Nominate Your Favorite Circlet Author for the Ravishing Reads Awards!

The Erotic Authors Guild has opened up nominations for their Ravishing Reads Awards— and whether you’re a fellow writer, editor, blogger, or reader only you can help your favorite Circlet author win!

Anyone can nominate their favorite erotic author. Neither the nominators nor the nominees need to be members of the Erotic Authors Guild. Each nominator can only submit one author for consideration, though multiple works by the same author can be recognized. And finally, authors cannot nominate themselves. This puts the power entirely in the hands of erotica readers and fans, so your nomination counts!

Award categories include: Author of the Year, Breakout Author of the Year, Steamiest Scene, Best BDSM Story, Best Dark Erotica, Best Paranormal Erotica, Best Taboo Erotica, Best LGBT Erotica, Best Use of Toys in an Erotic Scene, Best Masturbation Scene, Best Threesome Story, Best Erotic Short Story, Best Erotic Novella, and Other. (Circlet would love to see write-ins for Best Erotic Science Fiction and/or Best Erotic Fantasy!)

Below is a complete list of eligible Circlet authors and their works. After you’ve completed the official Ravishing Reads submission form, let us know which author/works you have nominated for which categories so your favorite authors can feel the love!

Jamie Abrams: “Watching” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

D. Mark Alderton: “A Better Mousetrap” from The Circlet Treasure Chest | “The Intern” from Like A Circlet Editor | “Editorial Conference” from Like A Circlet Editor

Laura Antoniou: The Inheritor

Peggy Barnett: Lips Like Ice

Delilah Bell: “The Prophet Scroll” from The Flesh Made Word

Li Blaine: “Awake in the Darkness” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

Evey Brett: “Nightingale” from Charming

Benji Bright: “Rival Pens” from The Flesh Made Word

Lauren P. Burka: “The Hymn of the Pearl” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

Colleen Chen: “Potted Man Tree” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

Elizabeth Coldwell: “To Her Specifications” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

Julie Cox: “Creation Myth” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

Rebecca Croteau: “Flavor Profile of a Smuggler” from Coffee: Hot

Rian Darcy: “A Long Time Dreaming” from The Circlet Treasure Chest | “Gemini” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

Trish DeVene: “Word Are a Dangerous Thing” from The Flesh Made Word

Korin I. Dushayl: Spyder’s Trouble

Madeline Elayne: “Femme Fatale” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

Sarah Ellis: “White Horse Beach” from Charming

Alexandra Erin: “The Giving Game” from Nights of the Round Table

Shawn Erin: “EROS and the Murdering Succubus” from Like A Mystery Uncovered | “Cupidtech” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

A.B. Eyers: “Amanuesis” from The Flesh Made Word

Aurelia T. Evans: “Jaded” from Like A Mystery Uncovered

Kannan Feng: “For All to See” from The Flesh Made Word |  “A Long Time Dreaming” from The Circlet Treasure Chest | “Beautiful Monsters” from The Circlet Treasure Chest | “Pinion” from The Circlet Treasure Chest | “Somnophilia” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

Amanda Ferry: “Wolf on a Chain” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

Owen James Franks: “…And Friday is Formal Day” from Coffee: Hot

Hero Freyr: “The Prince and the Frog” from Charming | “Lost Love” from Silent Shadows Come

Shanna Germain: “Enchanted” from Charming

Alicia E. Goranson: “Shapely” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

Kit Harding: “Hunting For Ice Demons” from Like A Circlet Editor

Katya Harris: “Destiny” from Nights of the Round Table

Libby Hastings: “Queen of Frost and Fire” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

Jonathan Hepburn: “The Case of the Kissing Men” from Like A Mystery Uncovered

Jack Horne: “All in Good Time” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

Neil James Hudson: “Curse Marks” from Like A Mystery Uncovered

Michael M. Jones: Puxhill by Night | “The Strange Case of Rebecca Rice” by Michael M. Jones from Like A Mystery Uncovered | “The Shape of Camelot Today” from Nights of the Round Table

Justin Josh: “Dark Roast” from Coffee: Hot

Yolanda Kleinn: “Wonderfully Wroth” from Nights of the Round Table

C.L. Kuttner: “The Lords of Blood and Shadow” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

Emmi Lawrence: “The Other Side of the Mirror” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

Axa Lee: “THE GREAT COFFEE MACHINE” from Coffee: Hot

Annabeth Leong: “Vampire Vikings and Other Desperate Attempts at Originality” from Like A Circlet Editor

Kirsty Logan: “Afterwards” from The Circlet Treasure Chest | “Narcissa” from The Circlet Treasure Chest | “Nature Girl” from The Circlet Treasure Chest | “The Last 3600 Seconds” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

Amber MacFall: “After the Flood” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

C.V. Madison: “Shadows and Silence” from Silent Shadows Come

T.C. Mill: “Drifting” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

Sunny Moraine: “Compitalia” from The Flesh Made Word | “Crystalline” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

Emily Moreton: “Pigeons and Police Officers” from Silent Shadows Come

Edward Morris: “Sweetheart of Segundus” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

Johnny Murdoc: “Riding Waves” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

NCN: “A Day in the Life of a Magic Prince” from Charming

K.L. Noone: “One Mocha, with Enchantment” from Coffee: Hot

Nina Parker: “A Job To Be Done” from Silent Shadows Come

Sasha Payne: “The Flame in the Desert” from Charming | “Paper Skin” from The Flesh Made Word

Charles Payseur: “Questing” from Nights of the Round Table

J.H. Peregrine: “Fact Checking Department” from Like A Circlet Editor

Alex Picchetti & H.B. Kurtzwilde: “I Am The Very Model of a Modern Circlet Editor” from Like A Circlet Editor

JJ Poulos: “The Closing Shift” from Coffee: Hot

Jonas Pralt: “Shadow Man” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

Nobilis Reed: “Beast” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

Jean Roberta: “Under the Sign of the Dragon” from Nights of the Round Table

Kaysee Renee Robichaud: “Under the Moons, Across the Sea” from Silent Shadows Come | “Plug In” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

Kit Russell: “Or Does She?” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

César Sanchez Zapata: “Cockaigne” from The Circlet Treasure Chest | “Intergalactic Exposition” from The Circlet Treasure Chest | “The Service Worker” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

Elizabeth Schechter: “Raise the Dead” from Like A Circlet Editor

April Sjutton:  “Record” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

Gayle C. Straun: “Erotiki” from The Circlet Treasure Chest | “Nemesis” from The Circlet Treasure Chest | “Paradox” from The Circlet Treasure Chest | “Ragnarok” from The Circlet Treasure Chest | “Schrodinger’s Puss” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

Vinnie Tesla: “Disarmed” from Silent Shadows Come

Greer Thomspon: “His Name Was Pumpkin Spice” from Coffee: Hot

Andrea Trask: “Fruit of Knowledge, Seed of Truth” from The Circlet Treasure Chest | “Spaced” from The Circlet Treasure Chest | “The Spy Who…” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

Avery Vanderlyle: “Drink to Seal the Bond” from Coffee: Hot

A.J. Viggen: “That Name” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

Fran Walker: “Between Desire and the Sun-Gold Sea” from The Circlet Treasure Chest

Django Wexler: “Magic Beans” from Coffee: Hot

Alexander Wilder: “The Big Bad Wolf” from Charming

Nadine Wilmot: “Near Year’s Sun” from The Flesh Made Word

A.C. Wise: “All the Spaces In-Between” from The Flesh Made Word

Clio Yue: “Catch and Release” from Charming

Andrea Zanin: “Intrinsic Pleasures or, Twilight in the Bookstore” from The Flesh Made Word

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