The Prince’s Boy: Chapter 7

Welcome to The Prince’s Boy by Cecilia Tan, a tale of a prince and his whipping boy ensnared in a plot of dark erotic magic. Warning: explores themes of dubious consent and situations of sexual jeopardy. NSFW.

A new chapter appears every Wednesday. This week is Chapter Seven: Jorin

7: Jorin


I raised my sword again and charged. A moment later I was on my face in the grass, the rich scent of earth in my nose, just a vague impression of the touch of a heavy hand on my shoulder still in my skin. I pushed myself to my knees.

“Again, cub.”

“Bear, I’ve had enough.”

“Again. The only way you’ll grow into that sword is if I keep making you lift it.” He laughed. Making comments about how I needed more meat on my bones was a usual tack for him.

I got to my feet. The sword was heavier than the one I had been using the past few weeks and my shoulders and arms ached. I was tired and sweat was stinging my eyes. “I was better with the smaller sword,” I pointed out.

“Soon you’ll be just as good with this one,” Bear said with an indulgent smile. “Once you put some meat on your bones.”

I attacked him, but the sword made me too slow again, and took too much effort to wield. He had me on my back before I could even bring it all the way around and it fell with a heavy thud a moment after I did. I groaned. “You’re just angry that with the lighter one I could beat you all the time,” I said, looking up at the clouds with a grin.

Bear’s bearded face and his own toothy grin came into view as he looked down on me. “Ah, you’ve figured me out. But not how to beat me with the heavy sword.”

I growled in answer, launching myself at him unarmed, and tumbling him over. I knew I couldn’t hope to beat him in a wrestling match, but I held my own atop him for longer than you might think. Eventually I lay pinned under him, both of us panting.

He barked out another laugh. “Now here’s a heavy sword.” He smacked the erection that had blossomed in my breeches with the flat of his hand, making me see stars. He got to his feet and waited until I had, too, before he spoke more seriously, looking left and right before he went on in a low voice. “Now I know you aren’t the least bit thinking of bedding me, cub. A man your age needs to take care of that kind of thing, regular and often.”

I was probably blushing furiously as I tried to stammer something, anything, in my defense.

“Now, now, don’t take this hard. I know our prince dotes on you, can’t bear to be parted from you. But I’d advise you to spend some nights with the milkmaids, cub.” He reached out his hand to help me up.

“But Kenet won’t…”

Bear pulled me closer with my hand in his. “Listen to me. You don’t want people thinking you and he are doing anything… funny, you know?”

I made a scandalized face, opening my mouth to protest.

“Hush, cub,” he said, now his voice not above a whisper. “I’ve watched you two since you were both small. I don’t know exactly what you do in his bedchamber, but above all right now you need to act as if you don’t. I’ve no idea why the king’s left you together for so long, but if you want to stay, you’d best give him no reason to suspect you’ve become his son’s bed toy.”

Or the other way around. I nodded, trying to blank my face of all emotion, but his last words had chilled me. Maybe Bear didn’t know what went on in our rooms at night, but the fact was that if anyone was anyone’s bed toy, it was Kenet who was mine.

This thought did nothing to help my erection subside. I wanted his lithe, nimble fingers playing up and down my shaft like a flute. I wanted to lie beside him and pull at each other to see who would spill first. Hm, no, I wanted to make it a contest to see who could last longest, and name some penalty for the loser.

But that would have to wait until tonight, until after banquet, wouldn’t it? “Well, here’s your proof there’s nothing ‘funny’ going on between us because if there was, I wouldn’t be so desperate, would I?” That got an appreciative chuckle out of him. “Hm. I can’t go down to the baths like this.”

“Not unless there’s a maid sweet on you who would eat that ripe fruit,” Bear said with another laugh.

Eat? “Perhaps you should be teaching me to flirt instead of weapons,” I said, even as my mind went quite suddenly to an image so strong it made my cock ache with each beat of my heart. Kenet, one hand cupping my balls like ripe plums, his mouth devouring my cock. Was it clean? Would his teeth cut me? I didn’t know; we’d never used our mouths for anything but kissing. I knew how his mouth felt to my lips and tongue, though, and could imagine the soft wetness against the hard, heated flesh that needed soothing.

I must have blushed more suddenly.

“Have you never had a maid taste your plums?”

I shook my head.

“Cub. I love the prince with all my heart. But you need to spend some time for yourself.” He took up my sword and his own, slinging both across his back with straps and then leading the way back through the gardens toward the castle entrance. “He’s at the age when he ought to be, too. As long as there’s no bastards, I don’t see why…” He broke off suddenly as we heard a movement in a bush off to one side. He went to its left, I went to the right…

But there was no enemy of Maldevar hiding there. A frit burst out in a flurry of wings, cheeping in alarm as it took to the sky. That was the end of the conversation, though. Even the thought of the beasts of the kingdom overhearing us talking about sex was enough to make me button my lip.

“Not the baths,” Bear said, his voice low and serious, then. He nudged me on the shoulder and held up a finger tinged with blood where I had split a welt open again. I followed him silently knowing that more of the salve awaited me, as well as a long nap.

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