The Prince’s Boy: Chapter 8

Welcome to The Prince’s Boy by Cecilia Tan, a tale of a prince and his whipping boy ensnared in a plot of dark erotic magic. Warning: explores themes of dubious consent and situations of sexual jeopardy. NSFW.

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8: Kenet


I followed Seroi into a tower I had not been in before, in a section of the castle I had only passed through briefly a few times in all the years I’d lived there. For some reason I decided this time would not be when I would gawk at the tapestries on the corridor walls, and instead I focused on the spot in the center of Seroi’s back, trying to act like I had walked these stones a thousand times. Why, I do not know, since surely he knew full well I did not frequent this area.

Was this where he lived? I had no idea. My father had always said very little about the Lord High Mage. I assumed he lived somewhere in the sprawl of walls and towers that was the castle, but had never thought about exactly where. I’d truly never given Seroi too much thought at all.

Now the man was leading me up a set of spiral stairs, barely lit by the slits of windows, and it seemed almost as if we were descending into darkness instead of ascending into a tower, and he seemed the most solid thing in my reality.

No, it wasn’t just the dimness, the air was heavy with a cloying mist and the scent of something heady and exotic. I blinked, but a moment later, a door opened above us, and he led me through. It closed behind us with a heavy thump, the air suddenly clear and bright again. I coughed.

“Forgive the guardian incense, my prince, but it is necessary to ensure that only those who are purified enter this place.” He gestured around him at a sparse, round room, the walls bare stone, the center of the floor scored with symbols, a small table and two chairs facing each other off to one side. He pulled out one of the chairs for me and I sat. He sat across from me.

His eyes were disconcerting if only because very few in the kingdom had either the rank or the familiarity with me to look me straight in the eye as he did, and other than my own father, no one had ever given me such a measuring, appraising look. Not even Sergetten at his most schoolmasterish. I felt myself swallow.

“Your father and I agreed after your birth,” he began, “that we needed to take certain measures to ensure your…”

I hung on his pause, trying to guess what word he was searching for. My future? My education?

He licked his lips. “Purity,” he finally said, his gaze only sharpening.

“Purity?” I asked, uncomprehending.

“I assure you, my prince, the full explanation is in the offing, if you will be patient. With your mother gone and no hope of siblings for you, we took measures to protect the integrity of your bloodline and your seed.” He folded his hands on the table’s top, while I sat stock still, trying to pretend this was not a deeply mortifying topic to me. “A male of your age and status would normally have… pursued certain activities and desires that you have not. Neither your father nor I will ask your forgiveness in this matter of course, should you feel cheated of pleasures that would have been your due, but as sole heir you are expected to make certain sacrifices.”

“But I have no interest in women,” I blurted out.

“Yes, I know.” He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, as if preparing himself for a difficult fight, though his expression remained placid. “Your suppressed libido is our doing and has left you innocent of sexual matters that a male of your age and status would normally have experienced by now. It falls to me to rectify the situation. Once you are betrothed you will be expected to perform not only adequately, but with royal ability… well, to put it baldly, you must be trained.”

I could not hide my recoil. “Trained?”

One corner of his mouth twitched as if he were hiding a broader smile. “Forgive my choice of words, my prince. Rather than seek your own experience in this matter, you shall be guided through the process with care. Please understand, this is not an issue of morality or scandal, but of the inherent potency in your blood that we cannot afford to squander. If your firstborn were to be a bastard—or worse, killed by the mother, perhaps leaving you unaware—it would spell disaster for you and your bloodline, which carries a magical heritage.“

I hoped my face looked suitably serious and not bewildered, but my apprehension was rising. “I understand. Or perhaps you will enlighten me if I don’t. You and father have been suppressing my… natural desire for sex?”

“Yes,” he said, an indulgent smile breaking onto his face. “Magically. Since your birth. Naturally, we cannot let the restrictions go all at once, for that would be both traumatic and emotionally disturbing for you. At the same time, my prince, there are magical legacies you are heir to that it is time you learned of, legacies which you cannot grasp until after you have reached a certain level of… sexual maturity and experience. I apologize again for the scrutiny that your private life must bear. Most men…”

“I am not most men,” I said suddenly, irked by the entire conversation, yet intrigued to know that there would be some magical training in my future.

“Of course, of course,” he said, waving his hands in conciliatory motions. “It is merely that I know some of what I will suggest will be distasteful to you at first, given that your desires are still suppressed.”

“I assure you I will tolerate no questioning of my manhood,” I replied, sounding entirely like my father in my ears as I got to my feet and planted my fists on the table. “Whatever you ask of me, I will perform. I assure you of that.”

He looked up at me, unperturbed by my outburst. I suppose I should not have been surprised by this, given that he surely withstood my father’s own tirades on a regular basis? What was I but a kitten trying out its claws to him, when he was used to a lion? “Excellent,” he said. “Your enthusiasm will go a long way toward cracking the shells that bind you. But please, sit, and let me give you a thorough explanation. It would not do for us to have a misunderstanding at this juncture.”

I felt sullen now, and sat, at a loss for what else to do other than obey.

“First, only three of us know of the spells on you. You now, your father, and I. It must remain that way, of course.” Seroi opened the palm of his hand and I stared as a squat round candle flew from a small chest near the wall into his grip. He lit it with a snap of his fingers and set it on the table between us. “Second, lifting the spells will require you and I to perform some acts that would, to your normal citizen, seem morally questionable or at the very least quite odd. I will require your promise that you shall never speak of the things we do here to anyone, ever. Not even to your father or later to your wife.”

“Why would I…”

“Your promise,” he demanded, eyes glittering with the pinpoint lights of the candle in his eyes. “You may decide your own reputation is your own business, but I have my own status to think of, my prince. A loose word of this nature could be disastrous to Trest’s reputation among her enemies.”

Indeed. I knew that Seroi’s strength as a mage was one reason few weaker enemies of ours dared to attack. If they thought him weakened or distracted, even if it were not true, could only spell trouble for us. “I promise I shall never speak of the things we do here to anyone, ever,” I said, using his words to be sure I was getting it right. The candle between us flared bright as I spoke and I felt a tug on my heart, making it skip a beat. My eyes widened.

“Your promises, as a royal male who has come of age, are magically binding,” he said with a serene smile. I could feel the heat from the candle. “Now show me your cock.”

“I… what?” My heart began to leap wildly in my chest, quite sure of what he had said even if my ears weren’t.

“Stand up,” he said. “Open your trousers. And I assure you I am quite serious and that getting a look at you is only the beginning. Please, my prince, these steps are quite necessary.”

I pushed back my chair as I stood, but found my hands shaking too much to do as he said. I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself.

“It’s all right,” he said, voice soothingly low. “I will not be betraying your confidence either, you know. And I think you will enjoy the results of today’s lesson, my prince. Even if it does seem exceedingly strange now.”

I turned my back to him to undo my trousers and bare myself to the air. My cheeks were hot and the air was cool on my exposed privates, which were shriveled against the gold of my curls.

“Turn around,” he said, a simple and direct command.

I obeyed, unable to meet his eyes.

“Very good,” he said, his voice suddenly closer than I expected. When had he gotten up from his chair, when had he stepped so close? As his fingers curled around my limp cock, the gray cloth of his robe brushed my tunic.

My cock responded to his hand as quickly as the candle had, soon at full hardness in his grip. He stroked me slowly and I squeezed my eyes shut as I thought about all the nights Jorin had touched me like this. Would Seroi make me spill? He quickened his stroke.

“Have you ever done this to yourself?” he asked, his breath moving my hair as he pressed close.

“Never,” I said, which was more or less the truth. I never stroked myself more than once or twice before Jorin, even if he was already asleep (or pretending to be), would take over.

“Have you ever had issue during the night? Wet dreams?”

All pretense of using my title or the word “please” seemed to be gone from his voice, but perhaps that would have been too strange, using formal titles while his hand was on my cock? I decided to hedge my bets. “Yes. Not often, though. A few times.”

“Ah, a shame this will not be your first issue, then,” he said, hand moving more quickly now on my shaft. “Still, I shall bottle it to use on the binding spells.”

“Would the first have been more potent?” My breath caught as he dragged a sharp fingernail slowly across the head of my cock, the sensation not one I would have guessed would be pleasurable, yet it made my cock throb in his hand like an urgent heart beating.

“Something like that,” he said. “One lesson at a time. Tell me, Kenet, what did you dream of when you would soil your bedsheets?”

“I…” What was the answer he sought? I was afraid to be caught in a lie and have my whole deception unravel. He thought my flesh innocent of a sexual touch, even from my own hand. I could not betray Jorin to him. “I have no memory of those dreams,” I said.

“None? No dreams of a fair face or the scent of perfume?”

“None, my lord.” I was drawing close and speaking was a struggle.

“In a few moments you will experience paroxysm,” he said gently. “Do not be alarmed by the way your body may react. I will guide you through. Concentrate on the feeling of my hand on your flesh and the sound of my voice. Close your eyes, Kenet.”

“Y-yes, m-my lord.” I was barely aware of my hands clutching at his robes, of standing in the bare stone room. I felt indeed like I should have come already, but his hand and rhythm were unfamiliar, so different from Jorin’s. Jorin would only ever keep me on edge like this to sweeten the release when it came. He would do it by lightening his stroke when I begged for harder, slowing it just when my hips were urging him to go faster.

I do not know what force was holding me back. I could barely breathe. Seroi’s hand moved in a blur between our bodies, then suddenly stopped, gripping me tight but giving no more, and I cried out in plain dismay.

“Now, Kenet, come now,” he commanded, voice soft in my ear but no less a command. And on the second “now” I felt the sharp point of his thumbnail pierce the tenderest spot, just at the cleft of the head, and I screamed as my traitorous cock released a torrent of white seed, fountaining up from that tiny mouth. I had looked at the moment of pain and saw the brightest crimson thread of blood swirl in the white, and then my vision went black.

* * *

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