Delve deep into the darkness… for a deal!

As the air chills and the trees become barren, slip deeper into the Stygian darkness of the season. Terrible things lurk beneath the surface of the world. Terrible, horrible, sexy things.

Whispers in Darkness will haunt the gaps between realities, and the spaces in your dreams.  Use coupon code MADNESS at checkout for 31% off your future nightmares, until October 31st.

Whispers In Darkness: Lovecraftian Erotica
edited by J Blackmore

Strange! Electrifying! Sexy! Eldritch? Explore the new and exciting world of Lovecraft-based erotica in Whispers in Darkness, a new collection from Circlet Press. This cyclopean collection features eight new stories each filled to the brim with insanity-inducing, orgasm-producing goodness. Just beware: what one has seen (and been aroused by) cannot be unseen...!

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