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Blood Kiss edited by Cecilia Tan

blood_kiss_ebook_cover_iconsizeEbook $5.99
ISBN: 9781613900765
print ISBN: 9781885865007
28,470 words; 100 pages

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The vampire has always been viewed as a sensual creature. They are hunters and seducers of their prey, the hunt as primal and animal as sex itself. They are outside of the strictures of “common” propriety, the chastity of marriage broken, the purity of the virgin defiled.

In these seven seductive tales, sex and death and eternal life are intertwined as vampires of all descriptions–men and women and otherwise, gay and straight and bisexual–come together for danger-laced erotic encounters with humans and with each other.

Contains stories by Pat Salah, Renee M. Charles, Warren Lapine, Amelia G, Raven Kaldera, Gary Bowen, and Dave Smeds.

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