Cats of Circlet IV: Special Couples Edition

We’ve got a two-for-one sale on cuteness today! Check it out!

Like Hearts Enchanted contributor Deb Atwood starts us out with Izzie and Caramel “in a rare moment of getting along.”


Lori Selke, of Like a Midsummer Night, sends Rose and Crook, also looking out a window:


David M. Hubbard, author of the popular “Fences” from Fantastic Erotica, sent in Pagan and Apollo:


Stephen Dedman insists that his cats Mughi and Rescue are in this picture. All we see is a crumpled sheet.

Charles Payseur, contributor to Nights of the Round Table, sends us M’Ress and Morn (bad kerning on my screen had me thinking Mom was a peculiar name for a cat):

Once again, our caption contest continues. Share a funny caption for one of these photos, and you could win a copy of our shapeshifter erotica bundle! And come back tomorrow for more photos!



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