jorin then. I thought I would drive him out and we would regroup and try something else.

But I was not the only one who acted unexpectedly.

When Jorin crushed me under him, my first thought was that Seroi had somehow made a puppet of him, too. Especially when he wrenched my legs apart. I thought that was the most terror I had ever experienced, and indeed it might have been. But it was nothing compared to how I felt when he breached me, when he tore into me, when he made clear to me once and for all that my body is not my own and never again shall be. And that pain was nothing compared to the agony that was still to come, thanks to the sharp claws of his magic deep in my soul.

No, nothing is mine, not even that. And if you think that terror was lessened any by knowing it was Jorin who tortured me and reduced me to nothing rather than Seroi, then you have never feared the one you love and you are lucky. I had thought all along that I had been trying to escape the clutches of a dark mage, and that in the arms of my chosen one I would be safe. But what had happened was a worse fate than that.

My chosen one had become that which I feared.

I remember nothing after the agony of my soul being torn out through my cock but tears. I have no memory of the mystical travel, though we must have arrived much as Sergetten and Jorin had arrived that day in Pellon. I know not where or how we landed, nor who was there to greet us. I remember only crying, deep and helpless sobs that I could not stop, and yet I wished they would stop for that would mean I had ceased to breathe, ceased to live. I think I slept and woke crying, and perhaps cried in my sleep, and for how long that went on I had no sense.

They told me later I spent more than two days in delirium. Two days in which no man could approach me without being struck by my fist or foot, of which I have no memory. Two days in which I did not dream.

Two days in which, they later told me, Jorin came close to doing something very, very foolish.

But after two days, I must have run out of tears, and run out of sleep, for I woke to a stark awareness that nothing would ever be the same.

* * *

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