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Marketplace, The (Book 1 of The Marketplace) by Laura Antoniou

ebook $9.99
ISBN 9781885865564
paperback $19.95
ISBN 9781885865571
138,660 words; 318 pages

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We are very pleased and excited to be bringing back Laura Antoniou’s enchanting series of books about an underground secret society of owners, masters, mistresses, and their property: submissives, maids, butlers, and pleasure slaves. In the first volume, follow the trials and tribulations of four aspiring slaves as they undergo training hoping to be accepted into The Marketplace. Under the firm hand of Grendel, the sharp eye of Alexandra, and the painful leather strap in the hands of Chris, these men and women will find some of their hardest challenges come from within themselves.

The Marketplace is available as an ebook OR in a print-on-demand paperback edition. The ebook contains an all-new bonus story, “For the Want of a Nail,” in which Grendel and Alexandra decide to host a dinner party, and also includes the text of the bonus story from the Mystic Rose edition of The Marketplace, “A Leash Has Two Ends.” (The paperback has only the text of the novel.)

Fans of Circlet Press may notice one element of these incredible books, though, makes them somewhat different from most Circlet publications: they are not science fiction or fantasy. Thus we are launching a new imprint, Luster Editions, to publish books of alternative sexuality that do not have the sf/f genre element. These books still fit Circlet’s motto perfectly well: Celebrating the erotic imagination.

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About the Author: Laura Antoniou is the author of the well known Marketplace series of erotic novels. She has also edited the groundbreaking “Leatherwomen” anthologies, and several other collections of fiction and non-fiction. Her work has been translated into Spanish, German, Hebrew, Japanese and Korean. Many examples of her short fiction, articles, essays and rants can be found in the collection titled The Catalyst and Other Tales.
She is personally featured in Writing Below the Belt: Conversations with Erotic Authors by Michael Rowe and The Burning Pen: Sex Writers on Sex Writing, by M.Christian. Laura was also a columnist for Girlfriends magazine from 1995-1997, the submissions editor for Badboy and Bi-Curious magazines from 1995-96, and a regular contributor toThe SandMUtopia Guardian from 1993-2000.

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Part One: Chapter One, Excerpt from THE MARKETPLACE by Laura Antoniou

“May I serve you tea, ma’am?” The girl’s body was bent slightly forward in a subtle, exquisite, inquisitive posture. Her small white hands held the china teapot firmly, waiting for an answer. That was excellent, too. An untrained girl might have started pouring as soon as she asked the question. Continue reading Marketplace, The (Book 1 of The Marketplace) by Laura Antoniou