The Prince’s Boy: Chapter 80

Welcome to The Prince’s Boy by Cecilia Tan, a tale of a prince and his whipping boy ensnared in a plot of dark erotic magic. Warning: explores themes of dubious consent and situations of sexual jeopardy. NSFW.

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80: Jorin


When I pulled my cock free of Jort, it was throbbing eagerly, and I turned to my next opponent, Roichal.

He chuckled as he stepped onto the mat. “I think Sergetten taught you more Night Magic than you let on.”

I laughed. “Or maybe Jort just needed a good fucking.” In truth, I had felt like I had looked at Jort through Sergetten’s eyes while we had been fighting. I could see the strands he’d spoken of, and I could feel a power pulse through my entire body, from my toes to my cock to the top of my head. Jort had been easy to read, and connecting to his need had only fed my reservoir of power. Was this how Sergetten had felt when I had bent to his will? I could feel myself surging with energy and the men around me seemed limned with a gentle glow.

Roichal’s grin told me he felt Jort had received just deserts. He bowed to me and I bowed in return; we were ready to begin.

We circled each other slowly. We had discussed that it seemed necessary for the sake of the spell that my opponents not give in too easily. Roichal had a competitive gleam in his eye, but a slight limp in his step, and of course there was the fact he had no cock at all. Still, he had been a lifelong soldier, and I did not want to underestimate him.

He feinted to my right, then caught me on my left and we tangled, then broke apart, gaining our feet again and circling.

Then he caught my ankle with one of his feet and brought me down. We grappled, but I did not strain too hard to gain advantage, knowing that Roichal could not win in any case…

Except I stiffened as I felt something jab me in the thigh. Roichal made a strangled sort of sound and let go of me in surprise. He stumbled back and we all stared in disbelief as a prong of flesh grew from Roichal’s groin.

For one moment I thought maybe my nascent grasp of Night Magic had somehow healed Roichal’s injury. But a moment later he spoke, and it was not with his own voice.

“Ah, my prince, what strange choices you have made for your champions! A thief, an upstart, a laughable excuse for a mage, a dirt-eater, and a fat eunuch.”

Roichal’s hand shook as if he were struggling to control his movements, but Seroi’s will was stronger. The hand went to his newly re-appeared cock, scratched his milksacks, and then stroked the shaft. His cock looked strong and bulky like he was, and an involuntary groan escaped him as he circled the leaking head with his thumb.

Then Seroi’s voice continued. “As you can see, your eunuch is a eunuch no longer—I have given him back his dueling sword while I inhabit his body for this fight. It is fated that you should be mine, sweet prince, can you not see that? For here is where your adventure comes to an end. Yes, you have wandered the world and from what I have heard from your old tutor, have become the best milksucker in the land…”

Kenet was on his feet. “What have you done with Sergetten!”

“Do not be jealous, my sweet. Yes, I have fucked him and made him suffer for his disloyalty, but all my attention will be for you when you return to Maldevar. You will be in great need, I know. For by then I will be your only master and the only one whose milk will feed you.”

I was looking at Kenet then, rather than at Roichal, and that was my mistake. Roichal lunged for me and trapped me under his greater bulk.

His face was twisted in a grimace so strange that I barely recognized him. Roichal still fought to regain control, but in vain. “So,” he said, “this is the dirt-eater who has been thwarting my plans all along. I wondered, my prince, how you resisted me, and how you survived without my milk. How dare this urchin you pulled from the dirt lay claim to you! I will sever that claim here and now, though. The circumstance for swatting this fly could not be more perfect. Fate, as I said.”

Roichal was strong and perhaps magic lent him even more strength. I could not let him win this match, that much I knew. If he got his cock into me, Seroi would be ascendant.

He had trapped my arms against my sides in a bear hug from behind, but could not maneuver well enough to penetrate me. I managed to twist my hips and get a knee between us, pushing us briefly apart. But he grabbed my ankle and turned it, and I had to go onto my belly or it felt like he would snap my knee.

His weight came down on my back again, this time with his knees forcing mine apart. I could feel the heat of his cock against my tailbone and I squirmed, trying to throw him off, but he was too strong.

Then suddenly he cried out, and I craned my neck and saw why; Kenet had leaped onto his back and was clawing at his face.

“Kenet, no!” It was too dangerous for him to be in this fight! But he gave me the opening I needed to roll free and catch my breath. Roichal had hold of him now, but that meant both of Roichal’s hands were busy, and his back was exposed to me.

I gave my cock a stroke just to be sure it was stiff and well greased, for surely I would not get a better chance than this. I slid to my knees just under Roichal’s raised bottom as he hunched over Kenet. I caught him around the hips and thrust for all I was worth.

I slid home and the scream I heard was my own, as I saw into the miasmic world of Seroi’s spirit. It was as if the room were filled with ash from a charnel house.

But through the smoke I could see the burning bright lines of connection, the strands and threads Sergetten had spoken of, some flaring and dripping with power. The one between Roichal and Kenet burned away like an oil-soaked wick in a fire. Gone. I felt my own rage surge like a bonfire and I pushed it toward Seroi even as I pushed my cock deeper into the body in front of me. I wanted to be plunging a dagger into Seroi’s heart; this would have to do instead.

Seroi roared in anger and I knew I had struck true. And the tone of his address changed from smug to a kind of desperate scolding. “Kenet, you cannot depend on these mongrels and foreigners!” he said. “Your father is no longer fit to rule. Return to Maldevar, complete your coming of age, and you shall be king! Your people are tired of the corruption of your father’s regime, his misuse of the military and his inability to protect them from the Frangi! With you on the throne, all that will cease! Trest will prosper and you will know pleasure like none other…”

Roichal coughed and knew Seroi’s grip on him was weakening. But who knew what attack he could launch next? I could feel the strands around me, from one man to another. I could feel the tug of Seroi’s connection to Kenet and my own. Now that Roichal’s strand was snapped, would Seroi be able to snatch Kenet away, as he had Sergetten? I could not let that happen.

I looked up to see Solliran and Tendrif on their feet, mouths and eyes wide open with shock. There was no time to ask Tendrif if my plan would work. None at all.

I pulled free of Roichal, who coughed again as if trying to get the mage out of his mouth, and said “Jorin…”

“Hold tight, general,” is all I had time to say as I tumbled over him onto Kenet.

“Jorin! What…”

I tore away the gauzy Pellonese pants Kenet wore and he cried out in fear and surprise. He must have thought Seroi took hold of me, as he had the general, but the truth was quite the opposite. My desire burned hot in my gut, so hot that it hurt, and it propelled me forward like a charging horse. “I’m sorry, my love,” I whispered.

“What are you doing?” Kenet demanded. I could feel my hair beginning to stand on end as the lightning was gathering to strike, but I was not Solliran. I had waited so much longer for this moment.

All my life.

There was no time to grease or stretch him, no time even to kiss him, as I pushed myself between his legs. It was as if Seroi had one fist wrapped deep in his guts and I had another. Would this tug of war destroy the man between us? Sky above, let it not be so. I had to be right. I had to win this. I thought of how the tie between Roichal and Kenet had melted away the instant I had taken him. It had to work.

I drove my cock into Kenet and he screamed as if he were being torn in two.

I felt Roichal grab me from behind, then, trying to choke me or pull me off of Kenet, but it was too late for that. I was buried to the hilt. Kenet’s fist bounced off my chest, then off my cheek, but it was too late to stop now. He surged with magic, but it only wound more tightly with mine.

Mine. The bond was complete.

My hands were against his chest but it was as if I held his heart in them. With my eyes closed, I could feel how much pain he was in, feel it in every nerve of my own body. I’d thrust into him when he had been utterly unprepared, not even aroused, and he was not aroused now, pain and terror snuffing his desire.

But I needed him to spill, now, not for the bond’s sake, but to release the power we’d mustered, to strike at Seroi while we could. I needed his release to make this work. He hadn’t come in so long, it was like a thundercloud growing taller and taller, while in the meantime his resistance—how he fought me!—made spark after spark. All I needed now was the one that would set off the biggest release of them all. I could use the one in my own belly, I realized… because Kenet was mine now. The proof of it was there before my inward-looking eyes, the heart in my hand. All it would take was one little push, and I could make him come…

And I had to. This was our one chance. Our one chance to chase the snake back to his lair while he was wounded, to return to Maldevar fully bonded and attack Seroi before he could find a new source of power. “I’m sorry,” I whispered again. “This is going to hurt.” I knew exactly how much.

So I made him come. As I spilled deep into him, tearing into him, I forced his milk from him with magic, and his screaming was the most awful thing I had ever heard.

* * *

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