Sip from the forbidden…

Slip into the forbidden world of the vampire, naked as the skeletal trees outside your window. The stories of Cherished Blood, Blood Kiss, and Familiar Places will warm a few select parts of you, even as others grow cold. Use coupon code SANGUINE at checkout for 31% off these delicious vampire tales until October 31st.

Cherished Blood: Vampire Erotica
edited by Cecilia Tan

Ten tales of vampires whose hungers go beyond the need for a nightly drink. These vampires–gay, lesbian, bisexual, kinky, gender-bending, and otherwise–seek out humans for erotic fulfillment and even for love and companionship… but they remain dangerous creatures.
Blood Kiss: Vampire Erotica
edited by Cecilia Tan

In these seven seductive tales, sex and death and eternal life are intertwined as vampires of all descriptions--men and women and otherwise, gay and straight and bisexual--come together for danger-laced erotic encounters with humans and with each other.
Familiar Places
by Cameron Quintain

A private eye goes looking for a missing girl in the territory of a vampire he knows all too well. Ken and Dinaria have history: "The last time they had been together she had offered to make him immortal, to be her slave forever." The last time, Ken had walked away, forever. But forever is shorter for a mortal man than it is for a beautiful, dominant vampire.

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