Cats of Circlet Press

It has been several years since we last ran our popular Cats (and Other ((Non-Human)) Pets) of Circlet Press feature, partially because our parentheses budget was exhausted after the last one. This year we have several dozen cats, dogs, and miscellaneous other beasties, and it will take us an entire week to post them all, so come back every day this week for more!

We’re adding a little twist this year: the best proposed caption for one of the photos will win  a copy of our limited-release Shapeshifter Ebook Bundle. You can give your caption in the comments  below (don’t forget to mark which picture it’s for) or use one of the innumerable online captioning tools like Meme Generator, ImgFlip, or Meme Maker.

Rose Hill sends this picture of her cat, KharPern “helping” with worldbuilding:


Lee Harrington, bondage maven and Like Tooth and Claw contributor, submitted this picture of Cheechako, who is, Lee notes, “a fan of long walks, interstitial collaborations, and barking at moose,” and a Mystery Guest.


Podcast auteur and Circlet author Nobilis Reed sent in this picture of Puck, a “big, lovable lug:”


Francie Selkirk, contributor to  Fantastic Erotica, submitted a picture of Hermie the Rooster, and a bio that defies summary:

Once dismissed as asexual, Hermie was a late bloomer, coming out of his first adult moult with hackle feathers, an impractical tail, and a sweeping courting dance for the ladies in his life.  Although a bantam, he likes the big girls.


D. L. King, No Safewords contributor , sends a picture of her ‘owner’ Bat Girl.

Come back tomorrow for more cats, a dog, and a chinchilla!

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