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Did you know that in 2017, Circlet Press will officially turn 25 years old? We’ve been around a long time. We’ve been through the heyday of gay and lesbian bookstores, the alt-books boom of Tower Books and “bibliopalooza,” the rise and fall of Borders, and now gold rush and crash of erotica ebooks. As we’ve seen our peers in LGBT, small press, and erotica/romance publishing rise and fall over the decades, we’ve rolled with the punches.

Right now the writing is on the wall that if we are to survive to see our 25th anniversary, we had better find a way to keep the revenue coming in, despite Amazon now monopolizing what were previously our best-paying customers with their Kindle Unlimited program and other digital platforms actively suppressing erotica sales, and bookstores continuing to dwindle. Our best hope is to do more directly with readers who want to support what we do. So we’ve started a Patreon that we’re thinking of as the ultra-hot erotic science fiction/fantasy book club.

For two bucks a month you can enjoy perks like:
• Your choice of any 4 backlist ebooks as your immediate patron thank you!
• Free ebooks of each erotica anthology we release (5 to 10 per year, valued at $2.99 to $9.99 each)!
• 10% off on purchases of Circlet Press paperbacks 
• Invites to Circlet Patreon events and patron-only discussions online
• Vote on upcoming anthology topics

For complete details see the Circlet Press Patreon Page:

Our ultimate goal is to raise a steady enough cash flow that the staff can work consistent hours and we can raise pay rates to the authors. Right now each author of a short story tends to get $25 to $50 per story. If we could get $1,000 a month coming in through Patreon we could make the minimum $50 instead of $25. If we could get $2,000 a month, it could go up to $75. (And our output would go up, as well.)

Please join us! Even at the $1 level you get a free ebook of your choice just for signing up, and we’ll be polling folks on what anthology topics you’d like to see in the coming year at the end of September! So make sure you’re signed up before then in order to participate!

3 Circlet Press book covers

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